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frinnst#&%!"# forgot to allow sshd in hosts.allow on my build-vm01:17
frinnsthopefully its done by now :)02:33
Romsteri feel bad for being a pest in here, think i really got up someones nerves the other night.03:16
Romsteri would like to apologize for being too demanding. thinking about it i will use the bug tracker more and paste diffs and explanations as to why. so i don't bug you all the time.03:17
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jaegerfrinnst: you don't use the sonics silicon backplane? man, are you behind!07:56
jaegerRomster: sometimes you seem impatient but it is good to have input, so I support tickets, diffs, and explanations =)07:58
jaegertilman: Was the cups footprint addition to gtk an accident or do we need to add a cups dep?08:04
jaegerfrinnst: I suppose that joke would be funnier if you had been the ticket creator rather than just edited it but oh well :P08:58
jaegerAnyone used wireless during a CRUX install with 2.7 or an updated ISO? I haven't really messed with that09:06
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jaegerI guess we don't even include wireless-tools or wpa_supplicant in the install environment so removing wireless drivers from the ISO kernel might not be a bad thing09:25
teK_or including wireless-tools / wpa_supplicant09:26
jaegerI don't have a strong preference; the supported install method isn't networked anyway, so could go either way09:27
teK_the extra .. what? 1MB won't hurt I guess09:27
pitillothat should imply to add firmware for wifi devices too (at least the most I know about) teK_09:27
teK_our ISO is ("ridiculous") small :)09:27
teK_there are some kernel-supported devices, too09:28
jaegerheyo, jue09:28
teK_hi jue09:29
pitillotrue teK_09:30
pitillohey jue09:30
teK_flexibility : size ratio would be awesome in this case ;09:30
juejaeger: wrt gtk, that was my fault. I'd sent tilman a diff but forgot to remove the cups part09:30
teK_did I mention that I love Mika Prokop's grml(.org) live cd? :)09:31
jaegerThis is brought up by FS#532 because CONFIG_SSB is required by the b43 wireless driver09:31
jaegerjue: ah, ok09:31
jaegerteK_: never used it, is it significantly different from system rescue cd?09:31
teK_dunno but it has *tons* of features (of we might pick some)09:32
teK_another example 'd be: you can choose to start a sshd with random password :)09:33
teK_this doesn't hurt and is quite cheap to accomplish :)09:33
juejaeger: any other problems than the gtk issue with your build?09:41
jaegerI don't think so, though I'll start another one with that fixed09:42
jaegeron the subject of wireless-tools and wpa_supplicant I expect that if people wanted to use them during the install we'd have had a request for them to be added already09:45
jaegerI don't recall one09:45
jueyou are using the port trees from today or the one with the release-2.7.1 tag?09:45
jaegerwell, both :) was gonna make one of each09:46
juewrt wireless, I wouldn't do that change now, we are doing not a master release now ;)09:46
jaegerMaybe something to think about for 2.8, just commenting09:46
jueyes, indeed09:47
juewhat do you think, should I move the tag to today?09:48
jaegerI suppose it couldn't hurt since I haven't finished a proper build yet. Maybe after the gtk fix?09:49
jueok, that's best09:50
juehmm, tilman is away, but I guess he will not be angry if I do the gtk fix now09:54
jueok, done10:23
jaegercool, thanks10:24
juenp, thank you, ChangeLog is up-to-date as well10:26
jaegerIs there a more "proper" way to use tags than to check them out from a branch?10:27
jaegerfor example, if I git branch 2.7 origin/2.7, then git checkout release-2.7.110:27
jaegerit complains about being it 'detached HEAD' state10:28
teK_you mean other than git tag [commit] and git push --tags?10:28
jaegerthough I expect it still functions well enough for this use case10:28
jaegerI only mean for checking out, not for pushing10:28
teK_you can git tag to a new branch but you probably know that, too?10:29
jaegerI'm not creating either... let me try to rephrase10:30
jaegerfor this buildbot thing, I want it to be able to either build the current 2.7 ISO or a tag, for example 'release-2.7.1'10:30
jaegerbuilding a branch is no problem, that's already been tested10:30
jaegerbuilding the tag, though, I'm not sure about, just because of that message about 'detached HEAD' state10:30
teK_the non-warning way to do this is to create a branch based on a given tag10:31
jaegerAlso, there's no release-2.7.1 tag for ports/xorg.git10:32
jaegerthough that's not really a problem for building10:32
teK_git checkout release-2.7.1 -b tmp_release-2.7.1  ; build ; git branch -D tmp_release-2.7.110:32
jaegerhrmm, ok. thanks10:32
teK_did I get you wrong again?10:32
jaegerno, that makes sense10:33
juejaeger: yeah, i know, but I have no write access to xorg10:33
jaegerfair enough10:33
jaegerthis script is pretty rough, heh10:34
jaegerIt needs a LOT of cleanup, error checking, etc.10:35
jaegerIt's a start, though10:35
teK_you're speaking about a buildbot.. rolling iso releases ahead? ;)10:35
jaegerYes, possibly :)10:35
jaegernow I need to make it reconcile the xorg tree's lack of tag10:36
jaegeras a temporary measure I'll just let it check out 2.7 first, then checkout the tag10:40
jaegerthe xorg tree can fall back on the 2.7 branch for the build10:40
teK_gimme a second10:41
jaegerok, well, forget that workaround, then :)10:45
jaegerIf you're bored and want to see it, there it is10:55
jaegerLike I said, it could use a lot of cleanup, but that's what it looks like so far10:55
teK_you, dear sir, are awesome11:49
jaegerIt would be awesome if the machine running that VM hadn't crashed or something12:45
jaegerdamn it,  why can't I buildbot in peace? :P I've had 3 or 4 problems with the underlying hosts12:45
jaegerevery time I try to run the build something crashes or breaks, it's only succeeded once12:46
jaegerwhew, it hadn't crashed this time, just somehow lost connection to it for a while12:47
jaegerstarting to get a bit paranoid about my machines :P12:52
frinnstbtw, do you encounter a few make races?12:58
frinnsti have had openssl crap out on make install a couple of times12:58
frinnstlast failure was openbox.. a first with that port12:59
frinnstglanced at the stage2 log.. guess what port :)12:59
jaegerMost of the time it's stable, usually only problems when the storage underneath it crashes (grrrr) or a package can't be downloaded12:59
frinnstgegl footprint.. am i the only one getting a missmatch? v4l-crap13:08
frinnstok, time to galnce over the build.. lets see at what package we are on13:19
jaegerwoot! it's a change, at least13:24
jaegermine's on..... firefox!13:24
jaegerhow odd, glibc failed this time14:16
jaegerbleh, failed download14:16
teK_frinnst: what about gegl? :)14:16
frinnstrebuilding now.. message got lost in backlog14:18
frinnstMISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/gegl-0.1/v4l.la14:19
frinnstMISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/gegl-0.1/v4l.so14:19
frinnstboom, bootstrap complete \o/14:44
teK_frinnst: wtf i got no v4l installed15:18
teK_maybe libavformat15:20
frinnstasdf, forgot about the old isa-scsi drivers15:44
frinnstoh well, i'll comment them out in the morning15:44
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