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jaegerok, the buildbot build finished, I've uploaded the ISO for testing08:43
pitillothank you very much for your good job jaeger and devs08:46
jaegerthanks :) glad to help out still08:47
pitilloit could be really interesting to upload it to master and mirror it (and make a little update in the home webpage to show it too, like you talk two weeks ago)08:54
jaegerI think it should get a bit of testing first, though08:54
jaegerfrom someone besides me08:54
pitillothat sounds reasonable jaeger, but I'm quite sure it will work right... btw, I'll try to give a test here under vbox (at work) and this will be perfert in my case to make a deploy this weekend in a computer at home (avoiding some updates builds :)08:55
jaegerthanks :)08:56
pitillofor you jaeger, you did the harder work :)08:56
jaegerthe buildbot thing is kinda a fun project, at least08:56
pitilloummm I forgot to check it yesterday. Let's see if I can check it out now which seems to be in calm here08:57
jaegerI deleted the one I uploaded yesterday, will upload the current one now08:58
pitilloummmm did you removed from the link you posted yesterday?08:58
pitillogreat, thank you08:58
jaegerok, it's up08:59
pitilloproblems detecting media in vbox09:21
jaegerwhat storage settings did you use?09:22
jaegerI tested it with the defaults and it worked well09:22
jaegerIDE CD, SATA hard disk09:23
pitillosame, ide cd, sata disk with pII3x controller (ich doesn't work too) on a win host09:25
jaegerI'm on a linux host but that worked fine for me... will test the ICH as well09:26
pitilloummmm I was forcing ich in ide/sata controller, let's see with PII3x09:26
pitillowith ich there were some undefined symbols in sata_sis here09:27
jaegertesting mine with ich9 now, it's getting that same big timeout it used to on the ATA modules09:27
jaegerdoes it work for you if you boot with nosmp?09:28
pitilloummm I haven't tested with nosmp, let's see (using p3xii doesn't find the media too)09:29
jaegerI think it's very odd that running virtualbox on a windows host vs a linux host gives different results09:31
pitillono, same effect (system pIIx3 sata/ide pIIx3) with no smp09:31
pitillodon't trus win then xD09:31
pitillo*trust :)09:31
pitillothat's the machine which I work on here... I'll make a try this weekend (or if I can make a break at home one of these afternoons directly in the future comp)09:32
jaegerI wish I knew what was causing these issues but I have no idea09:32
pitillome neither really (first I should update to last vbox here... it's down 1 version and may be I'm making noise)09:33
jaegerthe ICH9 support is definitely broken09:33
jaegerno idea why, though09:33
pitillonow I'm testing that09:33
jaegerall PIIX3 configs work for me, though09:33
pitillothat's the one I tested here (the more stablest which should work) and I saw it didn't work and moved to ich09:34
jaegerWhat a pain... I don't like releasing an ISO that has these issues but I can't figure out how to fix them or even what the cause is09:35
pitillowell, it's working right in a linux host. Let's see if I can make more tests (with the last vbox build for win) and check where the problem can hide09:36
jaegerIt mostly works right on a linux host for me but still isn't 100%09:36
jaegerICH9 causes lots of problems09:37
pitilloI really prefer if someone can give it a try with a usb stick and confirm it works there than in a win host and vbox09:37
jaegeryeah, that would be nice as well09:37
frinnsti've had trouble with most linux-hosts with ich9 in virtualbox09:38
jaegerI'm going to test it on an extra machine I have here but can't test it in either of the laptops to which I have access (from USB, will test CD)09:38
pitillomay be those problems are more related to vbox than the iso itself09:38
jaegerfrinnst: good to know, I was starting to think it was unusual09:38
pitilloummm I'm seeing lot of undefined symbols now09:39
pitilloext2, ext3, vfat and libata09:39
jaegerThat's very odd, haven't seen that yet at all09:40
jaegerdoes your ISO's md5sum match?09:40
pitilloyes, it does jaeger09:41
pitillothat was from a setup - system pII3x and IDE/SATA pII4x09:42
jaegerSo far I've not seen any undefined symbols at all09:42
jaegerah, now I can see some in dmesg, though they never showed up in the terminal09:44
pitilloit's a bit strange, it's detecting sr0 and sr1 both CDROM devices09:44
pitilloyes sorry, I forgot to mention that (when it just unsquahs, the undefined symbols appeared)09:45
jaegerweird :(09:46
pitillolet's see... removed the secondary ide channel which may be it's messing this a bit more09:48
pitillook, problem solved. My bad09:48
pitillowith ide primary master (cdrom) and no secondary defined seems to locate well the media09:48
pitilloI'd never got this problem (I always try to define IDE primary (master for cd slave alone) and secondary (free)09:49
pitillonow let's see with ich. Sorry for making you going crazy09:50
jaegerVery odd indeed :(09:51
pitilloich is working right too (the problem here was the secondary ide channel)09:53
jaegerwell, that's good to know, at least09:53
jaegerI've never used a secondary IDE channel in virtualbox09:54
jaegerI rarely use IDE at all09:54
pitilloI usually define both IDE channels (like a phisical machine) but was at least a year ago when I built the 2.7 VM. Let's see how I did there09:55
pitilloonly primary IDE bus (without secondary too)09:56
pitilloich doesn't work at all, it doesn't find the sata disk10:01
jaegeryeah, that seems to be my result as well10:02
jaegerICH9 used to work well in previous virtualbox versions, though10:02
pitillostrange (I think I tested in a win host the last time and never got it working). I'll try to update it tomorrow before people come10:03
jaegerI wish it were easier to troubleshoot but hanging for a while and then finding no disks doesn't get us far10:04
pitilloummm I really don't know if it can be related to the missing symbols overthere (libata)10:05
jaegerno idea, though I suppose it's worth looking into what provides those symbols to see10:06
pitilloyes, I found them and they should be defined (checking atm kernel config)10:06
jaegercould be defined in a module that doesn't get included in the initramfs10:07
pitilloummm ok... seems that SCSI support is provided as module and this can cause libata problems (now for the FS)10:07
jaegerAny module that depends on scsi support should load it, though, right? maybe busybox's insmod/modprobe are problematic there10:09
pitilloummm scsi-mod is the one where libata relays, not sure if it's loaded or bb failed to load it (it shouldn't)10:11
pitillocan it be added to the initram list? (it isn't added, isn't it?)10:12
jaegerscsi support is definitely included10:13
jaegernone of the libata drivers would WORK without it10:13
jaegernor the SAS drivers, etc.10:13
pitillothen I'm mixing things and deeping somewhere so big for me10:13
jaegerI will try to look into it more closely tonight when I'm at home10:14
jaegerright now I'm switching between it and work stuff10:14
jaegerbut undefined symbols seems like a good place to start10:14
pitilloit's there (line 163...) getting blind10:14
pitillohello jue :)10:17
pitilloswitching here some minutes to work stuff before I leave :10:17
jaegergonna test the 2.7.1 ISO via USB on my shuttle XPC, brb10:17
juejaeger: should I wait with the download for another iso or use the current one?10:18
jaegerok, booting on my XPC worked fine via USB, no hangs or detection issues10:20
jaegerjue: honestly, I don't have much to go on as far as troubleshooting the virtualbox issues, so I couldn't give any kind of ETA on fixing that10:21
jaegerwith that said, 2.7 has had the same problems with vbox10:21
jaegerwell, at least similar problems10:21
jaegerIf you can test it wherever you normally test things, that would be helpful... though if you don't have unlimited/cheap bandwidth, don't worry about it10:22
jueok, bandwidth is not a problem, I'll use the iso to update my laptop10:23
jaegerthanks, appreciate the help10:23
jueyeah, looks good10:58
jueupdate went well, no issues10:58
juejaeger: that's great, thank you very much11:00
jaegerI will also test it on two more machines when I get home, in about 6 hours11:00
juejaeger: is the iso processed with isohyprid?11:18
juehow can I put in on a usb-stick?11:20
jaegerI did it simply with dd if=image of=/dev/sdc bs=16M11:20
juehmm, tried it with my netbook. It's booting but spent a lot of time at 'Loading modules ...ATA' and finally mounting of /media failed11:35
juenot idea what the problem is, it has been worked with the same stick and 2.7 but with sepen's script11:37
jaegerugh... does it work with either "nosmp" or "acpi=off" ?11:37
juewill try ...11:37
jueyeah, acpi=off works :)11:42
jaegerok, good to know... thank you11:42
jaegerPerhaps there are ACPI options in the kernel config that can be tweaked11:43
jueit's a Samsung N220 with the usual Atom n45011:44
jaegerI wonder if the ACPI stuff is the issue in vbox as well, I will play with it11:44
pitillotaking note here about acpi to give a test tomorrow at work11:53
frinnstx86_64 builds12:30
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jaegerfrinnst: nice13:15
frinnstboots and installs from usb, not tried much else13:16
pitillohere I can't test 64b. 32b is running great. Fresh install on a p4 without problems and connected by ssh which is great too13:41
jaegerI'll test it13:55
jaegeracpi=off does NOT fix the vbox boot issue with ICH9 for what that's worth14:01
mike_kwould simple usb/CD boot test on laptop (ICH4 or5, without an HDD) be of some help? or that stuff was tested already?14:07
jaegermike_k: yes, any information helps - if you boot and it a) takes a long time to load the ATA and SCSI modules, or b) can't see any disks once booted or c) both a and b14:09
jaegerwould be good to know14:09
jaegerdon't need a whole install or an upgrade, just a boot and check to see if your disks are there14:09
mike_khmm, I'll try on a few different boxes tomorrow )14:10
jaegerThanks :)14:10
jaegerfrinnst: works for me via USB here14:45
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jaegerok, the x86 boots fine on my machines at home, with the exception of that laptop that won't boot anything USB at all19:25
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