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teK_jaeger: you are right, this helps (for xterm), but I'm using xfce Terminal and still have no idea why this changed all of a sudden04:10
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jaegerteK_: no idea there, sorry08:11
teK_no problem. It just _sucks_ ;)08:23
jaegerI have been meaning to install xfce again, are you using whatever's currently in the xfce4 repo?08:23
teK_but I did not issue any updates the day before yesterday08:25
teK_funny enough: it stopped working on my laptop AND my workstation08:25
pitillothat behavior is under xfce only or have you tested other wm? (or is it another wm than xfce?)08:30
teK_my setup is fluxbox + xfce Terminal08:30
teK_I like Terminal very much due to the configurtaion (GUI!), url / mail copy/opening etc08:31
pitillook, I'll make some tests this afternoon. Yesterday I saw your comment but my laptop isn't up2date. I'm upgrading the arm toy to test it under e17 and xfce this afternoon when I come home08:31
teK_fun fact: german umlauts get displayed properly on my workstation but not on my laptop while I do use the same configuration +_ version but 64 vs 32 bit (should be unrelated ;))08:32
teK_that would be great ;)08:32
jaegersame font and LANG settings?08:32
teK_this is the stuff that hinders linux-desktops from being perfect :<08:33
pitilloummm are you using the same lang settings in both?08:33
teK_I guess because I share ZSH config among all my boxes, but let me *recheck*08:33
teK_LANG is en_US.UTF8 for both boxes08:35
teK_wrt config/fonts:08:36
jaegerI wönder if mine shöw up cörrectly08:40
jaegerthey seem to on my end at least :)08:40
pitilloummm teK_ kernel support in both machines is the same too? (I think so but that's the last thing I can think, with locale generation on both machines equal too)08:41
jaegeraww, crap, the HD in my XPC seems to be dying08:41
pitillojaeger: here I saw your sentence a bit strange... but may be the problem is here (putty->obsd)08:42
teK_jaeger: they did (for me ;))08:42
teK_I will recheck kernel / locales08:43
jaegerpitillo: heh, ok08:45
juejaeger: any news wrt our 2.7.1?09:05
jueI'm asking because I'll be offline for one week, beginning at the day after tomorrow09:06
jaegerI have had zero luck fixing the virtualbox ICH9 issue but I have not seen it on any real hardware09:06
jaegerI'm willing to call it a virtualbox bug at this point09:06
jueI've tested the iso with 3 different boxes, found only the acpi=off issue with my netbook09:07
jueeverything else went smooth, with cd and usb09:08
jaegerAll my real hardware tests were quite smooth as well09:08
juewell, I'd say we should go with the release than09:09
jueany objections?09:10
jaegerI have none, though I'm curious if pitillo has any09:10
jueand we need the ok from tilman, of course ;)09:11
pitilloI haven't, I've got my desktop deployed in half hour on tuesday. The only thing, vbox problems/bug... but I solved them like we talk. Very good job IMHO09:12
jueteK_: btw, the alt+n shortcut works for me in irssi09:13
pitilloummm I have only one thing ahead on the desktop, nvidia on a fx5550 (running with GL support and open driver, and now I should investigate if nvidia blob works with it)09:14
jaegerIt's going to take a while to build xorg/xfce4 on my XPC but it's going, I will test the Terminal irssi thing as well09:16
teK_thank you09:16
teK_fun fact 2: I installed CRUX + fluxbox + Terminal for two friends and they both have the umlaut-problem, too09:16
pitillojaeger: is it possible to use a chroot on a stronger machine and compile with your xpc cflags?09:16
jaegersure, though I don't think it'll make THAT much difference09:17
jaegerIt would be faster but maybe not enough faster to take that much more time09:17
jaegeroooh, though what I could do to save time is install xorg from the ISO instead of building it09:17
pitilloummmm it should if it's "stronger", btw, I haven't experience on these toys09:18
jueteK_: xterm works?09:19
pitilloI see that need to touch nvidia for legacy drivers and this card09:19
teK_only after I added jaeger's:09:20
teK_xterm*eightBitInput: false09:20
teK_xterm*metaSendsEscape: true09:20
teK_to ~/.Xdefaults09:20
jueI have only set xterm*metaSendsEscape but not the eightBitInput09:22
frinnstyeah, the ich9 issue seems to be virtualbox only09:22
frinnstit works on real hardware (tm)09:22
teK_I did not single out one or the other but without those lines it won't work09:22
frinnstalso, 2.7 doesnt boot with ich9 in virtualbox09:22
teK_worth a bug due in 2.8?09:22
frinnstso its not "a new bug" if it indeed is a bug09:23
jueteK_: but works even without the metaSendsEscape setting09:23
jaegeryeah, it's not new, just very annoying since it's so far impossible to pin down09:23
pitillofrinnst: yes, I did the trick installing with piix3 and then compiling for ich and I can boot it without problems (seems there are some reported bugs to vbox and they still tell that ich9 support isn't finished/stable)09:23
teK_a non-existant Xdefaults results in "won't work"09:24
juewill try ...09:24
pitillothere are good reports from users here, installing it with different medias (the ones used cd/usb) and all are good09:24
frinnstyeah, i installed it from a usb-stick today at work too09:25
teK_the only updates wrt X were nvidia and xorg-libpixman..09:26
pitillofrinnst: I would like to see a bit more sepen, who has good comments about the 64b version. But he's quite busy. Here I can't test it but sounds really good to have it too09:27
pitilloteK_: have you tested downgrading to isolate the problem? at least to make the difference between nvidia and libpixman09:27
jueteK_: umlauts works without any .Xdefaults but the alt+n thing needs the meta... setting09:28
teK_that's the next step09:28
teK_yeah umlauts only fail in (some :p) Terminals ;)09:28
jaegerhrmmm, missing dep in garcon for xfce4, it needs libxfce4util earlier09:31
teK_neither downgrading nvidia nor pixman changed a thing. w-t-f :-)09:32
pitilloteK_: have you bumped something else? kernel?09:33
teK_I just started without fluxbox to single that out, too..09:38
pitilloI pick your words then... w-t-f xD09:38
teK_it works (of course) on ttyX09:39
teK_fun fact 3: ALT [1-4] is bound in fluxbox as TakeToWorkSpace N and works, too09:42
teK_jaeger: fun fact 4: a X11-forwared terminal from laptop -> workstation has working umlauts, too... whaaaat :>10:11
jaegerx11, you so crazy10:11
pitillofinishing terminal's build. e17+mrxvt no prob with irssi and alt+number to change windows11:43
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pt_st1with xfce and terminal it works too teK_ ^ í ü ö (I haven't setup anything here, nor lang, nor Xdefaults)12:01
pitilloteK_: only one thing more, have you tried to rebuild vte after libpixman update? (sorry if this sugestion is dumb)12:03
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frinnstwhy not announce 2.7.1? any remaining issues?13:55
jaegerI don't know of any more issues14:01
pitillowaiting tilman_'s agreement too14:07
teK_I have set LC_ALL to:14:08
teK_% zgrep NLS_DEFAULT /proc/config.gz14:10
tilmanhow detailed a testing to you want me to do?14:11
tilmannot sure i'll have enough time to actually install it ;D14:11
jaegerteK_: ok, I've moved over to the XFCE4 install, ALT+N does not work for me in Terminal14:12
teK_yeah :\14:15
teK_oh I just got the umlauts working14:16
teK_wohoo ;)14:16
teK_maybe I'm going to ask in #xfce14:16
jaegerthere's an arch thread blaming it on gtk for what that's worth14:18
teK_no gtk14:19
jaegerno real useful info in it, though14:19
teK_there IS gtk14:19
jaegerwell, yeah :)14:19
teK_*turning back the hands of time*14:19
pitillotilman: may be only the agreement. I think there are some test done, not sure if there is anything more to test (here I'm glad with jaeger's iso and all your work)14:20
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