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teK_jaeger: the gtk downgrade helped indeed04:52
teK_thanks to you and eveybody else for clarifying  this :>04:53
teK_do you have the link to the arch discussion wrt grtk04:53
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jaegerteK_: sorry, I didn't save the link... I can try finding it again if you like08:08
teK_would be nice :-)08:45
teK_I guess there's some error on gtk's side and we as the CRUX ppl  should be interested in a fix, too08:45
juetilman: today seems to be a good day for releasing CRUX 2.7.1 ;)10:17
tilmanjue: moving it onto the ftp server now11:05
tilmanjue: is there a ChangeLog yet?11:06
tilmanjue: it seems there's just the release date missing from ChangeLog. please confirm11:07
juetilman: yeah, it's missing11:09
tilmani'll add it11:10
juewill add it now ...11:10
tilmanok :)11:10
juedone :)11:12
tilmanupload done11:13
tilmani'm not really feeling comfortable with announcing this though11:13
tilmani didn't do _anything_ for this release11:13
tilmanjaeger: do you want to announce 2.7.1? upload is done. (i won't twist your arm, but i don't think it's appropriate for me to announce it)11:14
jaegerI'd prefer someone who did more for it to do the announcement, too... maybe jue?11:16
juewell, I'd vote for jaeger as well, you did the whole job of building the image etc. :)11:19
juejaeger: I'd really like it if you would do the announcement11:20
jueI'll prepare our download page11:21
jaegerhrmm, what should I write, then? I don't think I've done one of those11:24
juehmm, the same as everytime ?11:24
juethe only special thing is that there's no need to update for users with an 2.7 and up-to-date packages11:25
jaegeroh wow, apparently I did write one, for CRUX 2.311:26
juemaybe we should mention that it is an 'intermediate' release without major changes to our tool chain11:27
jaegerI was thinking that, yes11:27
jaegerhow about something like this?
jaegerI need to add a download link and changelog link, probably11:31
jaegerand create a torrent11:31
teK_reads just fine11:31
tilmanjaeger: i'll edit the Download page on crux.nu11:33
jueyeah, cool11:33
tilmantoo late ;)11:34
jaegertilman: did you upload the one from my linux/crux/tmp/ dir? Just want to make sure we all have the same iso11:34
juetilman: .oO11:34
tilmanjue: yes11:34
tilmanjaeger: yes11:34
teK_I mirrored from code-monkey.de11:34
jaegercool11:34 is missing the update despite being denoted as master :-)11:35
juetilman: I'm not very happy with isohybrid sentence, maybe you can do some corrections, thanks11:36
jaegerhow about now?11:39
juelooks perfect for me :)11:40
juedo we provide a torrent for 2.7.1?11:41
jaegerI'm making one11:42
jaegerwill upload it soon11:42
jaegerok... mirrors are updated, torrent is created and uploaded to
jueNews and Download page are updated11:50
jueanything left?11:50
jaegerannouncement sent11:50
juegreat, all done, thanks Gentlemen :)11:59
jaegerthanks :)12:03
tilmanthanks, and congrats12:05
acruxthank you all12:11
jaegerI wonder how difficult it would be to move to a rolling release style thing12:14
jueI guess it's a big challenge without downloading packages12:25
juebut dunno how gentoo works12:27
jaegerI imagine the toolchain could be a pain at times, might have to build and rebuild some things12:27
teK_i never noticed gentoo downloading binary packages12:32
pitillothank you very much, good job :)12:33
jaegerIt doesn't by default, though it can be made to rather easily12:35
teK_yeah but I meant to achive the rolling release thingy12:35
jaegerMy thought is that CRUX could be a rolling release project if we wanted it to... It's just idle speculation, I'm not suggesting that we need to do it12:36
teK_I'd love to have rolling releases12:36
teK_it's just a KO criterion for (remote) servers12:36
jueteK_: AFAIK gentoo doesn't download binaries12:37
teK_although the ISO approach means to avoid quite some hassles12:37
jueno idea how they manage things like bootstrap and ABI changes12:37
jaegerMight be interesting to research12:37
jaegerI would think it wouldn't be hard to create instructions that make toolchain builds clear12:38
teK_the question is: can prt-get make this happen without further ado12:39
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Romsteri did start on a tolchain upgrade on live system wich involved builing just the tool chain, pkgutils, bash and the other few important ports in a chroot to then install then rebuild the rest of core opt xorg etc... but i haven't completed it and it's been put on the back burner for quite some time now.17:33
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