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jaegerIs anyone else in here interested in reviving the x86-64 multilib project or is it just me?11:13
teK_currently I'm just fine with pure 64 bit11:42
teK_dunno if multilib has a real future (cost vs use)11:43
mike_k_are there any _popular_ pure 64-bit distros though?11:52
teK_beside CRUX?11:53
teK_dunno :}11:53
mike_k_I mean, there might be real stopper like Flash or proprietary drivers11:53
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jaegeras far as I know slack and arch are both pure64 by default13:41
jaegerI guess the answer is pretty clearly 'no', though13:41
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frinnstjaeger: possibly :)14:23
frinnsti could use it for work14:23
jaegerMe too14:23
jaegerI'm glad to see you say that, specifically, because I had kinda an idea in my head that your pure64 distro could be the base14:24
jaegerthe toolchain would change to support 32-bit but no 32-bit stuff would be installed by default, perhaps14:24
jaegerso if a user wanted to continue using pure64 it would be transparent to him14:24
frinnstyeah, that would be my prefered path to take too14:25
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jaegerI've not had much success trying to build a useful multilib cross-compiling toolchain, unfortunately15:03
acruxjaeger: a solution could be like we did on ppc6415:22
acruxonly the tooclahin is multilib15:23
jaegeracrux: how did you go about building it?15:23
acruxthus you have a full 64bit15:23
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acruxbut the abulity to do your own 32bit business too15:24
jaegerThat would be completely acceptable to me15:24
jaegerI'd maintain a separate 32-bit repo, probably15:24
acruxwe solved with a twin .footprint15:24
acruxand some love on some toher ports15:25
acruxjaeger: you can browse it on
acruxmakefile and other things still are old style15:26
acrux(like crux 2.3)15:26
jaegerok, I'll have a look15:26
acruxi prefered it15:26
jaegerdid you have to cross-compile a multilib toolchain?15:26
acruxno, it's native on ppc/ppc6415:27
acruxi.e. a 64bit can bootstrap gcc for 3215:27
acrux(like on x86 i guess)15:28
jaegerI haven't seen how to do that on x86 yet15:28
jaegerthat's part of the problem for me15:28
jaegereven if I start with x86-64 pure15:28
acruxmmh, maybe you still need to do that from scratch15:28
jaegerIt's hard to find documentation that is appropriate for me because I'm not a gcc expert or toolchain developer, etc.15:29
jaegerI would like to learn more about it but it's hard to find the proper starting point15:29
acruxjaeger: it's always CLFS15:29
jaegerI've considered that as well but so far have not managed to build a fully working CLFS, their instructions are quite outdated15:31
jaegerI may give it another try, though15:31
jaegerbuildroot is another option, though I don't think they support multilib15:31
jaegeryeah, checking some more, they don't15:32
jaegerI've also tried a couple times to build a set of core toolchain ports on a non-CRUX system and run into various problems with that approach15:33
jaegerHrmm, looks like that's been significantly update since I looked at it last. I'll give it another shot15:35
jaegerlast time I was there, for example, the boot or chroot sections were unfinished15:35
jaegerer, updated15:35
acruxyou should (about) follow chapters 1-1015:36
acruxafter you can install from src pkgutils15:36
acruxand some other dependencies you could need for15:36
acruxafter you can build all core packages using ports (modified for multilib like cruxppc)15:37
acruxafter you can install these packages on a fresh new chroot15:37
acruxit's about what i did in the past15:37
acruxporting crux to different arch15:38
jaegerI'm going to have to give it another try, hopefully I can better understand how to fix the problems this time around15:38
acruxvery often is a bug in glibc, lol15:39
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Romsterjaeger, i'd be keen to migrate over to multilib considering i use wine i need some 32bit ports still even on a 64bit system.19:41
Romstermultilib cross-compiling toolchain i had start4ed but not completed it yet.19:41
Romsteri got a stage one gcc compiled so far.19:42
Romsterbbl work20:00
jaegerok, well, we should probably pool or work at some point20:57
jaegeronce we have something useful started20:57
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