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Romsterbarsnick just announced version 7.23.1 of curl and libcurl on Freecode. The release notes for this version are as follows: Several improvements and various bugfixes were made.07:03
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jueRomster: 7.23.1 is a windows-only fix, no need to update08:01
jaegeryeesh, 'make check' for ppl took nearly 2 hours08:13
juelooks like we have no complaints about our 2.7.1 so far?08:19
teK_have you seen the (2.7 "related") post wrt JFS on the ML?08:22
teK_srsly: wtf08:22
teK_this should have nothing to do with the FS used08:22
juewell, I'm using JFS on my netbook without problems08:23
juemight be a kernel config problem?08:24
teK_it should at least try to run lilo08:24
jueyeah, that's right08:25
teK_if even lilo is not run, there's something "really" screwed08:25
jaegerIt sounds just like what was said in the reply, lilo wasn't run08:32
jaegerno boot loader = no boot, simple enough08:32
teK_did not see the reply, stupid pop3s :p08:33
juemissed the reply as well, sounds reasonably08:42
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acruxjaeger: are you following CLFS multilib?09:39
acruxand do you choose to add graphite support, right?09:40
acrux(ppl, cloog-ppl)09:40
acruxthis step (ppl,cloog-ppl) is now deprecated09:41
jaegeryeah, just following their instructions for now, which include those09:41
acruxyou'd use ppl,cloog09:41
jaegerfor the final crux multilib I'd follow our x86 toolchain more closely09:41
jaegerthough we have talked in the past about ppl and cloog09:41
acruxk, because cloog-ppl is good for gcc-4.5.x09:42
acruxbut cloog is the way for 4.6.x09:42
jaegergood to know09:43
acruxjaeger: ppl-0.11.2 (multilib i.e. compiled twice) is about 3h on quad-G5 (4x2.5GHz) with 14gb ram09:46
jaegeryeah, I'm building the 64-bit stage now, I left the 32-bit last night when I left work09:47
jaeger2.26GHz but I'm not using multiple cores right now09:47
acruxjue: python-2.7.2 needs a small patch to fix sys.platform when built against linux-3.x09:55
jueacrux: thanks, will fix that tomorrow10:33
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teK_Package maintainers work hard and take a lot of shit. You can't please everyone. So, if you're a maintainer: Thanks for maintaining packages!14:41
teK_taken from *g*14:42
jaegeramen to that :)14:48
Romsterjue, oh, ok why didn't they mention that in the release details.15:44
Romsterjaeger, so what id did helped you much? got your changes i'd like to build it too.15:46
Romsteri was gonna get around ot doing more this weekend but sounds like you already got all the process underway.15:47
Romsteri'm off to work will read at lunch time15:48
jaegerI looked at your stuff but haven't messed with it at all, trying to learn more by running through the CLFS docs15:48
Romsterworthwhile me to continue where i left off on my work?15:50
Romsteri'd hate to double up on what you've got done.15:51
Romsterbbl work15:52
jaegerNot sure yet, to be honest. I don't know how well your stuff was going :)15:54
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Romsterjaeger, guess i'll continue and i'd like to see what you get accomplished hope your saving all your commands or writing a script to do the work.19:21
jaegerI have not saved my commands because they're all on the CLFS website but we'll see if it ends up working or not19:35

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