IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2011-12-04

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Romsteri found a gotcha case. glibc will not install if V=1 is set in MAKEFLAGS07:35
Romsteri use this line in my chroot MAKEFLAGS='V=1 VERBOSE=1 -j 4'07:35
Romsteri worked around it by adding this line before make07:35
RomsterMAKEFLAGS="$(sed -e 's/.*\(\-j[ 0-9]\+\) \{0,1\}.*/\1/' <<< $MAKEFLAGS)"07:36
Romsternearly the same line i use in the contrib/boost port. other than saving the -j n for MAKEFLAGS and stripping everything else out.07:37

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