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jaegerRomster: Just realized I didn't really answer your question about making steps or following a guide... what I did for this particular one was build libarchive and pkgutils on a gentoo VM and start compiling toolchain packages08:36
jaegersome post-processing is needed, like adjusting the specs file, but I think it's a good start. at least now the compiler is working08:36
jaegerhrmm.... even with slibdir=/lib, --libdir=/usr/lib, and --libexecdir=/usr/lib, glibc wants to put things into /lib6414:36
teK_19:55 < jedisct1> RT @ivanristic: OpenSSL 1.0.1, which includes support for TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2, is only a couple of weeks away
* jaeger kicks glibc15:24
jaegermaybe libc_cv_libdir is what I want15:24
jaegerhrmm, nope15:39
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Romsterhmm sounds to me you cheated and redid it on a multilib/64bit system, i think i will continue with the 32bit migration to multilib.18:04
jaegerdoes it matter which way it was done if it gets the proper result?18:17 is down damn it that's what i was following.18:24
* Romster shrugs18:25
Romsteri just prefer to be able to recreate it from source than rely on someone else binary package.18:25
Romsteri'm just picky and a perfectionist never mind me.18:26
* teK_ kicks grub2 into the stomach18:29
teK_cc1: warnings being treated as errors18:29
teK_commands/i386/cmostest.c: In function 'grub_cmd_cmostest':18:29
teK_commands/i386/cmostest.c:47:7: error: 'byte' may be used uninitialized in this function18:29
teK_commands/i386/cmostest.c:47:13: error: 'bit' may be used uninitialized in this function18:29
teK_it's their job to get the friggling gcc-Flags right (especially in this case)18:32
Romsteror fix the code.18:32
Romsterthey probably use a older gcc that's not so strict.18:33
Romsterlike binutils compiles ok on 4.5.3 but fails on 4.6.2 without adjusting CFLAGS18:33
teK_4.5.3 is so bleeding edge -_-18:34
teK_(I use 4.5.3)18:34
Romster4.6.2 is :D18:35
jaegerRomster: the plan is to rebuild the entire thing with itself once I get it working. bootstrap it the same way the CRUX ISOs are made18:36
jaegerso eventually it will be recreated18:37
Romsteri prefer knowing how it all tics than have someone else binary blob, having the details on how it's done is what i'm after to learn from it.18:38
Romstercrux has taught me so much and i'm not going to stop learning now.18:38
jaegerYou'll learn a lot either way, to be honest. I've been working on both in parallel and learned quite useful things from both ways about the toolchain18:39
jaegerI'm not trying to stop you, certainly, just chatting18:39
Romsteri appreciate your work don't get me wrong.18:40
jaegerI wasted about an hour and a half the other day fixing my ubuntu workstation at work when their updates broke my X config... made me want a multilib CRUX again, so here I am trying again :)18:40
jaegermade a lot more headway this time, though18:40
Romstermultilib would be great i know i'm wasting performance using memory page on 32bit to address 8GB ram and some transcoding and other stuff benefits on 64bit.18:58
rmullWhat programs don't have working 64-bit compiles?19:00
Romstersome emulators19:01
rmullIs that it?19:01
Romsterand wine willw ork at 64bit only but it wont run 32bit PE's19:01
Romsterwiil work*19:01
Romsterabout all.19:01
jaegerI use wine enough to need multilib (some gaming, some work)19:02
jaegerotherwise it's flash19:02
jaeger64-bit flash is kinda a joke19:02
rmullhmm, that's what I have19:02
Romsterthere is 64bit flash no?19:02
rmullThere is19:03
rmullMine is crashy19:03
Romstersome opensource flash player too forget it's name19:03
rmullThere's lightspark and gnash19:03
teK_it's not as crashy as youtube's HTML5 + chromium19:03
rmullDoes anyone here use lightspark+gnash?19:04
Romstergnash that's what  was trying to remember19:06
teK_(my) first successful UEFI Boot with CRUX22:09
jaegerI'll need to learn how to do that when I get my x220, I guess22:12
teK_I hope to have a little description for that in the wiki until then ;)22:13
teK_ports (efibootmgr and current+efi-enabled grub2) are ready, too although grub2 refused to boot (I never liked grub).. ELILO worked just fine22:14
teK_"refused" is wrong :)22:14
teK_from dmesg:22:14
teK_efifb: probing for efifb22:14
teK_efifb: framebuffer at 0xd9000000, mapped to 0xffffc90011180000, using 6144k, total 14336k22:14
teK_grub2 provides quite some modules, too22:16
teK_although I don't know if this is efi-specific behaviour22:17
Romster i only just stumbled on this.22:28

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