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Romsterneat that's a improvment.01:02
Romsteri put mine on hold as i sort out my remaing sysup bugs01:02
jaegerI've copied the chroot over to an SSD, building a kernel now... bootloader is next01:22
Romstermuch faster to compile on SSD vs tmpfs?01:25
Romsteri'd imagine tmpfs would have a sight advantage01:26
jaegerthe compilation is all done, I want to test its ability to boot now01:26
jaegerI did all the building in a VM01:27
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Romsterlol what @ quit msg01:27
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Romsterlaggy server jue ?01:28
jaegerIt's a message from an IRC bouncer01:28
jaegerThat's my guess at least01:28
jaegerwell, it booted. :) I can't log in but it did boot. I'll tackle the rest later since it's nearly 2am01:40
Romsterheh probably no entry on shadow?01:41
jaegerperhaps, or login has a bad link or something01:42
Romsterlibtool: link: cannot find the library `/usr/lib/' or unhandled argument `/usr/lib/'01:43
Romsterwish libtool files would die.01:44
jaegeralright, going to sleep, later01:45
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sepengn! Romster01:46
sepenand thanks for your reports :D01:46
Romstersed -i -e 's/' /usr/lib/pkgconfig/*.pc hmm not quite need to see what exactly.01:46
Romsterjaeger, is going to bed i'm not yet :)01:47
Romsterhope my bug reports are not a menace.01:48
sepenthe opposite, well reported imho01:50
sepenanyways I tried it too on my chroot (Safe-env)01:51
Romsteri gather your quite busy so that helps ease your time spent.01:51
Romsteri'm pretty good with my reports.01:51
sepenlibklavier requires libx11 to build, but I think it should depend on xkbcomp to work01:52
Romsteri hadn't ran xfce4 desktop.01:52
Romsterjust tested if it built.01:52
sepenRomster: the last week was a small holiday week to me01:52
Romstersince someone else reported that xfce4 3asn't building for them.01:53
sepenyeah I saw it on the backlog yesterday night01:53
Romsterthat trigged me to try a safe-build depinst.01:53
Romsterat some point i'll have automated testing for every git commit.01:54
Romstercompile time breakages report.01:54
sepenuse buildbot01:54
Romsterbut right now i got plenty todo.01:54
Romsteryeah be a buildbot.01:54
Romsterlibsexy is nice, but you should fix the pkg-config file. Libs and Cflags are not used properly, they should only contain -lsexy and -I${includedir}. You should use Requires (for dependencies needed for dynamical linking) and Requires.private (for dependencies needed for statical linking).02:00
Romsterthere's my problem.02:00
sepenlibsexy is so sexy02:02
sepenooops, you're right, why they have done so?02:06
Romsterta for the patch02:22
sepenIm gonna try02:22
Romsteri trying to figure out what i'm using libsexy for now, hasn't had a update since 200702:23
Romsterah bmpx02:25
Romsterseems the bmpx site is gone now too or moved...02:26
Romstersince i haven't relly like bmpx i may nuke that package and others that it uses in my repo.02:26
Romstergot too much junk on my system02:28
Romsterfrom me testing all sorts of stuff to find what i'm looking for.02:29
sepenyep, well I'll fix that to be able of use $ pkg-config --print-requires-private libsexy02:29
Romsterhmm it's in gnome to if jaeger intends to get gnome working it's probably best in opt?02:30
Romsterand i'l nuke mine then there by no dups on libsexy well after gnome is sorted.02:31
sepennow its working fine
sepenthanks again Romster :D02:39
Romsteri only just spotted that :)02:40
Romsterwhy is it that i spot the most bugs02:40
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sepenRomster: could you move taglib to opt?05:21
sepenI want to push thunar-media-tags-plugin in xfce collection which requires taglib to build05:21
sepengst-plugins-good would be affected too, but there is no problem with that05:22
Romsterif i moved good to opt i'd have to uproot a ton of libs to opt too so hopefully that can be a optional dependency.05:26
Romsterhave to wait a little while as i am currently finishing off a sysup of xorg and stuff that's not compiling.05:26
sepenI only wanted 'taglib'05:26
Romstertaglib if i remember hasn't got any deps so easily done.05:27
sepengst-plugins-good is ok where it is05:27
sepenRomster: cmake is a dep for taglib05:28
sepenand cmake is in opt05:28
Romsterthank goodness :) because that wouldn't be fun.05:28
sepenI'm the maintainer :D05:28
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Romsteryeah cmake is in opt already05:28
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Romsteri was the maintainer but it had to go in opt and i wasn't in opt at that time.05:28
Romster-Werror=unused-but-set-variable is hitting me on a few packages with gcc 4.6.205:29
Romstervorbisgain needs a version bump too, wonder when tilman will have some time :/05:32
Romstersepen, done.05:38
sepenmany thanks again05:39
Romstergreat and i jsut noticed my time zone is out too.05:39
Romsterguess this is what i get for sysuping a hacked up system.05:39
Romstersepen, btw i noticed you got 1 or two ports with xfce- and the rest are xfce4-05:47
sepenyou mean xfce-utils?05:56
sepenRomster: just take a look, I'm using upstream names
Romstershame they weren't upstream compatible with the rest of the names on ports.06:00
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jaegermy XPC feels so slow compared to my desktop at home... argh08:55
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jaegerwoot, it now boots under its own power and I can login via console and SSH :)09:31
frinnstxpc, as in shuttle?09:44
jaegeryeah, I have an old sn95g509:45
jaegerI still use it to test various things09:45
jaegerright now it's holding the SSD on which my multilib install lives09:45
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jaegerfrinnst: how are you handling the x86_64 package overlays in your ISO?18:46
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