IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2011-12-13

frinnstwhen building? just cp -r opt-x86_64/* opt/01:18
frinnstpretty much, just overwrite01:18
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jaegersimple enough08:48
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jaegerGonna try an install of your x86_64 ISO and conversion to multilib today09:57
jaegerThe 32-bit layer most likely needs a lot more work but it's a start09:58
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jaegerfrinnst: seems to have worked12:30
jaegerjue: Would you mind looking at expat? I think prefix=$PKG/usr perhaps should be replaced with INSTALL_ROOT=$PKG12:53
jaegerIt was trying to write outside of $PKG when I manually set --libdir=12:53
jaegerthe change I mention on the make install line fixed it for me12:54
jaegerthe Makefile uses DESTDIR but DESTDIR is set to the value of INSTALL_ROOT for some reason12:56
jaegeryeesh, 32-bit bzip2 port is messy13:13
jaegermy multilib version, not the original one13:17
frinnstexpat looks ok here13:32
jaegerfrinnst: what if you specify --libdir=/someplaceelse ?13:38
frinnstjaeger: no, the expat port looks ok.. i dont have a prefix=$PKG in mine13:39
jaegerhrmm, I must be confused13:39
jaegermake prefix=$PKG/usr install13:39
jaegerfrinnst: it only caused a problem when I added --libdir=/usr/lib32 to the configure line13:41
jaegerI can post the build log if you're interested13:43
frinnstoh right13:48
frinnsti just assumed prefix=$PKG/usr .. you meant --prefix.....13:48
jaegerAh :)13:48
jaegermade me double check, hehe13:48
frinnstheh, sorry13:48
jaegerworking on wine's deps13:49
jaegeroh, by the way, this is on the converted machine13:50
jaegerI installed a fresh 2.7.1 x86_64 from the ISO, then did a sysup, then updated a few ports with my multilib versions (libgmp, gcc, glibc, glibc-32, filesystem, pkgutils, etc.)13:51
jaegerjust a beginning but I'm happy with the progress so far :)13:52
jaegerman, wine has a shitload of deps these days14:58
jaegerlooks like libungif should use DESTDIR instead of prefix, too, perhaps15:13
jaegermaking a package similar to ubuntu'16:17
jaegers ia32-libs is tempting16:17
jaegernot a big fan of that, though16:17
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jaegerhrm... wine really doesn't want to use my freetype 32-bit install18:39
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