IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2011-12-14

jaegerwoot, wine is working00:55
jaegerI declare this experiment a success00:55
jaegerNow it's time to sleep, bye01:00
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juegood morning02:42
juejaeger: thanks, will fix expat today02:43
juejaeger: dunno what I've done back then, a simple DESTDIR=$PKG works for me as well, can you confirm that, please?03:23
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frinnsti tried it with expat, confirmed04:42
Romsterman i still haven't finished my tool chain and jaeger has got wine on multilib already, i give up, i'll just go use jaeger's ports. so much for learning how to do the stuff on my own.05:10
Romsterdon't think he added the 32bit ports to a git tree yet though, i don't see them there.05:12
Romsteryeah i see the core stuff but that doesn't show all the libs that he built for wine like ia32-foo or maybe he used foo-3205:22
Romsterlike he did with glibc-3205:22
Romsterwith the --host= set etc.05:22
Romsterand lib3205:22
Romsteri only just finished sysup-ing everyhting and i'm gonna go to multilib soon.05:27
jueRomster: how about testing rc-ng first ;)05:33
Romsteroh ok i can do that since i stopped using runit it became too much of a pain after my ttys stopped working and i didn't want to mess around with fixing it.05:36
Romsteronyl difference i got currently is using gcc 4.6.2 and that binutils patch other than that i'm stock.05:37
Romsterbut now no sound in flash and i haven't bothered to fix my services yet either.05:37
juegreat, don't forget to run rejmerge05:39
Romsteri don't fancy breaking my system just tonight i'll test it out on the weekend. yeah i read your comment on rejmerge.05:39
Romsteri guess even if i did submit runit it wont be accepted for being half baked and not really simplistic. plus you got this rc-ng stuff that's the same well tested sysvinit but more configurable directories for hooking into different stuff.05:43
jueyeah, I've to admit that rc-ng looks very nice and properly written, even if it looks a bit complicated at a first sight05:49
juebut have to run now, bbl05:50
Romsterbye jue.05:50
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Romsterany particular reason why libdevmapper hasn't got --enable-dmeventd enabled? it's a logging daemon that will tell you when your snapshots are getting full.06:31
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jaegerYeah, I have not upload most of the 32-bit ports yet, still a bit of cleanup to do and a glibc fix I need to implement08:44
jaegerI never knew ldd was a shell script until yesterday08:44
jaegerjue: My guess is that a previous expat version didn't support DESTDIR09:00
jaeger just for grins10:34
jaegerhrmm, had a couple pesky 64-bit libs in my lib32 dirs10:47
jaegerok, I pushed opt-multilib.git and xorg-multilib.git as well11:08
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jaegerI like this openbox theme16:48
jaegerfriendly black I think it was called16:48
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jaegergoing to attempt to bootstrap an ISO so I can test some more and in case anyone else wants to try it17:57
jaegerthe multilib setup, not the openbox theme17:57
Romsteri would like to try the multilib on the weekend.20:17
Romsterjaeger, does it also build wine 64bit need to sort that out too so wine can build 32 and 64bit.20:19
Romsterdon't know what frinnst thinsk of multilib seems a shame to end up with 3 different flavours. of pure 64 pure 32 and multilib.20:20
jaegerI have no use for 64-bit wine so no21:03
jaegerit's 32-bit wine only21:03
jaegerdo you have 64-bit executables for which you need a 64-bit wine?21:06
jaegergrrr, stupid mesa3d footprint21:37

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