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Romsternot yet but it will happen01:07
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frinnstheh, mesa is annoying03:12
frinnststupid old isa-chips03:12
frinnst(and agp)03:12
Romsteri can understand agp still but ISA O_O03:35
Romsterpretty old stuff nowr03:35
jueRomster: because nobody asked for it, you know we are using default settings most often03:46
Romsteri just forgot i had tweaked my old system before i went back to nearly stock crux and wondering why things have changed so much.04:32
Romsterneed to do a diff over the stuff and add in some feature requests over the weekend.04:33
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juefrinnst: maybe we can help a bit and create a updated mesa port that removes the obsolete drivers and possibly includes the nouveau driver?04:57
pitilloobsolete drivers"04:58
pitillodo they include agp?04:58
jueI have a mesa3d-nouveau, libdrm-nouveau and a xorg-xf86-video-nouveau port in my privte repo but only the last one is really needed04:59
jueif we adjust the others04:59
Romsternouveau didn't like my GTS250 cards last i tried it only suported the 8000 series.05:01
frinnsti810, mach64, mga, r128, sis, tdfx ?05:03
jueRomster: have you tried my ports?05:04
Romstersorry no not yet  had my own.05:04
jueIMO your card should work05:05
juebut THB I'm a dummy wrt all that x stuff05:05
teK_do you have artefacts (e.g. from chromium) with the latest nvidia driver, too?05:05
Romsteri need quiet and time to test stuff and i get far too many interruptions and after work i'm not in the mood to do much, work is frustrating with comptuer crap phone calls customers, when i was doing my part time work i had time to concentrate on trying stuff.05:06
teK_they appear if I move the window, for example05:06
Romsteri'm not much with X tilma_n is the man on X.05:07
Romsteri'd gladly pay 3x as much for a video card that had open source supported drivers for at least some of the 3d stuff.05:07
frinnstso buy ati then05:08
jueteK_: do not move windows that often because I'm using scrotwm, but I've tested it now, works well05:08
Romsterso much for being a nvidia all this time.05:08
teK_even with some YT (html5?) Video playing?05:09
Romsteri had a ati card sitting here from work to test i didn't get time or had any motivation to try it05:09
frinnsti only buy ati these days05:09
jueteK_: no video player or something like that installed here ;)05:10
Romsterright now my flash has no sound my mpd isn't working puppies are driving me insane here. i need to get out more away from everything to have a clear mind to want to try more stuff out on the computer.05:10
Romsterright after xmas i'm taking 2 weeks off work i got 10 weeks of hollidays saved up.05:10
Romsterneed to unwind.05:11
tilmanRomster: i love how you mistype my name05:16
tilmanoh wait, i don't05:16
frinnsthe does it to avoid hilighting05:16
teK_jue: HTML5! :>05:16
tilmani know05:16
juetilman: nice to see that you are here :)05:17
tilmangotta go05:18
frinnstoh, its lunchtime05:18
juemaybe something like this ? ->
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frinnstthough it will require some more attention as to new drivers06:41
frinnstbut guess thats not really a problem06:41
frinnsthardly happens every day06:41
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Romsteri love you too tilman. i type your name wrongly to avoid the highlighting. :)07:07
juefrinnst: yeah, but didn't found a way to disable drivers07:16
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frinnsti810 and sis are the only ones failing in mesa07:36
frinnston x86_64 that is07:36
frinnstwhat flag is required for libdrm + nouveau ?07:44
jueadd --enable-nouveau-experimental-api07:45
juethat's all07:45
frinnstyeah, found it07:45
frinnststupid kvm.. clipboard is broken07:46
jaegerbootstrap went well after I updated the mesa3d footprint, gotta sort out the kernel this morning and then I'll be able to make an ISO08:22
pitillocongrats jaeger, impressive job08:42
jaegerthanks :D08:43
jaegerman, look at all these ISA SCSI drivers09:27
frinnstheh, yeah09:34
frinnstfelt like i removed 50% of the drivers from our initrd09:34
jaegerat least 15 of them, that's how many I just removed09:35
frinnstwhy cant i ever remember "enter ~ ." for frozen terminals?09:55
jaegerI use that quite often, love that feature09:55
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jaegerok, I have uploaded a multilib ISO, testers are welcome18:20
jaegerIt has NO updated 'ports' port - currently the multilib repos are available via git only18:21
jaegerI will make them rsyncable when they're more mature18:21
jaegerrepos are git://{xore,opt,xorg}-multilib.git18:21
jaegerbranch is '2.7'18:22
jaegeralso, the ISO is hybridized18:24
Romsteriso contain wine already? or do we need to install git and fetch the repos then do that after?19:41
Romsterafter i test rc-ng i'll reck my system again for this multilib.19:41
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jaegerthe ISO is pretty basic, mostly the same as the official20:05
jaegerso have to install git and things afterwards20:05
jaegerI'm going to work on some more 32-bit libs tonight or tomorrow for things like 32-bit firefox20:07
jaegeralso, need to add a symlink for the linker to glibc-3220:07

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