IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2011-12-17

juegood morning02:26
Romstermorning jue02:27
jueteK_: you can give the download the name you want, I've done it for iproute2 version 3.0.0, see
juenow they are back at and I've created a tarball for it02:34
jueRomster: will that reallly work?02:40
Romsterwell the directory is the same version as the tarball only with a v prefixed on it. yes i've done that on other source= lines.03:19
jueRomster: sorry, just kidding :)03:24
Romstergo figure :D04:00
Romsterwell i'm off to play pool and chill out, later.04:19
* frinnst slaps teK_ 05:53
frinnstyou need to bump libtorrent too, not just rtorrent05:53
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teK_I didn't?07:04
teK_i thought I would07:04
teK_oh and btw07:05
* teK_ slaps frinnst back07:05
teK_wtf, 0.13.0 was already downloaded so I did that yesterday for sure O_o07:05
teK_but thanks for the slap *cough*07:07
teK_jue: thanks for the hint, will try07:25
teK_does anyone know, why the kernel/udev won't recognize the the uuid of my root partition during boot but have the symlink set correctly afterwards in /dev/disk/by-uuid?07:50
teK_i see uuid 000-... for my root partition on kernel panic07:50
jueteK_: not sure, but don't think that you can use uuids without initrd08:58
jueerr, according to lilo.conf you can09:05
teK_jue: I can09:52
teK_but I'm using elilo in this case09:52
teK_it's just puzzling09:52
frinnstteK_: no damnit, its still 0.12.911:03
frinnstalso, 0.13 is listed as unstable11:05
teK_so is 0.9.x for rtorrent11:06
rmulltilman: libdrm md5sum doesn't match12:46
rmullor... version is wrong12:46
rmullit downlloaded the new version but the old version's md5sum is still there12:46
jaegeruploading a new multilib ISO, been out most of the day so far until now15:12
teK_jue: I rechecked.. i have three disks, it randomly displays 0000-... for some disks but it never detects the real root-disk correctly m(15:13
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jaegerteK_: my x220 should be arriving on tuesday so I'll be learning how to set up the UEFI boot stuff then17:16
jaegerdoesn't seem terrible from the searching I've done today17:16
teK_the multi-disk setup makes mine terrible17:17
jaegerAnyone know if I can run a git hook without pushing to the repo? I want to test my rsync repo generator post-update hook before I make it active17:49
teK_ prepare-commit-msg /  commit-msg ?17:51
jaegerI was thinking of the remote hooks like the post-update ones we use on the server17:54
teK_The pre hooks can exit non-zero at any time to reject the push as well as print an error message back to the client;18:11
teK_The first script to run when handling a push from a client is pre-receive. It takes a list of references that are being pushed from stdin; if it exits non-zero, none of them are accepted.18:11
teK_something like this?18:11
jaegerWorth a try, thanks :)18:15
jaegeruploaded ports rsync files, will add them to the ports port18:23
teK_no comprende :\18:24
Romsteri understood it.18:25
jaegerteK_: my multilib stuff had no .rsync files for its repos18:25
jaegerit does now18:25
Romsterjaeger, added the rsync hook and is now editing core/ports to includ the new ports tree's18:25
Romstermust of drank a bit i'm still feeling tipsy or it's the after effects of the drink18:27
Romsterwas meant to be a enjoyable night but i ended up guarding the pizza shop while one of the ladies there went up to the bosses place to get the key, as he pissed off home, so the front door could be locked at god day 4am in the morning.18:28
Romsternot impressed.18:28
jaegerI have to say I'm quite happy with how the multilib install is working so far18:47
Romsterrecovering from last night don't think i'm up to breaking my system this weekend.18:49
jaegerabout to do a fresh install from the ISO and see how smoothly that goes18:54
Romsterwould a fresh install over the top of a 32bit system work ok? other than doing the rejmege after?19:03
teK_wiki finally updated \o/19:13
teK_stupid thing :p19:13
jaegerRomster: we talked about that yesterday, don't really know. I imagine it would work, haven't tried it19:30
Romsterguess i'll rely on my method.23:17
Romsterpkgadd off the iso.23:17
jaegergive us a trip report on how it goes23:33

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