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juegood morning02:49
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teK_hi jue03:33
teK_and friends03:33
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teK_jaeger: interested in a short (wikified) EFI with CRUX primer?16:08
teK_the only thing I still did not get to work was UUID-support (in elilo/kernel?)16:08
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jaegerteK_: sure, would be nice info. I was planning to try grub2 instead of elilo but still would be nice to document17:42
jaegerIt's going to be interesting to see how well EFI, KMS, and suspend/hibernate play together on  my X22017:43
teK_you could the part about grub2 then17:43
jaegerok, happy to help17:43
teK_I did not get it to even show up (without a grub.cfg)17:43
teK_but compilation etc. should work just like a charme17:44
jaegerdo efifb and kms work together or are they mutually exclusive?17:44
frinnstteK_: what motherboard are you booting efi from=17:44
teK_MSI P67 something17:44
teK_Hardware name: MS-767617:44
frinnstah, ok17:44
teK_I did not get rEFIt to work17:44
frinnsti've been thinking of playing around a bit with it too17:44
jaegerI could also try it on my Asus P8P67 Pro but the laptop should arrive tuesday so whatever17:44
teK_I was forced due to windows 7 wanting gpt or so ;)17:45
jaegeryeah, I plan to dual boot my x220 so will have the same17:45
jaegerwin 7 pro 64-bit and CRUX 64-bit multilib :)17:45
teK_make sure to boot the cd (?) via the EFI method17:45
teK_not the bios.. it will give you misleading errors during windows setup17:46
jaegergood to know17:46
teK_it cost me 2x3hours17:46
teK_the second time I forgot about that fact *sigh*17:46
teK_the elilo tarball contains a elilo-3.14-source.tar.gz tarball17:47
jaegerteK_: any comments in response to my musing about efifb and KMS?17:51
jaegerhrmm, maybe it doesn't matter, a quick google search indicates efifb is only for intel macs17:52
teK_I must have missed that17:53
teK_+ with proprietary nvidia: no KMS for me17:53
jaegerAh, ok17:53
jaegerI should try both17:53
jaegermy desktop has nvidia, my laptop will have intel hd3k17:54
teK_I cannot even set height/width for efifb17:54
teK_what do you think: theres no elilo man page so  we could ship an example elilo.conf18:06
teK_documentation on that is quit thin..18:06
teK_ports ready wiki entry postponed. .)18:17
teK_(until tomorrow)18:17
teK_please build the ports on 32bit for testing :-)18:20
teK_cu later guys18:20
jaegerteK_: sorry, I was out to dinner, probably good to ship an example config19:41
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