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jaegeroooh, htop's new display is cool08:38
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jaegerinteresting... if I unset CC and CXX in pkgmk.conf, using CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS for the -m32 and -m64 options, prt-get can't build zlib-32 but pkgmk CAN08:51
jaegerprt-get somehow chops the beginning of the *FLAGS variables08:51
sepenjaeger: maybe for now you could try by using a wrapper like 'makecommand pkgmk-foo' instead of default pkgmk09:03
sepenwe used something similar to crosscompile ports for crux-arm09:04
jaegerI already use fakeroot09:07
sepenI remember some issues with pkgmk.conf vs prt-get (FS#407) but no idea if is related at all09:25
jaegerThis is the first time I've run into it, very odd09:30
jaegerer... just noticed I typed in zlib-32, meant bzip2-3209:31
jaegerthat explains the reason prt-get vs. pkgmk are confused :)09:32
jaegerit's really ME that's confused :P09:32
jaegerif I make the proposed change to pkgmk.conf I'll have to fix the bzip2-32 Pkgfile, which is fine09:33
jaegerjust thoroughly confused myself trying to find the problem, because of a typo09:33
sepenahh :D09:37
jaegerIt seems to expose another problem with bzip2-32, though, the shared lib Makefile changed the CFLAGS09:37
jaegerAh, there's a missing $(CFLAGS) in the shared lib Makefile09:46
sepenwe used CC="$CC" to build Makefile-libbz2_so09:46
jaegerI had to do that in mine when I had CC declared in pkgmk.conf09:46
sepenI think you could recycle some parts of our core-cross09:46
jaegerbut now testing without CC set I had to remove it09:47
sepenhmm interesting :D09:47
sepenCXX too?09:47
jaegerit's probably not needed09:48
jaegerI just set both when I was testing09:48
jaeger <-- now it looks like this09:51
sepenhehe, optimized sed09:52
jaegerwell, there are more lines with $(CC) that do have $(CFLAGS) so I just wanted to change that single line :)09:53
sepenyeah, just I never passed from sed1line doc09:54
jaegerIt's not very often that something like this is needed09:54
sepenI always tried to use  '/regex/ s/foo/bar/' to replace lines when regex is found09:55
jaegerhaven't used that syntax, myself09:57
jaegergdbm-32 has the same issue, it seems10:00
sepenjaeger: at syntax, myself10:00
sepenooops, sorry bad paste10:00
sepensee section 'Optimizing for Speed'10:01
jaegerfound the problem, libtool is ignoring CFLAGS10:15
jaegeryeah, saw that, but no responses10:20
jaegerI'm able to fix it with another sed, just don't know libtool well enoughto say if it's bad or good to do that10:21
jaegersed -i -e 's,CC="gcc",CC="gcc ${CFLAGS}",g' libtool10:21
jaegerI could also change the archive_cmds='' line instead10:21
sepenjaeger: 2006 ->
jaegerThough I think in this case changing the CC declaration is better10:23
sepenand seems the same problem10:23
jaegerreadline-32 is broken as well, now10:29
jaegerthis is turning into quite the annoyance10:29
jaegerno libtool this time, though10:29
jaegerperhaps LDFLAGS needs -m32 all the time10:32
jaegeror perhaps it's unrelated, I don't know10:33
sepentry manually10:34
jaegerthat fixed readline but has no effect on gdbm or bzip210:36
jaegerso will just fix it manually in the readline-32 port for now10:36
sepenjaeger: I'm running a pure x86_64 here at office as my main production desktop, do you think I could upgrade it to your multilib manually? not now, but in a near future maybe10:38
jaegeryes, definitely10:38
sepenreplacing first the toolchain, gcc, glibc, etc?10:39
jaegeryeah. I did it that way on my laptop10:39
jaegerinstall pure64, then upgrade filesystem pkgutils gcc glibc glibc-32 binutils libgmp (not sure it's required)10:39
sepenwell, I've all packages in pkgmk_package_dir to revert things, but I want to try it10:40
jaegernever hurts to backup just in case, yeah :)10:40
jaegeraway for a bit, work10:40
sepenhmm what about libgmp libmpfr libmpc and the others involved in toolchain?10:40
sepentime to go back to home11:02
sepensee ya'11:02
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jaegerthis just in: jhbuild is STILL a pain in the ass22:21

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