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Romsterhavne't had to deal with that00:54
Romsteri had sound issues now it's working.00:54
Romsternot sure fo the cause i hd to blow everything away (configs) and redo it.00:54
Romsterjaeger, i can't get libxslt-32 to compile i get error01:42
Romster/usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/4.5.3/../../../ when searching for -lgcrypt01:42
Romster/usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/4.5.3/../../../libgcrypt.a when searching for -lgcrypt01:42 symbolic link to ` ELF 64-bit LSB shared object, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, stripped01:42
Romsterso i need a 32bit of that.01:43
Romster--libdir=/usr/lib32 --includedir=/usr/share32 ok that gets around file conflicts between 32 and 64bit but not the usr/share/aclocal/libgcrypt.m4 file.01:56
Romsterhow do i get around that one?01:57
Romsterand then i need to use that transformed program name to find the library in the other Pkgfile too.01:57
Romsterouch i forgot the .32bit file now it's breaking the ASM thinks it's on 64bit ASM still02:04
Romsterneeds more work need to fix the libs that libgcrypt-32 depends on too.02:06
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Romsterthis got it working --libdir=/usr/lib32 --includedir=/usr/include32 --datarootdir=/usr/share32 --program-suffix=-32 but the asm error in libgcrypt-3203:27
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juegood morning04:39
juesepen: thanks04:39
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mike_kdo we have any rules on how to build packages without any sane Makefile provided? say, if you have to call gcc in Pkgfile by hand. Especially in respect to maybe-multiple-architectures stuff...08:21
teK_I just called gcc -...08:29
teK_how would the architecture influence you gcc params?08:29
mike_knot really sure. this channel was about multilib stuff lately. saw some arch-specific gcc flags mentioned08:32
Romsterunless it's got multiple lines to compile and link, if it's got a few lines you could knock up a Makefile and include it in the source=08:32
Romsterit's experimental currently mike_k08:33
mike_ksingle line. I wonder if it is a good idea to inject CFLAGS into the command line. (gcc itself does not respect them directly)08:36
mike_kCFLAGS are in pkgmk.conf anyway, so why not to reuse them this way?08:37
pitillomike_k: rpm2targz and libc-client are both in opt and I think they can be a good example about that08:45
teK_mplayer is the only port that may modify the user's CFLAGS!!!108:46
jaegerRomster: libxslt-32 didn't give me any trouble but I guess mine's not built with gcrypt08:46
pitillomike_k: about CFFLAGS, it's needed to use them directly in command line... pkgmk passes them to the build function and they are used directly by autofolks, if you are using a gcc call without specifying them... obviously they won't be used08:47
mike_kpitillo: thanks, that is what I was going to do08:47
pitillomike_k: np08:47
jaegerRomster: as for the asm errors, try building it with --host=i686-pc-linux-gnu08:57
Romsterjaeger, well i made ports libgpg-error-32 and libgcrypt-32 but the later tries to use 64bit despite everyting els ein the port using 32bit08:58
Romsterconfig.status: linking mpi/amd64/mpih-add1.S to mpi/mpih-add1-asm.S08:58
Romsternot sure how to force it to use 32btt asm.08:58
jaegerthat's the --host bit08:58
jaegerwith that said, I generally make the 32-bit ports remove everything that isn't required such as includes, man pages, etc. - assuming the 64-bit version is installed08:59
RomsterWARNING: If you wanted to set the --build type, don't use --host.08:59
Romsterbut it did compile sweet.09:00
jaegeryou'll see that warning 100% of the time if you specify --host, safe to ignore09:00
Romsteri thought i may have to set --host but wasn't sure what to, then i had one hectic busy evening with visitors.09:00
jaegerThere aren't many ports that require setting it09:01
Romsterlibxslt-32 compiled ok now. i should send these two to you to include.09:01
jaegerWe'll have to decide on including things like share32 and include3209:02
jaegerI personally don't like to have those09:02
Romsteri idnd't know any other simple way to avoid file conflicts.09:02
jaegercheck some of the existing -32 ports, they get removed09:02
jaegerusr/include, usr/man, etc. aren't in most of them09:03
Romsterk i hadn't noticed that.09:03
jaegerThere are pros and cons both ways09:03
jaegerwith this approach the 64-bit version needs to be installed for headers to exist, etc.09:03
jaegerwith the other approach there's a lot of duplication of headers that might be identical but you DON'T require the 64-bit version09:04
jaegerPersonally I like the former way but not sure which way is best in the long run09:04
Romsterwell perhas i don't need the binaries and realy don't need the man pages but other files like .pc/.m4 files and .la etc probably are neeed09:05 files would end up in /usr/lib32 and not be harmed by that process, same with .pc files in /usr/lib32/pkgconfig09:06
Romsterwill need to test more to know if removing thsoe will break 32bit stuff.09:06
jaegerSo far it has worked well for me, wine was a pretty good stress test since it has a lot of deps09:06
Romsteri did get a m4 file conflict.09:06
jaeger;a=blob;f=gtk-32/.footprint;h=fa6d8f4b25d16546e0f8943d12d9e9ddd6828c4a;hb=refs/heads/2.7 <-- gtk .footprint, for example09:07
jaegergtk has some binaries that are required so they got saved and renamed... though at the time I didn't think to use program-suffix, that might save some work09:07
Romsterso you are transforming the binary name like i have done.09:07
jaegeryes, in the rare case that the 32-bit version NEEDS binaries09:07
Romsterthat's what program suffix is for.09:08
jaegerobviously, just didn't remember it at the time09:08
Romstermostly for different versions of the same binary.09:08
jaegerIt isn't needed often... for example, on this system, if I list *-32 in /usr/bin I have *1* executable, freetype-config-3209:09
Romster# wgetpaste Pkgfile .footprint09:09
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romster# wgetpaste Pkgfile .footprint09:09
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsterif some of those files don't need to be on the system to save changing the share32 and include32 more power to you. i just haven't tested it yet.09:11
jaegerI haven't run into any yet, though I expect in the future I will, such as gmp having an arch-specific header09:11
Romstermore minds the better at improving multilib.09:11
jaegerwill probably wrap it if that's the case but haven't needed 32-bit gmp yet09:12
jaegerMy aim was just to keep duplication down and in MOST cases the headers don't change between 64- and 32-bit, nor do man pages, etc.09:12
Romsterwell 32bit man pages are pretty useless to be honest.09:12
jaegerI think .m4 files are the same, too09:13
Romsteri just too the easy way out by prefixing the paths.09:13
jaegerbasically the way I look at it is that 32-bit ports mostly only need /usr/lib32, /lib32, and in some cases bin dirs09:13
jaegersome are more complicated like gtk-32 but most are simple09:14
Romsteryou could adapt them two ports ^ and remove the craft and see how it works.09:14
Romsterok now i'm stuck on freeglut-3209:14
jaegerfreeglut-32 is a good example of what I was talking about, its .footprint only contains /usr/lib3209:15
jaegerit's trying to read the 64-bit libXext.so09:16
jaegerin /usr/lib09:16
Romsterwhy is ld looking in lib64 when it's got -m32 on it do we need to set LDFLAGS="-m32" or something.09:16
jaegerI just built freeglut-32 again to be sure, no problems here09:17
jaegerif you run ldconfig -v can you see a 32-bit version of libXext?09:17
mike_kRomster, jaeger what about putting any of your jasper port in contrib? I need that for dcraw and there are plenty of jasper port around...09:20
Romsterthey both exist and have the .so symlink to them.09:20
Romsteri could do that.09:20
mike_kRomster: please, if that would not overload you )09:21
jaegerare you using the freeglut-32 port in opt-multilib or your own? something's definitely different there, though it might not be in the port09:21
Romsterfreeglut-32 in opt-multilib i only created libgcrypt-32 and libgpg-error-3209:22
jaegervery odd, it doesn't give me any trouble at all09:23
jaegerI don't think ccache would cause the problem but that's one difference, I don't use it09:24
jaegerI'll save a build log and see if it adds -L/usr/lib64 like in your paste09:26
Romstermike_k, can't test currently i have to fix my chroot safe-build up yet too.09:27
Romsterand my system is now multilib so i'd throw my .footprint out if i build it on my system.09:27
mike_kRomster: np. I am subscribed to rss feed, so I'll see whaen it happens.09:28
Romstersudo SBPREFIX=/home/romster/.safe-build_crux2.7 /usr/sbin/safe-build -c09:28
RomsterUnknown architecture selected! Exiting.09:28
Romsterironic isn't it.09:28
jaegerRomster: definitely something wrong, mine doesn't do that09:29
jaegercompare that to line 4 of your error paste09:29
Romsterugh that pastebin sucks it dont' warp the text your pastebin does.09:31
Romster-lm -L/usr/lib64 -lGL /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/  -m3209:31
Romsterwhy would mine be doing that.09:31
jaegerI have no idea09:32
Romsterwhile at start of line it has -rpath /usr/lib3209:32
jaegerAnything suspicious in the configure output or config.log during the configure phase?09:33
Romsterlooking into that.09:33
jaegerI also periodically run "file /usr/lib32/*.so* | grep 64-bit" to check if I've accidentally built some libraries incorrectly09:36
Romsteri probably should set the --host line in there?09:36
jaegerthere being what, gcc build?09:36
Romsterthat COLLECT_LTO_WRAPPER line was out of config.log09:38
Romster--host on configure didn't do jack in this case.09:38
jaegerI think that's unrelated09:38
jaegerthat comes from gcc -v too09:38
jaegerconfigure probably called gcc -v for some test09:38
Romsterlinker guessing wrongly or reading from some other file.09:39
jaegercan you pastebin the whole build log?09:39
jaegerline 744 looks suspicious09:42
Romsteri'm not that experienced with this multilib stuff yet.09:42
jaegerI don't see how it chose that, though09:42
jaegerconfigure:20026: checking for X09:45
jaegerconfigure:20261: result: libraries , headers09:45
pitillomay be from a dep?09:45
jaegerbit different in mine, odd that there's no path09:45
pitilloRomster: can you grep for /usr/lib64 in your /usr/lib/pkgconfig ?09:46
jaegerconfigure:13069: checking whether the ccache g++ -m32 linker (/usr/bin/ld) supports shared libraries09:46
jaegerconfigure:13069: checking whether the g++ linker (/usr/bin/ld -m elf_i386) supports shared libraries09:46
jaegeranother oddness09:46
jaegerI wonder if there's a binutils problem09:47
Romsterpkgconfig uses the .pc files.09:47
Romsteroh to grep in the directory.09:48
pitilloRomster: yes, could it be possible that it's picking something hardcoded from any .pc file related to X?09:48
jaegerRomster: what does your "ld -V" say?09:48
Romstergrep -r /usr/lib64 /usr/lib/pkgconfig09:49
Romster/usr/lib/pkgconfig/neon.pc:Libs.private:  -lz -L/usr/lib64 -lssl -lcrypto -ldl   -lexpat09:49
Romsterld -v09:49
RomsterGNU ld (GNU Binutils) 2.20.109:49
jaeger-V, not -v09:49
Romsteroh sorry...09:49
Romster  Supported emulations:09:50
Romster   elf_x86_6409:50
Romster   elf_i38609:50
Romster   i386linux09:50
Romster   elf_l1om09:50
jaegerok, that looks fine09:50
Romstersually when i get worng libs its' a libtool file not palying noce or a pc file.09:50
jaegerhow about "md5sum /lib{,32}/ld-linux*09:51
Romster1bc92d9b580aba8a2a76630414e5cc53  /lib/
Romster2dcda3b9b2f8883dc3cace6626b4cd37  /lib/
Romster2dcda3b9b2f8883dc3cace6626b4cd37  /lib32/
jaegerok, those also look fine09:52
Romstercan't be ccache throwing it off i've not had it do that before.09:52
jaegervery odd, no idea what's going on there :(09:54
Romsternope not ccache but it seems like PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR is being ignored.09:54
jaegeror could be that lib64 somehow got into a .pc file in /usr/lib32/pkgconfig09:55
Romstergrep -r /usr/lib64 /usr/lib32/pkgconfig09:57
Romsterno results.09:57
Romsternot even with lib64 so can rule that one out.09:57
jaegerI'm out of ideas :(09:58
jaegersomething either to do with ccache (seems unlikely) or with the install being over a 32-bit system (don't know how it would happen)09:59
jaegertry without ccache just to be sure?09:59
jaegeractually, here's a thought, going back to binutils10:00
Romsteraha fixed it10:00
Romsterexport LDFLAGS="-L/usr/lib32"10:00
jaegerthat should not be required10:00
Romsteraddign that made freeglut-32 compile.10:00
jaegersomething else was wrong =/10:00
jaegeranyway, about binutils - your config.log says /usr/bin/ld (I pasted that line above)10:01
jaegermine says /usr/bin/ld -m elf_i38610:01
jaegerI wonder if that's relevant... if your ld is assuming it doesn't need the -m option for some reason10:01
jaegerJust a guess, no idea if that's it10:02
jaegerMy thought there is that if ld says "I'm a 32-bit app and only need to look in /lib and /usr/lib" it would only find the 64-bit libs10:02
jaegerwell, the "I'm a 32-bit app" bit is dumb because binutils doesn't need a multilib switch, but all the same10:03
jaegerperhaps ld is the issue10:03
jaegerthen again I expect you would have had problems with other packages doing the same10:03
Romsterchecking whether the ccache gcc -m32 linker (/usr/bin/ld -m elf_i386) supports shared libraries... yes10:06
jaegerinteresting that it would use -m there but not on the other invocation10:06
Romsterbeats me.10:06
Romsterecho $ECHO_N "checking whether the $compiler linker ($LD) supports shared libraries... $ECHO_C" >&6;10:08
jaegerfor reference, I didn't run into this issue either when I was using CC= and CXX= or setting -m32 in CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS10:09
Romsteri thoguth when ld is invoked with 32bit it should use the correct 32bit libs.10:09
Romsteri know setting it in CC and CXX is wrong but i haven't changed that  to use CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS perhaps i should try that.10:10
jaeger <-- current pkgmk.conf10:10
Romsterbeats me still wont work, so workaround is adding export LDFLAGS="-L/usr/lib32" to the 32) section. not sure why it's being skipped perhaps i need to have --x-libraries or --x-includes set?10:18
jaegerperhaps, but that means there's still a root cause somewhere, because I have neither of those things currently set10:18
Romsterok this is my finddeps of freeglut10:19
Romsterglibc (core-multilib) nvidia (opt-x86_64) libpthread-stubs (xorg) mesa3d (xorg) xorg-libx11 (xorg) xorg-libxau (xorg) xorg-libxcb (xorg) xorg-libxdmcp (xorg) xorg-libxext (xorg) xorg-libxi (xorg)10:19
jaegerThis is freeglut now instead of freeglut-32?10:20
Romsterand of freeglut-32 with that hack to LDFLAGS finddeps freeglut-32 |xargs returns nothing...10:21
Romsterperhaps finddeps wont work with the other paths.10:21
jaegeryeah, it probably needs some work to support lib32, haven't looked into that10:22
Romsteryeah that one above is the 64bit one. jsut seeing what libs it links too perhaps one of them is missing the 32bit equivalent.10:22
Romsteri haven't had multilib issues before until i moved to it but in the past i've had wrong paths because of some dep pulled them in.10:22
Romsterso i'm thinking along the same lines here.10:23
Romster if that helps or not.10:24
Romsteri'm really stumped.10:26
jaegerlooks like mine =/10:26
jaegerdon't know :(10:26
Romsterneed to sleep later10:27
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jaegerAnyone else testing the multilib setup besides me and Romster? I'm curious what others think regarding using CC or CFLAGS to pass -m32/-m6415:16
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jaegerWho is in charge of the crux server these days? jue? teK_?15:57
teK_I sent an email to charlie15:59
jaegerok :)15:59
teK_the disk simply failed, I think15:59
jaegerseems that way, the system can't even see it now15:59
teK_hehe yes16:00
teK_btw: what's the matter with the data on sdd116:00
teK_seems to stem from 2010.. backup?16:00
jaegerI don't know, to be honest. Perhaps a backup from one of the upgrades16:01
teK_so we can use that to do backup for the poor..16:01
jaegerI don't know what's happened but now I can't build gcc anymore, using the CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS to set -m32/-m6417:53
jaegerperhaps I'll have to strip -m64 from CFLAGS manually in the gcc port17:56
jaegerboth of these methods have their pros and cons, I don't really like either one :(17:57
jaegerI have to say I'm leaning more towards using CC= and CXX= now, though17:58
jaegerok, stripping -m64 manually from CFLAGS solves that particular issue... what a pain18:19
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jaegerteK_: my x220 arrived a few hours ago today :) didn't have time to play with it earlier, though, had a birthday party to attend22:23

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