IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2011-12-23

Romsterneed to ask who ever committed it i guess.00:00
jaegersys.platform is "linux3" without it, just checked00:00
jaegerno idea what it breaks, though00:00
* Romster shrugs00:01
jaegeralso, as a warning, the bzip2-32 port is broken if -m32 is set in CFLAGS instead of CC. easy to fix, I will push it up to the repo when I'm sure this method is usable00:01
Romsteri thought it was todo with newer kernel version strings.00:01
Romsterand stable :D00:02
jaegerWell, sys.platform presumably gets set by checking what kernel version you're using00:02
jaegerso it's related, yes00:02
jaegerI just don't know what impact it has00:02
Romsterwouldn't hurt if some comment lines were added to a patch if there is a bug url for it.00:03
Romsteror some simple comment to say what it fixes.00:03
Romsterif it's not trivial looking, i tend to do that.00:03
jaegerseems like a good idea00:04
jaegerteK_: ever get elilo sorted out to your satisfaction?00:05
Romsterhe might be still asleep for another hour or so.00:18
jaegeryeah, just leaving it for him to see, I may not be up when he's around00:18
Romsteryeah damn time zones eh00:19
jaegerindeed :/00:19
Romsteri was thinking of some script to bump version strings from the official repo on all the multilib ones. good idea?00:20
Romsterso they at least track the versions.00:21
Romsterwont work for everything though.00:21
jaegeryeah, that's on my list of things to do, as well. haven't looked into it yet00:21
Romsteri might get to that during the holidays00:21
Romsteror at least manually report and see what the diffs are from previous version.00:25
jaegeryeah, I would still want to build and verify things before pushing changes, but it would be nice to see the difference00:25
Romsteryeah beats me why i needed them other two ports.00:32
jaegerI would guess a leftover 32-bit lib from your previous install but I don't know for sure00:33
jaegerman, I love how fast I can swap between X and console with KMS. It's a little thing but it's cool00:34
Romsterquite possible.00:34
Romsteri should move to KMS too i'm aware of it just effort.00:35
jaegerIt was easier than I expected to get set up in this case... on-CPU intel hd 3000 graphics00:35
jaegerjust had to set up a few kernel options, pretty much00:35
Romster interesting that firefox failed in chroot 32bit stock crux.00:36
Romsteri had a issue on my pentium D when i moved to newer kernel where two frambeffer drivers clashed and caused it to hang.00:37
jaegerline 9 makes me laugh00:37
jaegerwhat(): Error opening file00:37
Romsterwhere in the past it never did.00:37
jaegerthe intel kms and efifb conflict but efifb gracefully unloads itself, pretty nice00:38
Romsterfirefox thesedays -__-00:38
Romstermight of been because i had both compiled in and not as modules00:39
Romsterbut it wasn't an issue until kernel upgrade to 3.x00:39
Romstercould of been a regression but i haven't bothered to report00:39
jaegerwine just finished... only ports that gave me trouble were bzip2-32 and gdbm-32, both expected and both easy fixes00:41
Romsterisn't it like 3am there now jaeger ?00:41
jaegerIt's 00:41 currently00:41
jaegernow to test00:41
Romsterhrmm i'll retest wine later00:41
Romsterit'll probably work withotu but it may have reduced functionality, did configure complain of any thing missing other than the obvious sane and cups00:42
jaegera few things, though nothing strictly required00:43
jaegerseems to be working well00:45
Romsteri'm seriously considering getting starcraft2 that works well in wine so i've been told by fellow friends.00:45
Romsterwhat are you using wine for?00:46
Romstersc1 red alert2 sometimes office excel and bass box pro.00:46
jaegerWorld of Warcraft at the moment00:46
Romsterso that's ok in wine?00:47
jaegerIf you play it in opengl mode instead of d3d, it's great00:47
Romsterdirectx mode choppy graphics?00:48
Romsteror segfaults00:48
jaegerNot choppy but very buggy, texture problems and crashing00:48
Romsteryeah the Dx stuff needs more work and it has to translate all the calls so speed penalty00:49
Romsterone day DX will work ok00:49
jaegernice, even suspend to RAM works well00:50
jaegeralright, I'm going to bed, have a good night00:51
Romsterg'night jaeger00:54
pitillowrong window :D01:05
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teK_jaeger: it works01:58
teK_alhtough I didn't change a bit01:59
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juejaeger: we need the python patch, from a ports point of view we'll get different .footprints for linux 2.6 and 3.0 with it02:42
jueand every python program that uses sys.platform might be confused02:43
jueRomster: I wouldn't apply a patch without a strong reason, but you know that ;)02:44
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Romsterjue, yes i know that but i wasn't over sure what exactly it was fixing.02:47
Romsterhi mike_k_ did that change you are after, though i guess you seen the rss feed on it already02:49
teK_if you have a working sample grub2 conf I'm happy to include that in the wiki (as soon as I get around creating the tutorial)02:52
mike_k_Romster: thanks! (GoogleReader has some delays)03:47
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ente :D06:30
entesomeone get me some popcorn06:30
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* Romster hands ente butter popcorn06:35
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jaegerOk, gonna run through a bootstrap on the laptop with the update CFLAGS vs. CC setup; if that finishes, I'll push the changes into the multilib repos14:41
jaegerI guess has gone down14:44
jaegerI wonder if a second disk failed14:44
teK_thats fine14:44
teK_we're upgrading the disks right now14:44
jaegerAh, cool14:44
frinnstpoor charlie15:04
frinnstjust got a mail one of my servers no longer responds on snmp15:05
frinnstxmas eve tomorrow too.. joy15:05
frinnst(thats when we celebrate in sweden)15:05
teK_he's having fun with the server, disks, cables, me and his son in the data center =)15:05
jaegerWas the failure just a bad disk?15:06
teK_he figured out the right disk (1/4) just with the first try15:08
teK_we're rebooting / fscking right now15:08
teK_and they are talking swedish and then english again all the time15:09
teK_it's a bit hard to follow :D15:09
teK_md1 : active raid5 sdc5[3] sdb5[1] sda5[0] 20980608 blocks level 5, 64k chunk, algorithm 2 [3/2] [UU_] [==>..................]  recovery = 12.4% (1304576/10490304) finish=4.4min speed=34132K/sec15:15
teK_sdc[3]  (_3_) is okay, too?15:17
jaegernot sure what the 3 means15:19
teK_i bet before the change it said sdc[2] ;)15:19
teK_but it's rebuilding so I guess we're just fine15:20
teK_mdadm removed the faulty disk itself so I di not have any chance to do that anyway..15:20
teK_rebuilt \o/15:22
teK_% sudo mdadm --detail /dev/md1 | grep State\ : State : clean]15:23
jaegerah, the number in brackets should end up being n-1 or less15:23
jaegerin the case of 3-disk RAID5, they should be 0, 1, or 215:23
jaegerpresumably when the resyncs all finish15:23
teK_it is after rebuild, you're right15:23
jaegermd1 looks proper, md2 is delayed, and md3 in progress15:23
teK_awesome! :)15:23
teK_so I can go out with some friends :}15:24
jaegerhave fun :)15:24
teK_I'm going to announce + thank charlie tomorrow15:24
teK_christmas post \o/15:24
teK_so see youo later guys15:24
frinnstmy poor boss.. he lives just 50yards from our datacenter15:25
frinnsti sent him down to look at the console and see whats up :p15:25
frinnstand i just had a beer.. guess i'll need to jump on my bike in a few momentsd15:25
frinnstfucked up15:49
frinnst100% cpu everything died tcp/ip, everything.. still uses 100% in vmware15:49
frinnstreboot solved it15:50
frinnstfuck redhat15:50
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RomsterteK_, you mean mdadm failed the disk but you still have to issue remove before you unplug it.17:20
Romsterbe sure you got smartmontools setup to email disk failures if not done already and montyly long disk checks, and weekly short checks.17:22
Romsteri sure hope there is a backup of aswell that's current. i sure would hate to see everything gone.17:23
Romsterfrinnst, that's some weird shit there.17:24
jaegeron to stage 2 of the bootstrap, good deal19:34
Romstererr:d3d_surface:surface_allocate_surface >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GL_INVALID_OPERATION (0x502) from glTexImage2D @ surface.c / 257120:34
Romsterhmm starcraft1 has no screen but i here it running in the background20:34
Romsterit also messed up my pypanel after i exited...20:34
Romsterdamn it wont run even randomly hitting a button i cna't see by the sound hmm20:37
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Romsterhmm i had to untick pixel shadier in winecfg that always worked in the past.20:42
jaegerStill want me to add those two ports or did you end up not needing them?20:45
Romsteri haven't retested yet20:46
Romsterso hold off i'll test it later i got to go out now to setup a DJ rig for tonight.20:46
jaegerok, just let me know.20:46
Romstermy gut feeling is the functionality those two provide would be beneficial but i don't know what for yet.20:47
jaegerpossibly. I didn't add them because they weren't needed in my build but not against adding them at all20:47
Romsterthis thing is a bit laggy to be enjoyable to play.20:47
Romsterand i need to retest the ccache issue after your updates are pushed.20:48
jaegerI'll probably push them tonight, after this bootstrap finishes20:49
Romsteri might need todo a lean wineprefix i've had that one for quile a few wine versions.20:49
Romsterwell being xmas day tomorrow i'll probably not get to testing stuff until monday20:49
jaegerNot like there's a big rush anyway20:50
jaegerI think you and I are the only ones testing it anyway20:50
Romsterseems like it.20:50
Romsterit be cool once we iron the bugs out to have it as official crux if that's possible.20:50
jaegerI would like it to turn out that way, if there ends up being enough interest20:51
jaegerIf not, I'll still use it myself20:51
Romsterif not i know i'll keep using multilib myself.20:51
Romsterok got to go now i'll chat to you later.20:52
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jaegerRomster: ok, pushed those changes after the successful bootstrap23:21
jaegerI did not bump version numbers since the built stuff isn't really changing23:21
jaegerI may work on fixing the ports in which I manually renamed binaries instead of using --program-suffix tomorrow... if I don't have time then I'll do it next week most likely23:22

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