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juegood morning02:34
sepenps ax02:42
sepenoops, sorry02:42
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jueRomster: generating locales ->
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jueRomster: in the past we'd created all locales within the glibc port, but that took too much time/space so now you have to do it manually03:04
Romsteri thoguth we had all it's been a long time sinc ei've ran a stock crux systemwould you be keen on a locale file you uncomment the locales you want and run the post-install file?
juejaeger: the multilib stuff seems to be a bigger mess that I've thought03:06
Romsteri saw that part in the doc and went ugh03:06
Romsterwhat big mess it's jsut teething issues with the 32bit stuff03:07
Romstergot wine working fine now.03:07
Romsterhalf of it was my stupidity03:08
jueRomster: as I said already in the past, we cannot have *-install stuff for packages that are part of our iso03:11
Romsterso why are we lacking the UTF8 ones, when crux is meant to be taking on new technologies. The secondary focus is utilization of new Linux features and recent tools and libraries.03:11
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juewhy do we lack UTF8?03:11
Romsterbecause i see no utf8 in glibc03:11
jueI'm running with UTF8 here03:12
Romsterls /usr/share/i18n/locales/ |grep UTF03:13
Romsterand i know i must generate them.03:13
Romsterwouldn't the older ASCII set be depreciated and only use UTF8 now?03:13
Romsteri assume that's planned for crux 2.803:14
Romsterso i have to dig out the source file in glibc tarball to generate the map?03:15
Romsterwith that command?03:15
jueplease read the link I send you twice above03:17
Romsteri hwave read it and i'm looking at the man page of that command, -i is for the source file03:18
juefor you it should be something like 'localedef -i en_AU -f UTF-8 en_AU.utf8'03:18
Romsteroh ok this localedef command opens the file /usr/lib/locale/locale-archive to generate from, despite the confusing -i being source file.03:27
jueRomster: how are your tests with rc-ng going?03:37
Romsterlocaledef -i en_AU -f UTF-8 en_AU.UTF-803:37
Romsteri still don't see where the files go no error so i assume it worked.03:38
Romsteri haven't moved to it yet but i'll do that soon,been ironing bugs out of wine and stuff.03:38
Romsterone thing did come to my attention as a feature but i don't know if crux has it already: a /etc/env.d/ or simielr directory than to keep tacking enviorment variables into /etc/profile for each port that needs a var like java python03:40
juehmm, what do you need for python to run?03:41
RomsterPYTHONPATH MPD_HOST stuff like that.03:42
juenever used that myself03:42
Romstersome ports require some vars set and the README says to add them to to your system manually like in /etc/profile it be nice if it could be added the same was as how the new /etc/ works than tacking into the old
Romsteri'll gather some examples later of what vars and ports i have came across.03:44
jueyeah, show me some examples, but only those that are _really_ needed to run a package03:45
Romsteri've only came across a handful of them, but the thought occurred since new rc-ng is being tested03:46
Romsteri'm about to try it out soon.03:46
Romsterafter running localdef i don't see the file in /usr/share/i18n/locales/ either. i should be seeing a en_AU.UTF-803:47
jueyou can see all available locale with 'locale -a'03:53
juethe created locales are stored in /usr/lib/locale/locale-archive03:54
Romster disturbing errors03:55
Romsteroh so that's why i can't find them in that directory03:56
RomsterNo such file or directory, but those are vars not files or directories how strange. i know the locale stuff ididn't look at -a thinking i'm missing the file still -_-03:57
Romsterwell one way to see if this works set LANG and see what happens03:57
Romsterok will my system explode if i add this new rc and rejmege on a live system jue ? and reboot.04:04
jueRomster: looks like you've set LC_CTYPE etc. to something not generated on your system04:17
juerun 'locale' to see your settings04:18
Romsterok rebooting see if this works, yeah i hopefully fixed it but need to reboot to reset the values.04:18
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Romsterthat's more like it04:22
Romsterand i'm on the new rc04:22
Romsterfirst impressions sysfs already mounted, perhaps i don't need that in fstab anymore? second impression its a little slower not by much though, 3rd impression timeout for services that hang is a neat idea.04:23
Romsteri need to poke around the lvm/mdadm stuff see if it's been done the right way.04:24
Romsterand i wonder how this will behave if i makea missing mount line in fstab if it'll break badly or just throw a warning.04:25
Romsterthanskfor the help on the locales had me baffled for a while.04:26
juegood to see that the update works without greater issues even on your "not-so-default" system ;)04:26
Romsteri guess that's what happens when you got a auto-generation way of doing something.04:26
Romsterit's getting more default every day.04:27
Romsterwell to multilib at least.04:27
Romsterjaeger, and i have been nailing issues as you probably read in the backlog.04:27
Romsteryou would think i would know most of linux by now ugh.04:28
jueyeah, I've read the backlog04:28
Romsterlocales not fun if you forget how it all works04:28
Romsteranything else you want me to test in particular?04:29
Romsterother than the whole lvm/mdadm but that seems to be working flawlessly.04:29
Romsterthough time will tell.04:30
Romsteri still need to figure out why half my menu items in pekwm now wont work, yet will work if i launch them in a terminal04:40
Romsterone issue after another.04:40
Romsterhmm now my sound mixer has decided to change the default card on me.04:44
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jue.oO glibc 2.15 is out08:12
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frinnstlets hope it sucks less11:44
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juefrom udev NEWS: A writable /run directory (tmpfs) is required now for a fully functional udev12:52
jaegerI can't say that's surprising =/12:52
jueyeah, not really12:53
jueguess the next step will be to make it impossible to split / and /usr12:57
jueand finally a systemd dependency ;)12:58
jaegeryou jest but it's only a matter of time!12:58
jaegeryay, I get to build xulrunner again13:13
jaegereven with -j8 it takes a while13:13
jaegerAnyone in here using either device or home dir encryption? Curious about the details, like what software is used13:17
jaegerubuntu gives an option to "encrypt your home directory" during install, for example, but some things like truecrypt seem to be more about devices than directories13:18
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jaegercryptsetup works on top of dm-crypt, right?13:52
* jaeger kicks gjs13:53
jaegerbleh, can't make gjs play nicely14:17
jaegerah ha! broken .so symlink, you asshole14:23
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jaegerI was working on gnome3 ports earlier today20:12
jaegerGot gnome-shell to build after a lot of work but haven't built the rest or tested any of it yet20:13
jaegerprobably work more on that tomorrow20:13
Romsteri refuse to use systemd -_-20:13
Romsterso your making progress in gnome.20:14
jaegerthey finally made pulseaudio a hard requirement. I don't like that but oh well20:14
Romsterpulseaudio is also crap in my opinion and it's the same damn guy in udev pulseaudio systemd how is this person allowed to infiltrate everything20:15
Romstersaying is you don't have to use it, is not so true if your forced too use it, because of other peoples decisions.20:16
Romsterwhat happened to choosing what audio daemon you'd prefer to use?20:16
Romsteri should go and troll that damn dude and say why is he forcing this junk on us.20:17
Romstersystemd the end of being able to have a networked /usr mount20:18
Romsternot that i use that but i'm sure someone does.20:18
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