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juegood morning01:49
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jueRomster: what's reason for the 'make CC="${CC:-gcc}"' in netpbm?02:26
Romsterfor use with CC=ccache gcc02:29
Romstersince i can't use the other method of /usr/share/ccache in PATH as that's broken in multilib and CC='ccache gcc' works on the majority of ports except a few.02:30
Romsterif it's a problem i'll remove that bit.02:32
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jueTBH, I don't like that ;)02:38
Romsterall it does is convert the cc to use $CC got another way i can do it?02:38
Romsterit would be nic eif all ports respected system set CC02:38
Romsternice if*02:39
jueyeah, I know what it does, but most people don't need it and we should keep our ports as clean as possible02:39
juewell, there's already the additional in the port, no chance to set something there?02:41
Romsteri can make a patch in stead of that line.02:42
Romsteri might be able to set it in give me some time i got a visitor here currently02:42
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Romsterjue, fixed, it's been ages since i've messed with Makefiles I totally forgot how to do it the right way.08:02
jueRomster: great, thank you08:52
Romsteri know i took the easy way out of it.08:54
Romsterso many things to keep track of ya know.08:54
Romsteri noticed a ghostscript update bug fix release08:55
jueoops, 9.04 was released in August, I missed that09:00
juethanks Romster09:00
Romsteri missed sdl_gfx too since the old page is there but they moved to a new framework and url.09:04
Romster awesome bug report too. found with the help of a friend. i just confirmed and reported it.09:05
entelooks like the shell is broken, sorry :/09:20
entewell, if "$FOO" is expanded differently, and that fixes a linking bug?10:04
entedifferently than $FOO I mean10:04
Romsterit was using the value of CXX from pkgmk.conf10:11
Romsterand it would fail saying it couldn't find g++ -m64, I guess as if it was expecting the binary to be called g++ -m6410:11
Romsterthough that should be removed as it's not needed to set -m64 i'll pass that back to him.10:11
Romsterstill it's a trap for some unsuspecting person in future.10:12
Romsteri have had issues before with multiple args with spaces being treated as a string because of quotes, where removing quotes off the variable made it work correctly.10:12
Romsterbut that bug could equally happen if you had CXX='ccache g++'10:16
jueRomster: is the ccache thing still worth the trouble it makes nowadays?10:20
Romsteri've not have had any false error prone compiles with ccache for the past few years.10:21
Romsterit's pretty rock solid.10:21
Romsterit is a little slower on a first compile, but it goes like a bat out of hell on the second or more compile even with version bumps on say qt4 webkit firefox it'll be faster than without.10:22
Romsterconsidering i compile so damn much and i even recompile stuff to test that other dependencies updates haven't broken it10:23
Romsterwith all the stuff i do though i seem to hit the odd bugs.10:24
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teK_Romster: out of curiosity: how much time does your machine take to compile qt417:45
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jaegerRomster: are there no longer gstreamer-plugins ports?20:16
jaegerRomster: never mind, I see they are called gst-plugins-*20:19
Romsteryeah renamed ages ago.20:25
jaegerbeen some time since I needed to use gstreamer20:25
jaegerprobably back when I maintained gnome 2.3x20:25
Romstermost likely that's probably where i pinched them from :D20:26
jaegerstill working on gnome3 ports now, needed webkitgtk, which needed gst-plugins-base20:26
Romsteri thought about changing gstreamer to gst-plugins-base in contrib/webkit20:36
Romsterdoesn't seem to directly link to gst-plugins-base though.20:36
jaegerin webkitgtk's case it looks for the pkgconfig files in -base20:36
jaegerhaven't used webkit, though20:36
Romsteri didn't bother to name webkit as webkitgtk since we haven't got the qt webkit around.20:37
jaegerAre they the same thing? I haven't really looked at webkit20:37
jaegerhrmm, looks like they are20:37
jaegerguess I'll use that one, then, save some effort20:38
Romsteryes webkit in contrib is the gtk one.20:38
jaegerunless this one needs to link with gtk3... I'll let it finish and look at the libs, I guess20:38
Romsteris it worth renaming it to webkitgtk?20:38
jaegerI doubt it20:38
Romster/usr/ports/work/qt4/src/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.0/lib/ undefined reference to `QCLuceneTerm::QCLuceneTerm(QString const&, QString const&)'20:41
Romsterwonder what causes that i've unset CFLAGS CXXFLAGS20:41
jaegerno idea there, I haven't used qt in a long time20:41
Romsterhmm i might have some old traces of clucene on my system20:46
Romsterthis pkg-not does not find eveything20:46
Romstermight be tripping up on the libdir but i can't see how.20:46
jaegerIt does link against gtk3, which makes sense in gnome3/gnome-shell, I guess... so for now I'll hang onto my port20:47
Romsterjust copy one in contrib and edit it for gtk320:49
jaegerI had made mine before I even knew that one existed, heh20:49
Romsteri was thinking of a way to make gtk2 and gtk co-exist on my system20:49
jaegerDidn't realize it was not a separate software product20:49
Romsterhate when that happens you make a port only to realize you could of pinched it off someone else and edited it.20:51
jaegeryeah, I've done it quite a few times =/20:51
jaegersometimes I see it beforehand but not always20:51
Romsterwonder how many people would use gnome, when i fist installed crux gnome was broken so i went to kde3 back then20:54
jaegerIt took me and rrm3 both quite a long time to get a solid gnome ports set going for crux, then I kept it maintained for quite a while after he disappeared20:55
jaegerI don't think many people used it, though20:55
jaegerIt's very rare that anyone even asks about the unmaintained 2.3x ports20:55
Romsteri haven't seen any kde reports either.20:57
Romsteraon did kde and aon isn't maintaining anymore20:58
jaegerI thought it was someone else who maintained kde20:58
Romsterthat other guy that's running multilib now is building kde perhaps i could get him into kde repo20:58
jaegeralan mizrahi20:58
jaegerwho else is using multilib?20:59
Romsternogagplz in my channel #hvlinux20:59
Romsterwhich has turned out to be more of a socializing channel between friends.20:59
jaegernothing bad about that :)20:59
Romsternogagplc does  a little programming and is about at my calibre of knowledge21:00
Romsterryuo was a crux user but went to frugalware, arethusa is very knowledgeable in wine dev, programmer and general hanging out playing starcraft 2 with nogagplz and my brother has sc2 so i'm gonna get it and get on in the action too, i only got sc1.21:02
jaegersc2 work well in wine? I don't have either, not a big RTS gamer21:03
Romsterhmm this is the bug i'm hitting in qt4
Romsteri haven't tried it but i'll ask nogagplz21:05
Romstersc1 and red alert 2 works flawlessly21:05
Romster<nogagplz> with my new cpu I can play comfortably on ultra21:06
Romster<nogagplz> water and some backgrounds are broken though, video driver bug21:06
Romsternogagplz> but it doesn't affect gameplay21:06
Romsterhe has a i7 i'm on a phenom II 965 so i should be comfortable.21:07
jaeger looks promising21:07
jaegeryeah, I'd imagine so21:07
Romstermy Q6600 could do ultra in windows just fyi, wine on Q6600 shaders would kill it21:08
Romstersc2 is d3d alone21:09
Romsterdirectx translations to opengl is a pretty high overhead.21:09
Romsterif the game had opengl option it would run smoothly21:09
Romsteryeah i haven't looked at the appdb in some time.21:10
Romsterall i do in wine lately is set the winehq topic to the new wine version every 2-3 weeks.21:11
jaeger21m39s to build webkitgtk on my i5-2520m (laptop) without ccache21:11
Romsteri haven't timed it but i might after i sort out this qt4 issue.21:11
jaegerthat's using -j421:11
RomsterIf Qt was NOT previously installed before building Qt, then this error WILL occur.21:12
RomsterSo the problem boils down to the fact, that the building script erroneously tries to link against system wide, instead of locally built
Romsterwhy would any build system try to link to a system lib that's included in the tarball.21:12
jaegeroversight, presumably21:12
RomsterIn fact this bug is not fixed in Qt 4.7.0 if you build Qt with -no-rpath configure option.21:13
Romsterand in this version21:13
Romsterdespite being on a bug report in qt21:13
Romsteri'm always hitting these kinds of bugs21:13
Romsterlets see if this -no-rpath fixes it or i'll have to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH or something.21:16
Romsteri'm still learning linux inards.21:20
Romsteryou'd think i'd know it all by now.21:21
Romsternope rpath option did not work this better work though LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:$SRC/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-$version/lib make21:25
Romsterthis is why we need to have better testing done to find these issues.21:31
Romsterprt-get depinst qt4 as of now would fail.21:31
Romsteroh for god sake that line didn't fix it either.21:31
Romsterjaeger, freeglut-32 doing /usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible /usr/lib64/ when searching for -lm seems it does need LDFLAGS="-L/usr/lib32" on that port21:55
Romsteri had to do that on mine and nogagplz just confirmed the exact same issue.21:56
jaegerWhat you see in the repo is what's on my live system, there's still something funky on your system, I think22:02
jaegerNo idea what it is, though22:02
jaegerdo you have -m32 in your LDFLAGS?22:03
Romsternogagplz got the same issue as me22:04
Romsterusing the same code block for case...22:04
jaegerI don't know what to tell you, I can't reproduce it22:04
jaegerI've got it installed on 3 separate machines, too22:04
Romstersame as what  have22:06
Romsteri have*22:06
Romsteri sware the i key on this keyboard is dodgy22:06
jaegerhave you looked through the config.log or build log to see why it's trying to use the 64-bit version?22:06
Romsternot yet22:07
Romsteri'll paste the log soon22:07
jaeger <-- here's a build log from my system for reference22:09
jaegercan post the config.log as well if you want it22:09
Romster$ wgetpaste /usr/ports/work/freeglut-32/src/freeglut-2.6.0/config.log22:10
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
jaegersomething wrong with it finding X22:11
jaegeron line 688 I see X libs /usr/lib6422:11
Romsterwhy would it do that.22:12
jaegergood question, still looking22:12
Romster$ wgetpaste /usr/ports/work/freeglut-32/src/freeglut-2.6.0/configure22:13
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
jaegerline 691 also looks suspicious, as well as lines 723 and 72422:14
Romsteryou got -m32 in your CFLAGS ?22:15
Romsteri don't have that22:15
Romsteroh sorry i do for .32bit22:15
jaegeryes, I moved it to CFLAGS to avoid some of the ccache issues22:15
Romstersomething with imake or something i'm only guessing22:20
jaegerdoes /usr/lib32/pkgconfig/x11.pc look ok?22:20
jaegerby that I mean no /usr/lib or /usr/lib64 in it22:20
jaegeryay, I got a gnome session to start successfully22:21
jaegersome icons are missing but it's progress22:21
Romsteryeah that file looks fine22:23
jaegerhrmm, ok22:23
RomsterLibs: -L${libdir} -lX1122:23
jaegerhow about file /usr/lib32/ ?22:23
Romster/usr/lib32/ ELF 32-bit LSB shared object, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, stripped22:24
jaegerI wonder why it needs to add -R/usr/lib6422:25
jaegerI don't see any of that in my config.log22:25
Romsteri'll get nogagplz to paste his later.22:25
Romsterbeats me the configure script isn't clear where it's checking it from.22:26
jaegerit's very odd to me that it wants to use -R /usr/lib64 but gcc says -R isn't a valid option22:29
jaegermind pasting your gcc -v output and gcc -dumpspecs?22:29
Romsterdunno if that would help it should be the same as yours.22:33
jaegerit should be, just want to make sure22:33
jaegeryeah, I don't see anything obvious there22:34
Romsterit be be because i got some extra xorg modules installed?22:35
jaegerperhaps, though  if that's the case it's not at all obvious which one it might be22:37
Romsternoting to with imake templates? like /usr/lib/X11/config/Imake.tmpl22:40
jaegerNo clue there, I know nothing about imake =/22:41
Romsteri'm at a loss all iknow is the hackaround to get ti to work22:43
jaegerI'm out of ideas as well but I believe 100% that fixing the problem is better than working around it22:43
Romsterif we can find what's causing it.22:44
jaegeryeah, that's the bitch of it =(22:44
Romsteri've rebuilt all my packages to be sure it's not some linking error22:44
Romsterya know getting a SSD disk and reinstalling from scratch seems enticing right about now.22:45
jaegerDo you have access to virtualbox or vmware or something similar? I'm curious if you did a fresh install there if you'd run into it again22:45
Romsteri got vbox here yes22:45
Romsteri can give that a try22:45
jaegerIt's a lot of work but it would possibly answer part of the question22:45
jaegerif you do a fresh install and the problem occurs, it's a difference between *something* you and I have configured or installed22:46
Romsterlots of compiling :D22:46
jaegerif you do a fresh install and it's gone, then something leftover22:46
Romsteryeah i'm pretty sure i've cleaned up the leftovers.22:46
jaegerI suppose it might be possible to see exactly what configure is doing with an strace -f but that's a lot of shit to read22:47
jaegerwith no guarantee it'll help22:47
Romstervirtualbox nees qt4 that wont build -_-22:47
jaegerheh, true22:47
Romstermight just grab the qt4 binary off sepens site.22:47
* jaeger sighs22:47
jaegeranother question - is your friend's install built the same way as yours?22:48
Romsteri'll use this for now
Romsterpretty much, though i think he made a new root partition and installed fresh of the iso22:48
Romsterthan what i did to remove old ports and install multilib over it all.22:48
jaegerdoes he use ccache as well?22:49
Romsterhaven't asked.22:49
Romsterthough i very much doubt that to be the cause.22:51
Romsterfetching qt422:51
Romsteri can probably rebuild qt4 after it's installed.22:51
Romsterdamn thing, even that LD_LIBRARY_PATH didn't help it22:51
Romstermight be some dep that isn't being built first.22:52
Romsteri keep finding too many darn bugs22:53
Romsteralso good work on gnome getting gnome-session to work.22:53
jaegerIt's still got a long way to go but making progress22:53
jaegerhrm... I wonder why glib-networking puts gio modules in /lib but some other things put them in /usr/lib23:06
jaegergah, can't figure out how to make dconf use anything but the fucking 'memory' backend, which is completely useless23:28
jaegerhah! I win23:47
* jaeger kicks gsettings in the ass23:47
Romsterglib-networking follows glib's path and that got changed recently to /lib than /usr/lib23:57
Romsterwhen it got moved to core23:57
Romsterdconf now what happened to gconf?23:57

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