IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2011-12-29

jaegerI moved dconf's and gconf's gio modules manually to fix that00:00
jaegerwish I knew, man00:00
jaegergnome's such a moving target00:01
jaegeranyway, time to sleep, will work more on it in the morning00:09
Romsterk g'night jaeger00:19
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jaegeroccasionally it still won't start properly, haven't figured that out yet... but the basics are there10:44
Romsterhow much effort to get that far?10:45
jaegerquite a lot... making the ports is pretty simple, it's figuring out the underlying crap that's hard10:45
jaegerdbus/polkit/consolekit stuff, XDG dirs, etc.10:46
Romstergnome keeps changing so rapidly and it's got so many more parts to it than kde.10:47
jaegeryeah, it's a mess. I like it far better than KDE, though, even as messy as it is10:47
jaegerXFCE is pretty nice, too, a good compromise10:47
Romsterand light weight10:48
Romsteri've been on pekwm for a number of years now.10:48
jaegerI used to use gnome all the time, mostly been using openbox or windowlab lately10:49
jaegerI want to go back to gnome, though10:49
Romstertried fvwm and icewm trying to get a windows theme going heh, back after i stopped using kde10:50
juenever tried a tiling wm?10:50
Romsternot that i'm aware of except twm in a short amount of time.10:51
jaegerI played with ratpoison a bit, kinda neat10:51
jaegerI didn't like it enough to switch to it entirely but I like the concept10:51
jueI'm using scrotwm quite some time now, I like it much more than ratpoison10:52
jueit's more or less a copy of the ghc thing, don't remember the name right now10:52
jaegerhaven't used that one, myself10:53
jueahh, I meant xmonad10:53
jaegerheard the name, never used it10:53
Romsterxmonad coded in haskell10:54
Romsterremember reading about that10:54
jueyeah, that's what I meant with 'ghc thing' ;)10:55
Romsterknew what you meant.10:55
Romstermight try a tiling wm at some point and see all the rave of it.10:56
jueat all I'm pretty happy with scrotwm10:56
Romstermight try that one since jue is happy with it <_<10:57
jueit's simple, tiny and coded in a 'normal' language10:57
juewell, the beginning is a bit hard if you swith to a tiling wm10:58
juebut after some time and endurance it works better for many people10:58
Romsteri'm constantly switching focus and tabs10:59
Romsterand virtual desktops on top of that10:59
jaegerI have to admit I do like a bit more eye candy than tiling WMs give11:00
jaegernot the point of their design11:00
Romster1st for normal stuff 2nd for gateway monitoring etc 3rd for choots and testing ports.11:00
Romster4am again time for sleep, i'll read the backlog when i wake up as per usual, being used to pekwm for so long might make it hard for me to change too., g'night11:02
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