IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2011-12-30

Romsterjaeger, i know why so many guides say to add -m32 to CC and CXX it's because so many devs do not add $(LDFLAGS) to there $(LD) commands.04:53
Romsterthey do it for everything but the -shared ones... no idea why.04:53
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jaegeryeah, very odd07:44
Romster messy still but that's the majority of wine optional deps plus a couple of other ports.09:37
jaegerToday I get to mess with PAM... oh boy :P10:12
jaegerseems like consolekit is useless without it10:12
jaegerwhich makes gnome3 lose a lot of functionality10:12
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* frinnst slaps teK_ 11:13
jaegerwell, got pam configured correctly for shadow, sudo, and openssh12:21
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jaegerI concur.12:26
jaegerhrmm, I should make another backup image of my laptop drive with all these changes12:26
enteso... crux goes pam now?13:03
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jaegerOnly if you want it to13:05
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* teK_ slaps back frinnst 15:02
teK_Romster: welcome to the x86_64 versions of opt/contrib15:03
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Romsterthank you teK_ frinnst18:58
frinnstNOW GET TO WORK!19:09
Romsternext year i got to go very soon to lunch and setup a dj rig and party later19:11
frinnsthave fun19:12
Romsterso after all that and the hangover and packing gear up i can start.19:13

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