IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2011-12-31

Romsterfrinnst, so ports that have Arch maintianer are whos in charge of that port, so frinnst could you bump your ccache port alternatively why is that there i see no major changes to the one in opt?01:29
Romsternd there is glib still in opt-x86-64 than in core.01:32
Romsterxulrunner still ?01:32
Romsterare you copying everything than to have opt below opt-x86-6401:34
Romsterlibdevmapper in opt isn't that meant to be in core.01:35
Romsterthis is in a bigger mess than i first thought. how do i proceed?01:36
juegood morning01:41
Romstermorning jue01:42
Romsterlast day of 201101:42
frinnstwhat are you talking about? ccache isnt in any x86_64 repo04:16
frinnstand neither is libdevmapper04:16
frinnstare you in the right branch?04:17
Romstergit clone git://
Romsterhrmm on master branch i totally forgot to get the branch's and switch to it.04:20
Romsterah much better sorry my fault i was on master and not origin/2.704:22
Romsteri feel like a dill now.04:22
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