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Romsterthere is a issue in /usr/share/aclocal/libtool.m4 for multilib jaeger00:07
Romsterccache gcc -shared  .libs/glitz_glx_drawable.o .libs/glitz_glx_format.o .libs/glitz_glx_info.o .libs/glitz_glx_extension.o .libs/glitz_glx_context.o .libs/glitz_glx_pbuffer.o  -Wl,--rpath -Wl,/usr/ports/work/glitz-32/src/glitz-0.5.6/src/.libs /usr/ports/work/glitz-32/src/glitz-0.5.6/src/.libs/ -L/usr/lib64 /usr/lib/ -L/usr/lib -lGL -lpthread  -march=amdfam10 -m32 -m32 -Wl,-soname -Wl, -o .libs/libglitz-glx.s00:08
Romster/usr/lib/ could not read symbols: File in wrong format00:08
Romsteri hit stuff like this pretty commonly when i'm building 32bit. seems some lines don't have the $LDFLAGS to pass the -m32 to the linker.00:08
Romsteror i'm missing something bigger that's meant to change when doing multilib.00:09
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Romsterstill hitting this checking for X... libraries /usr/lib64, headers issue on 32bit hmm00:39
Romstersorted the other problem with a quick hack for the time being00:40
Romstersed -i -e 's/$CC -shared/& $LDFLAGS/g' configure00:40
Romsteraha here is my /other/ problem
Romsteryou should check your system too jaeger jsut in case you got any like that.00:54
Romsterah this is why i need LDFLAGS="-L/usr/lib32" in freeglut-32 beacuse the path is messed up and in doing that i still have lib64 references later in that file.01:24
RomsterPKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR is a pkg-config var i need something for libtool to do the same task.04:12
Romsterjaeger, solved it i had to add autoreconf -vfi to freeglut-32 as it's got a older pkg.m4 that did not have any reference to PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR04:40
jaegerRomster: I'm still positive there's a leftover problem, maybe from the 32-bit to 64-bit conversion... because all of the solutions or workarounds so far are based on a problem I can't duplicate10:06
jaegerfrom either a fresh install or a pure64 to multilib conversion10:06
jaegerSo I'm not comfortable adding a fix until we know where the actual root of the problem is10:07
Romsterwell it's from freeglut-32 itself i looked at every dependency it pulls in none have 64bit.10:12
Romsteronce i updated the aclocal stuff it was fine.10:13
Romsterthat removed that lib64 that wasn't meant to be there. that older version has no PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR so it was linking ot xorg 64bit than to look at the 32bit path.10:14
Romsteri've made a patch so you don't have to add any autoreconf stuff.
Romsterthough it might be better with the smaller changes i've done then use autoreconf in the Pkgfile these patches are quite large.10:16
jaegerI understand that you're talking about freeglut-32 specifically but you're missing my point10:17
jaegerA problem that you have but I cannot duplicate means there is something fundamentally different about our installs10:17
Romsterso when you install freeglut-32 do you get a lib64 in your la file?10:18
Romsteri've already removed all other rogue files off this system, so your basically saying until i install fresh you wont accept anything.10:19
jaegerI'll paste it if you like, but no lib64 in it10:19
Romsterit's generated in that port on my system.10:19
jaegerThis proves what I was trying to say10:20
jaegerthere's still something different going on beneath the port10:20
Romsteroh never mind like talking to a brick wall. but i get what your saying i may as well get that SSD and redo my entire thing.10:20
Romsteri've been going though heaps of darn files reviewing everything.10:20
jaegerI'm sorry you feel that I'm like a brick wall, but I do NOT believe in hacking problems rather than solving them10:20
Romsterhacking freeglut lacks PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR10:21
Romsteris that not a problem?10:21
jaegerthat is, but it's only part of the overlying issue10:21
jaegerIf that were all it was, I'd have to do the same thing you have to get it working, which I don't10:22
Romsterhow can it find the 32bit pkg-config when it does not support PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR, that's the point i'm making regardless of your system is ok and mine seems to link differently.10:22
Romsteri'll re-install fresh later on.10:22
Romsternot looking forwared to it.10:22
jaegerLDFLAGS containing -m32 is part of it but that still feels hackish10:23
Romsterhackish setting LDFLAGS?10:23
Romsteractaulyl thining about it why can't the linker that says i686 not know to add in -m32 on it's own.10:24
jaegerto me it feels that way... I would think that autotools testing gcc and ld would figure that out without explicitly specifying it10:24
Romsteractually thinking* i don't get that.10:24
jaegerI wonder if the problem is in libtool itself or in one of freeglut's dependencies10:24
Romsterdunno but sorry if i feel frustrated about the whole thing.10:25
jaegerI understand your frustration and it sucks. With that said, you've got a very odd setup going there10:25
Romsterthought i'm doing it the right way by updating the build scripts and it's not just a matter of running some commands job done, i had to add/edit a few things.10:25
Romsterhad to remember what i used to do with this stuff.10:26
Romsteri installed off the iso i wouldn't think it would vary that much.10:27
jaegeryou mentioned pkg.m4 up above, did you mean the pkg-config one or freeglut's? I don't see one in the freeglut source10:27
Romsterbut i want a SSD for root so i'l do it that way and install fresh again.10:27
Romsterpkg-config one.10:27
jaegervindication/jaeger ~/freeglut-2.6.0 $ grep -i libdir /usr/share/aclocal/pkg.m410:28
jaegerAC_ARG_VAR([PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR], [path overriding pkg-config's built-in search path])10:28
jaegerI don't know much about m4 at all but it does at least reference PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR10:28
Romsterthe $(CC) -shared lines have no $(LDFLAGS) on the line but then again why can't LD see it's 32bit and still go ahead10:28
Romsteryeah that does but not in freegluts soruces it's build system is based on a older autotools.10:29
jaegerthat's the part that was confusing me, there's no pkg.m4 in freeglut's source, do you mean aclocal.m4?10:29
Romsteri'm really thinking it's because i got so many extra ports installed compared to you.10:29
Romsterhmm i don't know now, probably was aclocal.m410:30
Romsteri've just been going tough tons of files the last 6 or so hours.10:30
jaegerI've definitely seen the lack of LDFLAGS in the CC -shared lines in some ports but freeglut-32 wasn't one that I had to patch10:31
jaegervery odd10:31
Romsterand i just called it quits for tonight earlier as i was starting to make mistakes with all the -32 bit ports i'm working on.
Romsteri did do a hacky around it in another port by seding the -shared to -shared $(LDFLAGS) but then i thought no this to hackey and i started updating the autotools on them ports then they build ok and them sed fixes in the *.la files are not needed anymore to remove such paths as $name-$version10:33
jaegerI would guess (maybe this is wrong) that when freeglut is building the autotools pick up the system-wide m4 files as well, is that incorrect?10:33
jaegerso the references in pkg.m4 to PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR would be inherited10:33
Romsterno only if you libtoolize --copy --force10:34
jaegerhrmm, ok10:34
Romsterelse it uses whats in the port as is.10:34
Romsterand then autoreconf -vfi10:34
RomsterConsider adding `AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR([m4])' to and10:35
RomsterConsider adding `-I m4' to ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS in
Romsterusually ensues10:35
Romsterand then some other things can break and need to be fixed if your unlucky.10:35
Romsteri'm no expert with this stuff but i know enough to fix most issues.10:35
jaegerI just wish I knew where the issue was really starting =/10:36
Romsteri don't know guess in the short term i can try this in virtualbox.10:36
Romsterand see if i'm going insane or not about my system.10:37
jaegerDefinitely worth a try10:37
Romsteryou can see i've been definitely busywith ports trying to get everything to work with the least amount of ugly hacks as possible.10:38
Romstersome of them ports still aren't done yet. hope your having more luck with gnome.10:39
jaegerI haven't worked on anything crux this weekend yet, been sick :(10:39
Romsterbtw some of them -32 ports are for some emulators10:39
Romsteroh sorry to hear. flu or something?10:39
jaegerI did make some decent progress on gnome3 on friday10:39
jaegeryeah, seems to be flu10:39
Romsterget the vitamin C heaps of onion and garlic. horseradish, that's what i do and before you know it it'll be gone.10:40
Romsterok if someone doesn't like garlic breath can't do much about that though. but it definitely helps.10:41
Romsteroh and honey lemon juice in hot water10:41
Romsterfor the throat.10:41
Romsteri got some slipery elm bark here too horrible stuff but it fixes a upset stomach like you wouldn't believe. natural remedies.10:42
Romsteri'm a big fan of them10:43
Romsteri haven't taken any painkillers in years believe it or not.10:43
jaegerI like some of them... for example local honey for allergies10:43
Romsteri do have some hay fever medication though i get that pretty bad.10:44
jaegerHaven't figured out yet why NetworkManager can see the wireless card but not make any use of it10:53
Romsterhmm no idea there you could try wicd11:02
jaegerdoh, gotta go jumpstart someone's car, back later11:10
Romsterk i'm off to sleep anyways 4:10am11:11
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