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teK_Romster: will fix that as soon as I get back home02:50
teK_(ETA +-5 hours)02:50
Romsterthanks teK_02:52
acruxsepen: thanks04:43
sepenacrux: np05:00
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jaegerteK_: openvpn 2.2.2 is available08:52
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juejaeger: I'm on the way to test your iso in vbox, would be great if you could share your kernel-config09:25
jaegerconveniently I just built one in vbox yesterday, give me a min to upload it09:26
Romster perhaps?09:26
jaegerI didn't include every driver in this one that virtualbox can use but quite a few of them09:30
juecool, thanks jaeger09:31
jaegerafter you install make sure to update pkgutils and ports, can't remember if I bumped the release variable on them09:32
Romsterand rejmerge09:33
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mavrick61Everything seems to be as usual on this channel12:26
pitillohey mavrick61, lately there is some movement12:29
mavrick61But almost same pepole here.. Or?12:30
pitilloyep, that's true :)12:32
mavrick61I have been busy installing an extensive network and computer systems in the new football arena here in Kalmar12:35
mavrick61But I managed to get some hours over so we could fix the broken the hard disk in the Crux server.12:38
mavrick61Strange that disk was not so old.. Jaeger and I replaced all disk in the disk-RAID 2010-04-17.12:40
pitillosounds interesting and hard work. And that's true, the disks aren't so old12:47
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jaegermavrick61: hey, long time no see :)15:19
jaegerjue: did that kernel config work for you?15:31
jaeger(assuming you've tried it already)15:31
jaegerIf you haven't yet, no problem15:32
teK_Romster: pushing should work for you now18:14
teK_thanks jaeger, pushed.18:17
jaegerteK_: thanks :)18:19
jaegerhrmm, time to bootstrap a new multilib ISO, I think18:21
teK_mavrick61: which disk in the server should be broken? I thought we/you replaced it on Dec 23th ;)18:22
teK_brb (~8hours)18:22
jaeger8 hours is brb? hehe18:22
jaegergreat, now glibc-32 doesn't want to build... bleh18:42
jaegergonna have to force CC/CXX for glibc-32, looks like18:57
jaegerAnyone have trouble building libtirpc since the automake update?20:22
jaegerrunning aclocal fixes it20:23
Romsteryeah i noticed glibc-32 and glib among a few others have failed to compile some stuff wont compile with -flto either so i'm weeding out those ones.20:48
RomsterteK_, now it's another file on the remote end error: unable to create temporary sha1 filename ./objects/b8: File exists20:50
Romstersurely there is a more permant way to fix that, never see it on the official git trees opt and contrib.20:50
jaegerI didn't run into problems with glib, though I'll keep an eye out20:54
Romsteri think some of my problems with glib glib-32 and libgmp that i noticed ages ago is from my -march=amdfam10 it did work with i686 and x86_64 so it can't handle the sse, sse2 and all the other stuff being enabled.21:03
Romsterso may need to force -march=x86_64 on them few ports.21:03
Romsterhmm does yasm even have a -O PIC option anymore? how do i pass PIC to yasm21:20
Romster     09 Oct 2008 18:29 This release adds 64-bit Mach-O PIC support, --prefix and --suffix options for naming globals...21:21
Romsterbut -O is not in the man yasm page.21:21
Romsternor in yasm --help21:22
Romster that's ther but why they didn't include it in the man page or --help very strange.21:30
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Romsterby the looks of it, it should do it transparently for -m amd6421:51
Romsterhi mavrick61 hows work treating you? I work in IT and I've seen many hard disks of lately that have failed due to many causes. Most cases the users have no backups so i've been recovering nearly all of all users important files with ddrescue. no one else at work knows linux besides me apparently.21:53

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