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juesepen: I'm still searching for testers of Michal Soltys' rc-ng ;)04:55
sepenwell I could test that on my esx box here04:56
juewould be great, it's in my private repo04:57
pitilloI haven't found any problems here with a user level use (no hard setups). More complex than the older one, but if it gives better performance/compability for harder setups, it couuld be great04:57
sepensorry I a bit lost with that, could you tell me a reference to read?04:57
pitillosepen: there is a good discussion in the ML04:58
Romsteri'm using it.04:58
juehttpup sync rc04:58
sepenok, thanks04:58
juesepen: it's important to rejmerge after the update04:59
sepenpitillo: thansk, this link is the one I was looking for05:01
Romsteri sure hope we wont move to systemd05:02
Romsterstill using sysvinit even with them rc-ng scripts.05:03
jueas long as we can prevent it, I fear that sooner or later systemd becomes a dependency of udev :(05:05
Romsteroh gawd no.05:10
Romsterfork udev -_-05:10
sepenanyways I think that rc-ng is rather complicated compared to our current one05:12
sepenand CRUX used to be KISS05:13
Romsteri do like the idea of init hook directories and the time limit on rouge services not hanging the system but i haven't dug into it alot more yet05:13
sepenjue: did you plain to include this stuff for next 2.8? I think that we have a lot of fronts to deal with05:22
sepenan irc meeting would be ok too05:23
juesepen: yeah, it's more complicated#05:26
juebut the code looks very nice and it deals much better with the whole md/raid stuff05:27
Romsteri was using gcc 4.6.x not many problems there other than some stuff needed some flags patched in some ports.05:27
Romsteri'm still concerned with glibc breaking other stuff.05:28
Romsteroh i should test glib too you intend to commit it jue if everything it's ok on libsoup webkit etc here on my system?05:29
Romsteror you need more testing than that?05:29
frinnstRomster: is qt4 buildable on your gcc 4.6 system?05:29
juesepen: and yes, we should have a irc meeting but maybe after some discussion on crux-devel05:30
Romster4.7.3 worked frinnst05:30
sepenjue: please, let me more time to study how rc-ng works really05:30
Romsterhaven't tested newer stuff05:30
juesepen: sure, we are not in hurry ;)05:31
sepenjue: ok, iirc tilman was really busy nowadays05:31
jueyeah, that's right05:31
Romsteri have noticed :/05:32
sepenthere are some ideas from /etc/rc.engine/ that reminds me to fedora /etc/sysconfig/ :D05:37
Romsterperhaps ideas originated from there?05:39
jueRomster: wrt glib, already updated to 2.30.2?05:56
Romsteri haven't yet but i plan too.06:00
Romsterwhich means bumping cairo pango libsoup gtkmm atkmm all them type ports too.06:01
juesepen: could you explain what you mean with 'lot of fronts to deal with', please?06:02
jueRomster: why that?06:02
sepensepen: sorry, I wanted to mean that we have a lot of important changes in TODO2806:06
jueindeed, particularly the glibc situation is more than annoying06:07
Romsterglib version branch has to match up on all of them too no?06:08
sepenjue: yes, glibc06:09
jueRomster: no06:10
Romsterok less effort then i'll bump that shortly06:11
Romstersepen, vte requires xorg-libxdamage else it fails to compile06:11
sepenah thanks06:15
Romsteri've been sing a few that either need xorg-libxdamage or intltool06:17
sepenirrc, intlttol06:18
Romsterseeing not sing06:18
juesepen: he means the #crux logs from yesterday06:34
sepenhis conversation with Romster?06:35
jueI think so06:35
sepenI read it before nothing06:35
sepenand that reforces my opinion06:35
sepenso I said 'which logs??' :D06:36
jueok :)06:36
sepen09:40:22 <tnut1> it's possible to customise really to what you want at the installation phase06:36
sepenand with CRUX :D06:36
sepen09:49:14 <tnut1> you can either install NuTyX with GRUB or install only GRUB or install only NuTyX06:37
sepenand with CRUX :D06:37
sepenstill I can't see any feature that CRUX can't handle06:37
sepennah, I wasting my time06:37
sepenand yours, sorry06:37
Romsteri can't see anything worth while in nutyx either, but if he wants to keep doing it that's his time, wont argue with that.06:40
Romstertnut> I will stay connected and answer this evening <- answer what when he says he wont talk about it and see the log.07:19
jaegerafter playing with gnome 3 some more it's definitely not my style08:53
jaegerI think I will try harder to make XFCE look a bit nicer08:55
Romsterso your giving up on gnome then?08:57
jaegerNot sure, to be honest. I don't like GNOME 3 and its fallback session quite enough to maintain ports for it08:58
jaegerI could try to build 2.32 again but I'm not sure that's worth the effort08:58
jaegerI doubt GNOME 2 will ever be updated again08:58
rmullMaybe it'll be forked and continue to be supported08:58
rmullA la kde308:58
Romsterread about that on kde308:59
rmullI forget the name of the project, though08:59
jaegerthere's already a fork called MATE but the author's website is terrible08:59
jaegerNot sure I'd want to use that08:59
Romsterseems to happen on most projects they seem to be good for awhile then go downhill08:59
jaegerit blows my mind that anyone liked KDE3 well enough to preserve it, heh09:01
jaegerwith that said, I'm sure there are people who think the same of gnome 209:01
rmulljaeger: I'm sure a lot of it was motivated by the "early" transition from kde3 to 409:02
rmullkde4 had a lot of bugs early on, so people were getting pissed09:02
Romsteryeah you never know someone might fork gnome209:02
rmullPlus, everyone is afraid of change09:02
frinnstsomeone did09:02
frinnstdont remember what they called it09:03
frinnstoh, right09:03
frinnsti should stop responding to the last line before reading the previous 509:03
jaegerThe MATE author's "GNU MAD" logo on the MATE website is enough to make me never use that shit09:03
jaegeryeah, that's the one09:04
rmullIt's actually MATÉ, con accento ;)09:05
Romsterwasn't aware of that one, mate though trinity sounds cool but mate...09:05
jaegerMakes me think matalo!09:06
sepen--> mátalo (esdrújula:
sepenone of the most dificult things on spanish is accentuation, like french imho09:15
rmullViva la esperanto09:16
rmullWhere the accent is always on the second to last syllable09:16
rmullSaluton! Kiel vi fartas?09:16
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jaegerhrmm, getting footprint mismatch on xfce4-session11:25
jaegermissing libxfsm-logout-plugin11:25
jaegerAnyone have xfce4 installed who can tell me what libs are linked in /usr/lib/xfce4/panel/plugins/
jaegermaybe I'm missing a dep that isn't listed11:28
jaegeroh, oops, I get it. xfce4-panel should be built before xfce4-session11:33
Romstermissing dep on depends on line?19:23
jaegerI didn't look closer at it, probably should so I can tell sepen19:30
Romsterwell if oyu got it all installed i just use finddeps to find what deps it links too.19:37
Romsterand see what's listed in the Depends on line19:37
Romsteri'm still yawning had my coffee.19:37
Romsterfixed niklaswe's port dunno why i did, guess the challenge of it got to me.19:38
Romsterstrange that i can't register on steam as as soon as i hit the create new account it seems to exit.19:38
Romsterso i'll go on the website to register.19:38
Romsternot a fan of steam but there is team fortress 2 for free play.19:39
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Romsterjue, ok i bumped glib-networking libsoup gdk-pixbuf along with your glib and libffi now rebuilding what depends on glib to be sore of no broken links.21:20
Romsterhmmi better rebuild webkit after too.21:20
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Romsterhmm i can't get atk to compile22:23
Romstererror: expected '=', ',', ';', 'asm' or '__attribute__' before 'gchar'22:24
RomsterG_CONST_RETURN gchar* atk_state_type_get_name   (AtkStateType type);22:27
jaegeracrux: got a friend asking me about cruxppc22:40
jaeger21:59 < jdetring> jaeger: What's the status of the CRUX PowerPC build of Firefox (or moral equivalent)?22:40
jaeger21:59 < jdetring> You guys building 9 yet?22:40
jaegerI'm looking at viewvc and it seems to be 3.6.2522:41
Romsteri can't find any defines to allow depreciated code yet :/22:50
Romsterah found it22:52
Romsterunicode.c:56:7: error: 'G_UNICODE_COMBINING_MARK' undeclared (first use in this function)22:56
Romsterthen i get that.22:56
Romsterscrew the glib update22:56
Romsterit's going to be awhile for everyone to catch up to glib's changes.23:00
Romsterguess they prefer that older version23:07

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