IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2012-01-11

frinnsti think i need to revisit grub again.. i did a make && make modules_install && make install && reboot when updating a kernel a few days ago03:01
frinnstbooted into lots of 1's :)03:02
RomsterteK_, i still can not git pus to opt-x86_64 :/04:07
Romstererror: unpack failed: unpacker exited with error code04:07
Romstererror: unable to create temporary sha1 filename ./objects/b8: File exists04:07
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frinnstnice: Mozilla Announces Long Term Support Version of Firefox08:12
frinnstbut crux should probably stay with the current stable branch, no?08:13
Romsterwhat version i thought they removed verison numbers already :D08:15
Romsternot loading for me yet at least.08:20
jueQ: who is responsible for our port-db, for adding and removing repos?08:23 loads so far.08:24
Romsterum i think sepen was doing that.08:24
jueok, thanks08:25
Romsterthe link in port-db goes to sepen08:25
Romsterfor emails.08:25
jueI'll assign FS#788 to him08:25
Romsterhmm 789...08:30
Romsterthought we were meant to be lean on dependencies.08:34
Romsteri was going to edit something in my firewall now i forgot ugh.08:36
Romsterah yeah ICMP type 3 code 4 i probably got my flood limits too strict messing up path MTU discovery.08:40
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jaegerwoot, booted the multilib CD via UEFI now12:18
teK_ !12:18
jaegergrub2 *still* refuses to find its config file, though12:18
jaegerIf I load it manually with the 'configfile' command it works fine :P12:19
teK_sounds legit m(12:19
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jaegerman, I cannot figure out where the hell it wants the config file13:04
teK_maybe you could add debugging statements?13:05
teK_to the code13:05
jaegermay have to =/13:06
jaegerhrmm, don't think my C skills are up to that14:00
jaegerI think at this point it's a problem with grub, not my setup14:20
jaegerI've tried every possibility I can think of as far as layout goes, as well as changing the prefix or leaving it completely empty, no luck whatsoever14:21
jaegerIt loads the config fine if I specify it manually in the grub shell but it absolutely cannot/will not find it on its own14:21
jaegerI wonder if elilo or syslinux support CD EFI booting14:27
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Romsterjaeger, i just tried git:// clone and it went fine.19:08
Romsterjust the crux site maybe some router between that and me i really don't know.19:09
Romsterit was working last night when i pushed but then i had other issues and i altered stuff so beats me19:09
jaegerno idea here, perhaps I just got lucky and pulled at the right time19:10
Romstersome packet loss at hop 14 but only mild less than 5%19:12
Romsteri'll just try it later.19:13
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jaegerok, time to de-gnome and de-pam my laptop22:45

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