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jaegerShould I create flyspray tasks for the grub automake issue and udev cd/net rules?07:48
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pitillojaeger: it could be great to get some info from maintainers/users. May be a mail to the ML instead can be a good idea too, just to share your info about them and get feedback/opinions. Good alternatives if there isn't a reply here07:55
pitillothat's only an opinion, I prefer to talk things and see other's point of view instead of doing things directly07:55
jaegerThat would be the point of the flyspray task/bug but I have no preference07:55
Romsteri was wondering why the eject command said Inappropriate ioctl for device07:57
jaegersepen: Any idea why my $TERM setting in xfce's Terminal doesn't work?08:07
jaegersepen: I set it to xterm-256color but my $TERM variable is always xterm08:08
jaegerif I manually set it to xter-256color it works but not through Terminal's settings08:08
sepenhmmm did you tried with the settings-manager directly?08:25
jaegersettings manager doesn't show terminal settings, am I missing a package?08:27
sepenjaeger: where do you set the $TERM setting?08:27
sepenor how can I reproduce the issue?08:27
jaegerin Terminal's menus - Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> $TERM setting:08:27
sepenok, I'm still using mrxvt, also in xfce's desktop08:28
jaegerhrmm, not much info there but looks similar08:31
sepenalso I'm a bit confused, COLORTERM=Terminal08:32
jaegerI don't mind manually setting it for now but I wanted to check if you saw the same08:32
jaegersince you're using a different terminal, though, I guess it doesn't matter08:32
sepenjaeger: sorry, I used to configure terms through .profile, etc.08:33
sepenanyways if you thing is a thing related to our port and could be solved please inform me :D08:34
jaegerI have no idea, to be honest08:36
jaegerI would have to install xfce on another system in a VM or something to test08:36
rmullDoes anyone have a shell script for checking upstream sources that doesn't depend on ruby?08:37
sepenjaeger: I always use mrxvt for performance reasons, even if mrxvt does still not have utf support
sepenrmull: Romster maybe08:37
rmullsepen: Thanks, I'll check in with him08:38
sepenjaeger: I have a ovf template of my devel's box (x86)08:38
sepenwith xfce installed on it08:38
sepenwith some work I could share it if you want08:38
jaegerIs it crux?08:40
jaegerI've got an arch VM at home, I'll try it there08:41
sepenjaeger: yes, crux08:42
jaegerwell, if we want to test that it's the crux port we should test a non-crux system, too :)08:43
sepencrux with rc-ng too:
sepenjaeger: ahh08:44
juejaeger: sorry, what do you mean with udev cd/net rules?09:04
jaegerour default udev port doesn't create symlinks from /dev/sr0 to /dev/cdrom, /dev/cdrw, etc.09:10
jaegerall it would need is --enable-rule_generator added to configure09:10
jaegerthe footprint difference would be:09:10
jaeger09:57 < jaeger> NEW       -rw-r--r--      root/root       lib/udev/rule_generator.functions09:10
jaeger09:57 < jaeger> NEW       -rw-r--r--      root/root       lib/udev/rules.d/75-cd-aliases-generator.rules09:10
jaeger09:57 < jaeger> NEW       -rw-r--r--      root/root       lib/udev/rules.d/75-persistent-net-generator.rules09:10
jaeger09:57 < jaeger> NEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       lib/udev/write_cd_rules09:10
jaeger09:57 < jaeger> NEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       lib/udev/write_net_rules09:10
jaegerThat includes persistent network device names, too, though I'm more interested in cd09:11
jueany negative side effects?09:12
jaegerNone of which I'm aware... I'm running it here with that addition09:13
jueok, will test and add it if all works well for me09:13
juethanks for the suggestion09:14
jaegerpitillo suggested asking on the mailing list but I don't see it as an intrusive change at all09:14
jaegerthanks :)09:14
jaegerjue: did you happen to see my comment about grub and automake 1.11.2?09:14
juesorry, no09:15
teK_jue: expect my comment on rc-ng not before Friday or Saturday :<09:15
pitilloyes, I like discussing things... if they aren't talked here, both, ML and FS are good ways to get opinions at least from the maintainers09:15
juebut I'd suggest a ticket for that09:15
teK_I did not forget about it.09:15
jaegerI'll make a ticket for grub, no problem09:15
jaegeralso, on the subject of rc-ng, I've not seen any problems so far09:16
teK_it's not about problems but too what degree we shall use rc-ng (or just reuse the "interesting" parts of it)09:16
pitillodon't you see a bit strange to get all those duplicated entries in mtab?09:16
juejaeger: yeah, that's amazing to see no bugs, even though it's a quite complicated script09:18
jueteK_: dunno, but at least it should work for all of us without issues ;)09:20
teK_that's not the point/problem09:21
teK_it's just.. huge09:21
jaegerMy only complaint with it was that it's a bit noisy at boot time but that's a small complaint, not a problem09:21
jueteK_: well, would be a good idea to ask Michal why it is huge09:23
jueteK_: one thing I like is that he tries to minimize calls to external programs09:24
jueand you have to admit that the internal grep is rather cool ;)09:24
jueI know, you don't like that it is a bash script, but if you do it in plain shell it would not be smaller09:26
jueand calling sed/awk for every needed regexp is not very effective09:28
jaegerIs Alan Mizrahi still active?09:30
jueyeah, think so09:32
jaegeradded FS#79509:42
teK_jue: yeah I already said that (wrt grep)09:43
jueI know, you found that :)09:45
teK_and +1 wrt minimizing exec*()09:46
jaegerIs official 64-bit support something we could hammer out for the 2.8 release, whenever that happens?10:40
teK_for me it's rock solid :-)10:41
teK_(pure) 64 bit I mea10:41
jaegerIt worked great for me before I switched to multilib, too10:42
jaegerWhat I means is making some variant of 64-bit crux officially supported10:42
teK_+1 for taht.10:43
juejaeger: I'd second that too10:47
jaegerI don't often use any 32-bit intel hardware these days10:50
jueI tend to say that we should support only one arch, at least official10:51
jueif we get more man-power in the future we might change that, but at the moment ...10:52
juebtw, the multilib toolchain works for me without any issues10:53
jueeven though I don't have any 32-bit stuff installed ;)10:54
sepenI'm running crux pure64 as my main desktop at office, and seems pretty stable too10:55
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jaegerjue: glad to hear that :)11:07
jaegerI didn't expect any issues but haven't tested that configuration myself11:07
jueIMO we should go with a multilib toolchain (including glibc-32) and one or some not_so_official 32-bit repos11:10
jueoc with adapted versions of pkgmk etc.11:11
jaegerI do think the multilib toolchain is preferable since even for pure64 users it wouldn't be too intrusive... but maybe other users wouldn't agree, don't know11:12
teK_again.. I had no trouble with pure but I could not use wine..11:13
jaegerteK_: in that case using the multilib one in the same way as jue is testing it wouldn't look any different for you, I think11:17
teK_I always think  of it as: is there a 16 Bit compat. layer, too? ;)11:19
teK_it may be exaggerated, sure.11:19
jaegerjust a bit, yeah11:19
jaegerWe are not using windows here11:19
jueteK_: I know that jaeger has good reason for the multilib stuff, he wouldn't do the work just for fun. But we shouldn't split our man-power if we can avoid it, and that's for me a compeling reason to vote for multilib even if I don't use/need it.11:23
teK_yeah sure11:24
teK_i'm not really against it ;)11:25
teK_there's a reason why nobody is gouing pure 64 bit11:25
jueok, fine, if we find a real drawback we should reconsider, of course11:25
teK_we'd be ahead of our times :P11:26
jaegerPart of my intent from the start was to make sure the multilib system diverged as little as possible from the default11:27
jaegerI think that has succeeded rather well so far11:27
jaegerThough I have trouble gauging interest as there's a lot of pushback when multilib comes up in conversations, generally11:27
teK_will hold back possible future pushback :-)11:28
teK_I even might give multi-lib a try if you want11:28
jaegerWell, I certainly wouldn't want to force it on anyone11:29
jaegerJust commenting that I can't really get a feel currently as to whether or not it's worth pushing to make it official as opposed to pure6411:30
teK_while wine is the only port (I know of) that's broken their certainly is some binary stuff not working with pure 64 bit11:31
jaeger*I* will use multilib regardless of whether or not it's official11:31
jaegerAFK for lunch for a bit11:32
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