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frinnstxkeyboard-config was just updated upstream01:50
juegood morning02:18
juejaeger: are you sure? IMO it is the other way around, the commandline parameter overrides the setting in MAKEFLAGS02:24
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Romsteri've found a few makefiles that seem to dishonor the MAKEFLAGS setting for some reason or i'm going silly04:05
Romsterexport MAKEFLAGS='-j 4' in my pkgmk.conf perhaps it's best if i just throw that in /etc/profile?04:06
jueRomster: hmm, do you have an example for such a makefile?04:27
Romsterseem the ffmpeg one goes with a single job unless i do make -j 4  even with that MAKEFLAGS set in pkgmk.conf04:33
Romsteri didn't test any further.04:34
frinnsti've alaways used "make -jX" in the Pkgfile when i found a package that dislikes lots of cc jobs04:36
jueyeah, we use it in some Pkgfiles, hence I'm a bit uncertain about jaeger's comment above04:40
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jaegerjue: I'm sure. In my openssl-32 port I had "make -j1" in the Pkgfile and MAKEFLAGS="-j8" in pkgmk.conf, it broke every time08:20
jaegerPerhaps it was specific to openssl, it's the first port with which I've seen that issue08:20
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juejaeger: yeah, openssl behaves kinda ungraceful, I think it's because it set's MAKEOVERRIDES= which means that commandline parameter are not passed down to subsequent makes11:22
jueat least that's what I've seen so far, I'm a make dummy at all ;)11:25
jue... If you do want to pass flags down normally, but don't want to pass down the command line variable definitions, you can reset MAKEOVERRIDES to empty11:26
jueI guess that was the reson why I reset MAKEFLAGS in openssl's Pkgfile and not do the usual 'make -j1'11:28
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jaegerjue: I ended up copying the MAKEFLAGS force from the core/openssl port but good to know13:38
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Romsterinteresting since i've been diging in make automake aclocal and all that jazz i'll take a closer look at some ports that seem to be ignoring MAKEFLAGS18:22
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