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juehorrorStruck: sorry, don't get it, iproute2 doesn't depend on libnl02:33
juehorrorStruck: wrt wpa_supplicant, is there a strong reason to use libnl version 3 instead of version 1?02:33
juehorrorStruck: libnl3 seems to be a complete new thing and not just a new version, both libs can be installed together so I'd prefer to use v1 with wpa_supplicant02:36
juehorrorStruck: I've a port for libnl v1 already, I'll put it in my private repo, please test if it works for you02:37
juehorrorStruck: btw, the kmod port is complete now and works for me as a replacement for module-init-tools, configuration via depmod.d seems to work well02:38
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pitillogood morning, does someone know why there are some files in /usr/share/pkgconfig? is this location right for those files? udev for example let's there udev.pc04:33
frinnstprobably a bug04:34
frinnstalso usbutils.pc here04:34
pitillowrong window04:34
pitilloummm old udev version example, sorry04:34
pitilloyes, that's another one. Someone noticed this weekend for xorg-xtrans and I can see some other files here04:35
pitilloudev for 175-2 it's there too (I checked directly in an arm device, now confirmed in a just updated x86 machine)04:36
juepitillo: that's the correct place04:39
sepenpitillo, see udev's Makefile: "$(DESTDIR)$(pkgconfigdir)" "$(DESTDIR)$(sharepkgconfigdir)" \04:39
pitillojue: thank you for the confirmation, that's why I prefer to ask directly to maintainers04:40
sepenanyways pkgconfig worked fine for udev: $ pkg-config --modversion udev04:40
pitillothank you for that info too sepen04:40
juepitillo: np04:40
sepenyeah, but firstly seems a bug like you said04:40
sepenhmm but it's a good question to know, for why they do it?04:41
juewell, share/pkgconfig is for arch-independent stuff04:42
sepennice to know, thanks04:42
pitillointeresting jue, thank you04:43
juee.g. usbutils.pc is a pkg-config file for the location of usb.ids04:43
horrorStruckjue: iproute2 doesn't depend on libnl with your patch indeed :) i built 3.2.0 before it went to core, sorry. i dont have technical reasons to use v3 instead of v1 of libnl but v1 is a dead branch and with v3, quoting: "All further changes will be made with API/ABI stability in mind.". lastly, thanks for kmod, already using it04:57
juehorrorStruck: that's not my patch but from Stephen Hemminger, I wrote him a mail about the issue, it was never intended to link iproute2 against libnl ;)05:25
jueI've extracted the patch from iproute2 git05:26
juefor me it looks like libnl v1 is still the mostly used version, e.g. libpcap links against v1 but not against v305:31
juehorrorStruck: if we need libnl v3 I'd would name it libnl3, there are no conficts between the two versions, they can be installed together05:41
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juehorrorStruck: please try my libnl port, if it works for you I'll commit a new version of wpa_supplicant with nl80211 enabled05:43
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jueoops, sorry for repeating the same twice ;)06:00
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horrorStruckjue: thanks a lot, I installed your libnl port, rebuilt wpa_supplicant, everything works, nl80211 enabled.08:04
horrorStruckjue: do you think a small README saying that -Dnl80211 is now prefered instead of -Dwext would be a good idea?08:13
frinnsta [notify] should suffice08:17
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juehorrorStruck: I'll adjust the existing README10:52
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