IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2012-01-27

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horrorStruckcould someone please bump freetype port? 2.4.7 has multiple vulns TIA08:16
Romstertilman, ^08:17
Romsternoticed a new freeglut too but i haven't looked into that yet.08:19
horrorStruck21 CVEs for one port is pretty awesome score08:19
Romsterwho the heck is doing all the code reviews there is jsut too many holes lately.08:20
tilmannovember :|08:58
horrorStrucktilman: thanks (in the name of other cruxers with vulnerable machines :P )09:18
frinnstthere's been some patches for glibc too09:49
frinnstsome bug in tz09:50
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RomsterLinux Local Privilege Escalation via SUID /proc/pid/mem Write10:57
Romsternot aware of any glibc one but that one above is kernel related10:57
frinnstyeah, is patched in all current 3.x kernels11:10
Romsteroh that timezone patch for glibc forgot about that one...11:17
frinnstglibc 2.15 git.. no crashes yet :)11:18
Romsterhow is it with programs not compiling though your probably not the best one to ask on that as you probably got very few ports installed.11:19
frinnstwell, i've cheated and installed rpc-headers from 2.1311:20
frinnstwithout it breaks quite a few11:20
frinnstthe irony is, libtirpc wont build without them :D11:21
frinnstdrepper is an idiot11:21
Romsteryeah knew that one ages ago :D11:22
frinnstotherwise its not that bad11:22
frinnst2.14 does need quite a few patches.. its pretty buggy11:23
Romsterseems hacky though having to do that for headers11:23
frinnsti'll let you know once i run 2.15 a bit longer11:23
frinnstyes, its ugly as hell11:23
Romsterwonder how other distros will get to it.11:23
frinnsti think fedora ships headers in a separate package11:24
frinnsthopefully upstream packages will get their act together11:25
Romsteri'm hoping so because this is stupid, also reminds me when they said no more archive files and forced to use git to get a release.11:29
frinnstyeah, there still isnt a tarball for 2.1511:50
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jaegeryay, seems my NTP problems are gone, finally14:12
jaegerso ubuntu + ESXi + openntpd is kinda a weird combination14:18
frinnsthow can bugs from 2010 still remain in the latest glibc branch?18:20
frinnsttheir devel model seems a bit broken from the outside18:21
frinnstbut i guess this isnt news to anyone18:21
frinnstcould not agree on a patch - solution: ignore it18:22
Romsteri really think linux is falling apart slowly, so many bugs so many stupind things going on lately, only a handful being productive18:56
Romsterthey should do a complete code coverage over glibc for one.18:56
frinnstits not just linux.. seems all os-devs are having a collective brainfart19:35
frinnstgnome3, unity, windows8 with metro19:35
enteyou forget apple19:37
Romsteroh gawd windows8 i'm going to dread the day it's released.19:37
entewhich is a brain fard ;P19:37
Romsteri let the other zealot (it tech) deal with apple.19:37
entewell, it'll keep exciting :)19:38
enteexcitering to be exact :)19:38
enteI'll just watch it like some horror film, with popcorn19:39
Romsteri may even decide to quit when if win8 support pisses me off so much19:41
Romsterhidden start menu, try and find shit and show a dumb fuck customer where to find some certain item buried away over the phone when you don't know what they are clicking on.19:42
entewhat about unix consulting? :P19:50
entewouldn't that be something?19:51
Romstera dream come true. not i this town though19:52
Romstercan show them all the stuff iv'e done in Linux, that's nice but we all use windows....19:52
frinnsti pretty much landed my dreamjob last year. and its in a town with 20-30k ppl19:58
frinnsti should probably buy a lottery ticket :)19:58
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