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Romsterheh more luck than me i never win the lottery00:13
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horrorStruckjue: you're holding because of kmod dep amirite?06:24
horrorStruckholding udev*06:25
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juehorrorSt1uck: yes08:55
frinnsthm.. rebuilding everything with my new toolchain. anyone remember what causes "sh[14454] general protection ip:44fe86 sp:7fffb219dee0 error:0 in bash[400000+b1000]"09:53
frinnstiirc, some configure-scripts do something09:53
frinnstdmesg is full of them09:53
frinnstwhy are there 2 ports with identical names in opt and contrib? (libnl)10:06
juefrinnst: opt is newer, I've added it to give nl80211 support to wpa_supplicant10:07
frinnstdifferent branches?10:08
juefrinnst: not helpful, but I've never seen your error10:08
juewell, opt is version 1.x which is the most used one10:09
juecontrib is 2.x which is more or less unused10:09
frinnsti see there's also a 3.x branch.. 2.x and 1.x are listed as "No stable releases anymore"10:10
juemy sugesstion to Rotwang was to create a libnl3 port instead10:10
jueyeah, but 1.x is still used by everything10:11
jue1.x and 3.x can be installed together10:12
jueit's like sqlite and sqlite3, for example10:12
juefrinnst: your error above looks not so promising ;)10:14
jaegerThat's with your toolchain built on glibc 2.15 git?10:15
frinnstbut i've seen that "error" before10:15
juedon't get it why there is still no tarball of glic 2.1510:31
jue... and no fedora branch of it10:32
juemight be that Andreas Jaeger doesn't work for RH any longer10:35
juefrinnst: nice to see that you're working on a new tool-chain, TBH I'm not very motivated to touch that currently ;)10:39
frinnstheh, i dont blame you10:45
frinnstits a mess10:45
frinnstmailx seems a bit racy.. -j1 ftw10:46
jueah, thanks, will add10:46
juefrinnst: the x86_64 python port includes a 'usr/lib/python2.7/lib-dynload/'11:20
juefrinnst: do you think taht the patch I've added to python is not necessary at all?11:22
frinnstdunno where that footprint came from, its still missing on my local machine11:29
frinnstactually no, its not11:29
juelooks like you've installed tk?11:29
frinnstand the patch seems unneeded. builds fine here with 3.2.211:30
jueyeah, python itself does, but other progs won't ;)11:30
frinnstoh... i've not hit anything that fails yet11:32
juetry: python -c "import sys; print sys.platform"11:34
juethat should _not_ print 'linux3'11:34
juebit 'linux2'11:35
frinnstit does, yes11:35
frinnsti'll rip off your port :p11:35
frinnstits just a footprint missmatch when building on x86_64.. annoying11:35
jueI got the same if tk is installed11:36
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