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frinnstmost distros has released patches for libxml2 recently..
frinnstbut no new release upstream06:37
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Romsterlast i looked at systemd code they added a bit of code to say split / and /usr is not supported anymore.07:06
teK_I just read about that, too07:08
teK_it's sooo stupid07:08
teK_oh god07:11
teK_it's so aweful07:12
teK_compat with solaris07:12
frinnsthaha yes07:12
teK_I want to have gcc in /usr/XXXn/bin07:12
Romsterlikw i even care about solaris07:12
teK_of course07:12
teK_or.. GNU autohell doesnt know about /usr07:12
teK_yeah so we force the distros to fix that?07:12
teK_cool as each and every distro will have to do either that or "die"07:13
Romsteror fork07:13
frinnstyeah, probably07:13
Romsterwhat gets me is why islinus allowing the stuff into the kernel for systemd pulseaudio udev kmod what the hell will be next?07:13
Romsterdare i ask.07:14
Romsteror perhaps it's jsut me that hates that with a vengeance, ok udev is not bad but the later modifications to force you into using systemd or whatever is not cool.07:15
teK_Romster: ulrich drepper will commit access07:15
frinnst"Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Ideas"07:15
frinnst"systemd replacement for /sbin/init"07:15
Romsterhe is a tool too... not releasing tarballs well in the past at least and that headers too.07:16
teK_replace Linus by RMS07:16
Romstergcc modules kernel taint not dong a proper backtrace when you use a binary driver. firmware what else to expect.07:17
Romsteroh that FHS standard to use rpm's07:17 shutdown the other day.07:17
teK_14:16 < teK_> replace Linus by RMS07:17
frinnstim starting to think fedoras glibc branch might be worth considering.. atleast it's usable07:18
enteRomster: udev is surprisingly okayish07:18
enteit also wasn't written by poettering07:18
Romsteri haven't looked into fedoras i do know they would be patching alot of stuff.07:19
enteI have never used fedora, and I hopefully will never have to07:19
frinnstRomster: yeah, patching it to work in the real world(tm)07:19
entedon't they ship beta software?07:19
Romsterhmm i thought poettering is behind the whole udev systemd pulseaudio kmod07:20
frinnstwell, yeah. beta concepts.. their toolchain is pretty sane iirc07:20
teK_Greg Kroah-Hartmann is the udev-guy07:20
frinnstkay stevens and pottering are behind systemd07:20
frinnstkay stevens is maintaining udev these days too?07:21
Romsterah ok i must of read something or mixed myself up.07:21
frinnstteK_: yeah07:24
frinnst <- new desktop background07:25
Romsterthat explains a lot Poettering looks like a dweeb07:27
teK_I fear he's german07:27
frinnstas is schilling :D07:42
ente[14:20] < frinnst> kay stevens and pottering are behind systemd07:55
entefrinnst: sievers07:55
entenot stevens07:55
frinnstyeah, tek corrected me07:55
entewhoa, whoa07:59
entethat lwn picture07:59
Romsteri want to print it out and use it on my dart board :P08:00
horrorStruckhurry up before you need systemd for cups08:04
entethere'll always be lpd08:04
jaegerSoon we'll be running static /dev directories and slackware 3 again just to avoid this shit :P08:29
frinnsti ran a static /dev when i migrated over to crux.. never had to use devfsd or whatever it was called08:35
jaegerI used to as well, though I admit it's nice to let something like udev handle it and not to have to think about it08:38
jaegerapropos of nothing, what do you guys in here consider your preferred server distribution?08:40
frinnstdepends. im "forced" to use either rhel or suse08:40
frinnsti chose rhel08:40
frinnstbut we use debian for our internal stuff08:41
frinnstspeaking of debian.. i need to start migrating our stuff to debian6 soon :/08:42
horrorStrucktilman: xorg-libpixman: 0.24.0 -> 0.24.2 thanks08:43
horrorStrucktilman: alsa-lib: -> 1.0.25 I kept the new usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf.d/ folder, not sure about what you think about this, i removed the README that was inside but it maybe semi-useful to at least know what this is about08:53
horrorStruckhere's the original README for your consideration:
horrorStrucktilman: rxvt-unicode: 9.12 -> 9.15 thanks08:58
horrorStrucktilman: xorg-server: 1.11.3 -> 1.11.4 thanks09:10
juefrinnst: do you have a fixed version of the libxml2 port?09:53
frinnstnah, im at work09:55
frinnstjust got a mail from the debian ml and thought i'd mention it before i forget09:55
jueok, thanks09:55
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entepreferred server distro: don't know11:10
enteFreeBSD, NetBSD, maybe openwall11:11
frinnstnew zlib.. "Added a ./configure --solo option to compile zlib with no dependency on any libraries" zlib doesnt link agains anything"15:27
frinnstnot even glibc? :)15:27
jaegernice trick16:06
horrorStruckjue: libxml2: Fix for CVE-2011-3919 -> Patch taken from thanks19:11
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