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juehorrorStruck: thanks, but that is only one of five security problems, AFAIK it's CVE-2011-{0216,2821,2834,3905,3919}02:33
Romstercan't you just grab them all patches off the gentoo libxml2 ?02:36
Romsteror are they missing some of them CVE's still?02:36
juefrinnst: I defered the zlib update because I found at least one problem with it, imagemagick didn't build because of a changed definition in zlib.h02:37
jueRomster: sure, I can do that or even extract the patches from their git02:37
Romsteri have there cvs gentoo tree right her eon my pc, they use git?02:40
juefrinnst: can you confirm the problme, please?02:40
frinnstzlib? sure.. ill try and do that during lunch02:41
frinnstor later tonight02:41
juefrinnst: yeah, zlib, try to build imagemagick02:42
Romsteri havent' tested zlib update on any of my ports yet should i try? and see what brakes?02:42
Romsteri got a chroot for testing in.02:42
jueRomster: sure, would be helpful02:42
Romsterk i'll get onto that.02:43
frinnstjue: seems imagemagick doesnt like the new zlib as you said05:55
juefrinnst: the critical change in zlib.h is this ->
jueI've tried a few other on zlib depending progs, but only imagemagick failed so far06:12
pitillodoes the problem exist with last imagemagick version? (I saw their website and seems they have different version from current ports one, but not sure if that's devel versions or what)06:17
juepitillo: same with latest version06:24
pitillono more ideas then, may be wait to upstream to use new headers07:44
jaegerIs there any patch for that xorg backdoor yet?07:46
jaegerthe screen locking thing07:47
jaegergrr.... chrome07:51
jaegerwhy the hell can't I log into a mediawiki installation in chrome now that used to work fine? and still works fine in firefox07:52
jaegereven better, if I stop it from loading after login it has logged me in but if I let it time out it will erase the cookies and I'll be logged out again07:53
jaegerso dumb07:53
frinnstjaeger: yeah, its already pushed08:21
frinnsttilman did it last week iirc08:21
jaegercool, I hadn't tested it yet08:24
jaegerwoot, tested it and no problem :)08:24
jaegerGuess I should have tried it08:24
frinnstdamn hdd prices !"/ยค(#!"I#08:43
frinnsti need a new drive08:43
frinnstbut i will not pay double the price for half the capacity compared to 6 months ago08:44
jaegeryeah, it's insane right now08:44
jaegerI've not bought a platter drive in over a year08:44
jaegerhope none of mine die =/08:44
frinnsti managed to snag one 2tb drive in a local shop before they realized they should increase their prices08:45
frinnstbut a 1tb drive from a raid-set died this weekend08:45
frinnstnow i've lost atleast one drive from each manufacturer08:45
frinnstseagate was the last to stand :p08:46
frinnsti've been so lucky.. not a single drive in 10 years pretty much.. now 4 drives in little over a year08:47
jaegerReplace them all with SSDs! With all that money someone else is giving us08:56
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Romsterimagemagick built fine with zlib 1.2.6 what's this about imagemagick failing to compile?15:22
Romsteralso zlib should be listed in imagemagick's depends on line as it links to it.15:23
RomsterImageMagick-6.7.5-0.tar.xz though not the current one in opt.15:24
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frinnstRomster: core ports are never listed16:33
frinnstfailed to build for me too16:33
frinnstmaybe jue missed to try with that version16:34
jaegerRomster: cooking dinner right now, I'll try to get them in this evening18:35
jaegerok, those are pushed19:19
horrorStruckjue: just out of curiosity, as you put kmod in your repo (works great BTW), do you plan to put some fresh udev in it as well?19:20
Romsterfrinnst, except those that get linked too.19:48
Romsterexception being gcc glibc never gets listed.19:49
Romsterlibid3tag libpng freetype dovecot elinks libxml2 ruby libmng mysql dropbear python lcms and others list zlib as a dep as it links to it.19:52
Romsterfrinnst, so what is the policy then if that is not true?19:52
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