IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2012-02-02

Romsterfrinnst, -avx on what i have notced a few MK's out of sync.00:51
frinnstRomster: avx should only be relevant on i5/i7 cpus01:42
Romsteroh CFLAG don't have that on a Phenom II01:45
Romsteris there anything i can do to fix MKV's that are out of sync.01:45
Romsterwithout having to manaully edit them to correct the ever increasing out of sync over time issue. someone said some patch to fix earlier broken mkv's01:45
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juehorrorSt1uck: I didn't forgot the udev thing, but it's more problematic than I thought09:38
jueudev 180 doesn't work without some additions to /etc/rc09:40
jueit needs a /dev mounted as devtmpfs and a /run mounted as tmpfs09:41
jueand we need a patch for udev because our kmod is too new for it, but that's the easy part ;)09:42
jueat all I'll not publish the port in my repo, because it breaks the whole system09:44
juebut I can give you all infos here if you are eager to test it09:45
jueyeah, I overlooked that I can do the additional mount of /run in the udev start-script10:07
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horrorSt1uckjue: thanks a lot for the detailed info, so now udev is 100% poetterified. please someone feed me ethanol.22:59
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jaegertime to switch to mdev!23:50
jaegeralso time to go to sleep, good night23:50

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