IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2012-02-06

Romsterhavne't heard of dxtn02:15
Romstercompressed texture formats02:16
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juejaeger: thanks, it's a pain currently, we have to use the latest version 6.7.5-x because of a build issue with zlib05:59
juejaeger: and they remove the old version as soon as a new is available, only the *-10 versions are archived06:00
juewrt cups: '... the tarballs released as CUPS 1.5.1 ... was tagged from trunk (CUPS 1.6.x) instead of the CUPS 1.5.x branch'06:02
juethat's good to hear06:04
Romsterodd thing to tag it as that, someone do a mistake?08:19
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Romsterhmm just saw the email to ML about Richard Nespithal <rines> joining contrib i see he pinched a few of my ports, which i don't mind but so far 1 mirage that only i have in portdb but he removed the packager lines. that i dislike.08:48
Romsterand that's clearly wrong.08:52
jaegerjue: just wondered, it isn't causing any trouble or the like :)09:01
Romsteri'll reply with a repoverify log and other suggestions.09:01
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