IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2012-02-07

RomsterImageMagick-6.7.5-3.tar.xz is out to save the pain why not cron a version bump or host the tarball on the crux site?03:19
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jueRomster: yeah, will do that until we hit 6.7.5-1004:54
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jaegerteK_: Any interest in an rc script for openvpn?09:02
teK_yeah sure09:52
teK_but not before sunday09:52
jaegerwhy sunday?09:58
teK_Math Exam (the last one, FINALLY) on Friday, girlfriends dads birthday party on saturday .. -> sunday :)10:02
teK_afk again10:04
teK_farewell ;)10:04
jaegerAh :) Have fun :)10:09
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