IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2012-02-17

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frinnstpedja: please dont update my ports. but please let me know if you find one that needs a bump09:40
pedjafrinnst: sorry about that, I meant to send you the patch, but I  pushed the update instead.I though I was on my private branch.09:42
pedjait won't happen again :)09:43
frinnsthehe, no worries09:44
pedjabtw, is there any bash magic to make git show the current branch?09:45
tilmangit branch -l|grep ^\*09:46
tilmanyou probably need to fix that regex09:46
pedjaHow do I put that in prompt?09:47
tilmandunno, but i saw a zsh module for stuff like that09:47
tilmansomewhere, sometime09:47
pedjain a land far away :)09:47
pedjanow I remember, I found this somewhere
pedjatilman: have you tried building git- yet?09:55
pedja <---I get this error09:56
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jaegerteK_: want to test my EFI ISO?12:43
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