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jaegerRomster: I'd prefer you don't update ports that I've committed without checking with me08:19
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jaegerRomster: along those lines, do you want me to update wine, or are you planning to take it over?09:39
jaegerRomster: We should probably also be careful about version disparity between the 64- and 32-bit ports10:22
jaegerfreeglut-32 is a good example since it's off now10:22
jaegerthe 32-bit port has no includes, only the libraries... so the 2.6.0 includes and the 2.8.0 32-bit libraries are installed, which might confuse a future compile10:23
jaegerI have not run into this problem yet but I've been careful to avoid that version gap10:23
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Romsterjaeger, i only bumpd freeglut-32 because 2.6.0- would not compile for me without a patch or for nogagplz. otherwise would track the same versions, i put a bug request in for tilman to bump it in opt15:51
Romsteri guess i'll look after wine i have a use for it still and i did pick it up. or we could share the workload on all them ports? i gotta get to work now talk more about it after work.15:55
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jaegerRomster: there is something wrong, then, there's nothing special about that port16:44
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jaegerRomster: I don't mind keeping wine if you don't use it as much as I do, whatever works17:40
jaegerI just figured I'd make sure since it's your port in x86 opt17:40
jaegerWish I knew what the deal is with your freeglut-32 problem but I have been unable to duplicate any issues17:41
jaegerRomster: what did your freeglut-32 patch change?17:46
jaegerfor 2.6.0 I mean17:52
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Romsterit wouldn't link with 32bit libs, a ton of stuff and i can't remember where the patch came from now.
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Romsterjaeger, nogagplz found the patch but i don't remember the source nor does he.19:27
Romstereasier to bump it in opt which is why i submitted a bug report
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Romsteri'm off again later.19:50
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