IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2012-02-23

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Romsterjaeger, sweet so when i get EFI BIOS later i'll have no issues thanks to your work/04:35
Romsterjaeger, this happend when i did git push to multilib/opt
jaegerhopefluly no issues but EFI is pretty beta, I'd say08:11
jaegerer, hopefully08:11
jaegerlooks like python got broken, I bet python-setuptools or whatever it's called got autoremoved by something else08:12
frinnstare you using grub for efi booting?08:13
jaegerthough elilo would work, too08:15
jaegerah, yep, it's setuptools... I'll reinstall that08:18
jaegerthanks, debian08:18
jueit's interesting to see that the latest commit to glibc from Ulrich is dated 2012-01-3110:40
jueand it was a merge from ...10:41
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jaegerfrinnst: how has your btrfs experience been? I've only played with it a little bit, seemed pretty beta back then19:03
Romsterall good on git now jaeger nice one debian -_-19:44
jaegergotta be careful with apt-get sometimes, heh19:48
Romsterdid you do this frinnst Checkout nss/Pkgfile~19:49
Romstertoo smart for it's own good apt-get19:49
Romstershould of seen you git gitosis installed and kept that dep on your system19:49
jaegerWell, gitosis didn't get installed via apt so I can understand it19:50
Romsterah so it didn't know about it, that's different.20:03
Romsterno ones bumped jdk in x86_64 yet frinnst ?20:04
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