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frinnstRomster: pedja maintains jre/jdk02:46
frinnstjaeger: not much yet. i've run it on a few disks that just sits there pretty much02:47
frinnstthough im currently copying my old /home to btrfs :D02:47
frinnstdoes spawn a lot of threads, btrfs02:48
frinnstTotal DISK READ:     114.39 M/s | Total DISK WRITE:     299.30 M/s02:50
Romster something is messeing up on 32bit now after a sysup in the chroot.05:05
Romsterwhy does it not find the 32bit lib...05:05
Romsterbinutils is a pain.05:05
frinnstbalancing a btrfs fs is also a pain06:04
frinnstwee, completed06:41
* frinnst slaps tilman 06:43
Romsterbetter have a backup incase btrfs asplodes on you07:11
frinnstabout 1gig isnt backed up07:17
Romsternot really important crap then?07:43
Romsterie is re-downloadable07:44
frinnstwell, its my home root, with all the dot-files and stuff07:47
frinnstbut those i have backups of. mostly crap i guess07:48
frinnstbut btrfs should be pretty usable and stable i think07:48
Romstertime will tell07:50
frinnstgood short read07:51
jaegerRomster: 32-bit chroot on a multilib system?08:09
Romstermultilib chroot on a multilib system08:11
Romsterit was working before, heck knows what i did to break it.08:12
Romsterdidn't edit any configs it was working, now it wont find the 32bit as it's looking in the wrong path.08:12
Romsteri know it'll work if i added in -L/usr/lib32 but why would i need todo that.08:13
Romstersomething funky is going on.08:13
Romstercan't be arsed to debug it now, had one of them long days where it dragged out for hours. and i'm tired now and a few whiskey drinks to mellow out, i'll attack it some more later when i'm refreshed.08:15
jaegerRomster: did you use setarch or linux32 to chroot?08:15
Romsteri'm only using it to test stuff08:15
jaegerfor example, 'linux32 chroot /path/to/the/stuff /bin/bash'08:16
Romsteri didn't use anything i just did chroot $CHROOT /bin/bash08:16
frinnstyeah that will break08:16
jaegerthere's the problem08:16
Romsteri'm not aware of setarch or linux3208:16
Romsterand it did work before...08:16
Romsterwithout those.08:16
jaegerIt might work on a sytem that uses /lib for 32-bit and /lib64 for 64-bit, perhaps08:17
jaegerthough I wouldn't bet on it08:17
Romsterwont using linux32 mess up multilib chroot?08:17
frinnstoh right, its a multilib.. thought it was pure 3208:18
jaegeroops, I misread, sorry08:18
jaegeryes, it would08:18
frinnstlol, me too08:18
Romsterit is a multilib chroot just as my system is.08:19
Romsterpkgadd off the multilib iso.08:19
jaegervery strange08:20
Romsternow it braks on 32bit stuff due to lookign for in the wrong path but it was fine before.. can't see compiling then removing built ports with pkgrm then compiling after would break, even pkgadd -u off the iso again didn't help, i checked regmerge, the only conclusion i can think of is ld has something funny going on.08:20
Romsterwhy do i hit all these stupid bugs.08:21
jaegerwish I knew... I'm very seriously wondering if ccache isn't fucking you left and right08:21
Romsterhmm i should try without ccache08:21
Romstercan't see why that would it checksums everything08:22
frinnstnew util-linux:
jaegerI don't know how it would break things but you consistently have really strange breakages that I don't on any of my machines08:23
Romsteri didn't tweak cflags on the chroot the whole idea was to run it as close to original as possible. my system has more flags and runs better...08:25
Romsteri need a clear mind to look into it more.08:25
Romsteri if wasn't working with computers all week at work i'd be very much more active in linux.08:26
Romstercramping my style when windows makes me mind go numb. windows update breakages and all i can think of why me, crux does updates so much easier.08:27
jaegerI've got some tickets to take care of but after that I'll try a multilib chroot on this system08:28
Romsteri can give you the rundown later on what i did to set mine up.08:29
Romstermostly used for testing for deps if misisng to build said port on a prt-get depinst08:30
Romstersame deal as i do with i686 which is why nearly all the stuff i do builds.08:30
Romsterjaeger, did you just wake up or did you pull a night shift it's after 8am now.08:34
jaegerI've just come in to work, went to sleep around 01:0008:34
Romsterafter 1am for me, very warm night still08:37
jaegerAt least it's weekend for you :)08:37
Romsteryeah your weekend is approaching, guess who goes back to work sooner though :D08:40
frinnst1:20 left until weekend here08:42
Romsterbut really time zone aside we all work relatively same number of hours every week08:42
frinnst~40hrs / week here08:43
Romster38 for me08:43
frinnstunless shit hits the fan ofcourse08:43
Romsteroften happens that don't it08:44
frinnstheh, actually no, not that bad :)08:44
frinnstin the past 6 months i've only stayed over until midnight once. and also had to come in for a an hour or so on the day before xmas08:45
jaegeron an unrelated note, finally ordered a BBU for my RAID controller last night, and a new case, should be nice08:50
Romsteryeah hate them ones that impose on holidays off planned days etc.08:50
Romsterbut if oyu have no family and only care to get more monies then it's not so bad.08:50
frinnstnew case?08:50
jaegerI love the Antec P182 I have my main desktop in at home but it's HEAVY08:51
jaeger <--- ordered this to replace it08:51
Romsteri have a cooler master v908:51
frinnsti bought a Fractal Design Define XL last summer08:52
frinnstthough i do miss my old lian-li08:52
jaegerspeaking of cooler master, a coworker of mine recently bought
jaegerthat thing is insanely huge08:53
jaeger(and ugly, in my opinion, but he likes it)08:53
frinnstyeah, looks like shit :p08:53
jaegerfrinnst: I still have a Lian-Li PC-60B, too :)08:53
frinnsti hate these "designed" cases08:54
jaegerconsider the PC60B and the Corsair I just linked, you can see what my taste in cases is08:54
frinnstyeah, good :)08:54
jaegeror GIS Antec P18208:54
jaegerwhen this corsair case arrives, I'll shuffle the P182 and the PC60B to different machines and get rid of the old ass Enlight 7237 case that my crap testing hardware is in08:55
frinnsti have 2 lian-li cases just sitting around08:57
jaegereither of you play console games?08:58
frinnstone pc-62 and pc-a1708:58
frinnstrarely. i do own a ps3 with gt5 and a wheel :)08:59
jaegerI'm really excited about the new SSX game :D08:59
frinnstnever played it09:00
frinnstthough i do look forward to mass effect 309:00
frinnston pc09:00
jaegerMe too, should be fun09:01
jaeger <-- SSX demo if you're interested09:01
jaegerwarning, I'm not great at it :D09:02
Romsteri little bit which is why there is now a emulators repo i was big into it many years ago.09:02
frinnsthaha, the title suggested this :p09:02
jaegerThe original SSX was a PS2 launch title and there have been a few since then... they're ridiculously fun09:02
jaegerFull game comes out Tuesday, I can't wait :D09:15
frinnstfuck it, im going home09:57
jaegerI want to as well, heh09:59
jaegerwow, case shipped already10:06
jaegernot the BBU, though, hrmm... I wonder if that's going to ship from a different warehouse10:06
jaegerfrinnst: just looked up that fractal design you mentioned, that looks nice10:09
frinnstyep, clean and nice10:26
frinnstbut it only has one LED(!)10:26
frinnstbut i slaughetered an old chassi and stole one from there :p10:27
jaegerIt looks similar to my Antec P182 in style though I like that it's a bit wider and shorter10:27
jaegerThe thing I'm really excited about with the corsair is all the backside cable management10:29
frinnstyeah its awesome, fractal design also has it10:47
frinnstthough i ran into trouble with the psu cable being a bit short10:48
frinnstnot optimal10:48
jaegerI've done it in my P182 but there's not enough room for it to be ideal10:57
jaegerRomster: installed my packages in a chroot and built firefox, glibc, and glibc-32 without any issues as a test11:16
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Romsterjaeger, oh f... i just found my problem pkgadd: package glibc-32 not previously installed (skip -u to install)18:34
Romsteri didn't update safe-build did i now -_-18:35
Romsterkeeps everything in core but i forgot to include core-multilib18:36
Romsterwhat an idiot i am18:36
Romsterah nuts i can't find that script that jaeger did to check for duplicate versions18:54
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