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jaegerok, good to know... completely unrelated to ccache, just missing stuff01:12
Romsteryeah my dumb mistake as always01:50
Romsteri bumped wine it was 2 versions behind01:58
Romsterprt-get depinst wine now works as expected too.01:58
Romsterjsut 30 mins ago approx.01:59
jaegerSorry, I should be more clear... I mean why do you say it works now?02:00
Romsternew release came out today early hours for me. next one will be due in 2 weeks time.02:00
Romstersome ports didn't work as the header files were missing as the 32bit ports did not depend on the 64bit ports with the headers in it.02:00
jaegerTechnically that's true but you should have had all those installed as xorg deps anyway02:01
Romsteri asked oyu a few days ago or more likely said how should this be delt with and solution was to have like foo-32 depend on foo so other ports see foo-32 with headers.02:01
Romstertrue but i just like to be complete.02:01
jaegeryeah, that's how I think it should be, I just mean that if you had xorg and deps installed wine should have built properly02:01
Romsterplus it makes chroot testing easier.02:01
Romsterit would before yes.02:02
jaegeron that note, time to sleep, catch you later02:03
Romsterg'night jaeger02:04
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jaegerLooks like grub still needs a patch20:05
jaegerI'm guessing Alan Mizrahi is no longer active20:05
Romsterjaeger, he isn't it's up for adoption you'd be the best candiate to pick up grub.20:19
jaegerdid he officially retire?20:28
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Romsterjaeger, Lucas Hazel retired ages ago23:16
Romstersearch the ML23:16
jaegerI know, I was talking about Alan Mizrahi23:19
jaegerLucas was the packager23:19
jaegerI sent him an email today, incidentally, to tell him that we had a multilib setup again23:20
Romstere had multilib in the past?23:27
jaegeryeah, Daniel Mueller did the same a long time ago, Lucas Hazel picked it up later23:28
jaegerLucas ran out of time to mess with it so it disappeared23:28
jaegerbetween the 2.4 and 2.5 releases23:28
Romsterah back when i didn't have a 64bit cpu so i never knew or used it.23:30
jaegeractually, looks like it was between 2.5 and 2.623:30
Romsterhmm should one of us update that wiki page to show the new one we are on now?23:32
Romsterthough it's not a convert it's another iso.23:32
jaegerA conversion is still possible, though, so it could be updated, I suppose23:33
Romsteryou still got that python script to list duplicate port versions? i did save it for my own use but i can't find it now.23:36
jaegerPretty sure i've got it somewhere, might be at work. I'll check23:36
Romsteri sware i saved it so i can use it myself but who knows where on my disks.23:37
Romsterthat's the problem with a unorganised system with 7 hdds23:37
Romsteri ought to learn python more i've been doing far too much bash.23:46
jaegerok, uploaded it to
Romster that's all in bash it's somewhat usable for checking newer versions. but the final form will be able to sed the version= lines for you.23:47
Romsterit's forbidden to download.23:48
jaegerah, it thinks it should be cgi, heh23:49
Romsteryou could jsut prepend .txt on the end23:49
jaegerrenamed it23:49
jaegerhrmm, maybe that's not it23:49
Romsterah still odd.23:50
Romsterfile permissions owner?23:50
jaegerok, try verchk.txt23:50
jaegerfucking hate apache23:50
Romsterthere we go perhaps it parses the filename and sees the .py23:50
jaegerI think so23:51
Romstercool working now.23:53
Romsterthis time it's saved.23:53
Romster    n, v = p.split(" ")23:54
RomsterValueError: too many values to unpack23:54
Romsternuts it's having a spaz attack23:54
Romsterhmm old ports tree too i'll rm that.23:55
jaegerIt doesn't have much by way of error checking23:56
Romsteryou may want to limit what it searches to those that are listed in prt-get.conf23:56
Romsteryeah it's pretty crude hack up.23:57
jaegerFeel free to improve it, it's just a quick tool for the job23:57

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