IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2012-02-26

Romsterhnc/emacs cvs-$(date '+%Y-Week%W') 3400:02
Romsterah it's borking on that.00:02
jaegerA bash version would more easily deal with that00:02
Romsterthough i would love to learn python more.00:03
Romsteryou can execute the Pkgfile in python00:03
jaegertilman, jue, teK_: any objection to me patching grub?00:15
Romster not quite working as expected it seems to ony print the versions, i need to pipe it to the python var or something.00:51
Romsteri know i could change the code more to also get the name= and release= as well but after this snag is dealt with.00:52
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Romsterjaeger, i got it working man i suck at python took me awhile.03:32
Romstercould probably extend it to use the name= and release= too03:34
Romsteracrux would find this tool useful too for updates.03:38
juegood morning04:06
juejaeger: by no means, but I'd suggest to write a short info to Alan04:10
Romsterbumped util-linux-ng:-3204:37
Romsterneed to do another change to that script jaeger to allow the *-32 ports to be sorted in among the other ports to list them versions too. will try that after work tomorrow.08:34
Romsterwell later today i should get to bed.08:34
jaegerThat's what the other script in that upload dir is for, currently09:03
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Romsternot keen on that solution in that script, i'll see how i can incorporate that into the existing python script later19:23
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