IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2012-02-29

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jaegerGot the new case set up :)
rmulljaeger: Lookin good11:34
jaegerthanks :) I'm happy with it11:34
rmullRunning crux?11:35
jaegerCurrently it's not11:41
rmullRunning Windows Vista?11:42
jaegerWindows 7, it's my gaming machine11:42
rmullWhat games do you play?11:42
jaegerMy other 2 computers at home and laptop run crux, though, for what that's worth11:42
jaegerVarious games... World of Warcraft, Mass Effect 1/2/3, Borderlands, Arkham Asylum/City, few others11:44
jaegerI also sometimes stream the xbox 360 or ps3 through it11:44
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sepenI finally sent a mail about rc-ng, sorry for the long delay :P12:55
teK_I have yet to12:56
teK_had my last but one exam today :}12:56
sepenhow many exams teK_ ?12:57
teK_last but one in total (for my bachelor) :)12:58
teK_so.. countless exams :P12:58
sepennah' you will success!12:58
teK_but for this semester it was 'only' theoretical information science, math (statistics) and business administration12:58
teK_+ a large project12:58
sepenlol business ...12:58
teK_2 additional math exams or a new language12:59
teK_so I chose ba.. flame me :-(12:59
teK_it's not that as useless as I thought!13:01
sepenwell about rc-ng just I just make a proposal about to find the way to have an hybrid solution between our current and little rc stuff and rc-ng by Michael13:01
sepenjust to minimize the impact in our CRUX KISS minds13:02
teK_that was my thought, too13:02
teK_the @-featurefor services() could be easily incorporated13:02
sepenso later or soon we should make the jump to new things13:02
sepenbut always having in mind the KISS and DIY concepts too13:03
teK_but naging may not go without extensive provision of better solutions ;)13:03
sepenthats the way13:03
teK_I'm going to celebrate my exams sorry :p13:03
sependrink as beer as possible13:03
teK_BF3, some (double alcohol! it's the period of fasting) beer and family-time13:04
teK_6,5 % :>13:04
sepenis a good day for a night party(rave) in your country/area?13:05
sepenit would be just neat, later13:05
teK_as I said I have an appointment later this day to play BF3 :>13:07
teK_+ not going out without my girlfriend13:07
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