IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2012-03-01

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pitillolast sudo update with md5sum mistmatch... if someone can take a look to the diff and fix it, it would be great06:40
frinnstworks for me (tm)07:10
Romstersudo works for me too.07:43
Romsterd7f9bf7675bbc6d75e6f9353a175317c  /usr/ports/distfiles/sudo-1.8.4p1.tar.gz07:45
Romsterdiff -pruN sudo-1.8.4p1_old sudo-1.8.4p107:46
Romsterwould be a little easier to read too. did they change the file since i downloaded it?07:47
frinnstyeah, i re-downloaded it07:49
frinnstmd5 missmatch07:50
Romsteryeah the fucks did a silent update i'm getting sick of those.07:50
Romsterhow am i meant to keep a mirror of files if multiple sites keep doing silent releases. instead of calling it p2 lets replace it and screw up the sum.07:51
Romsteri seriously need to get my other small project done so i can track file modification times.07:52
Romsterwhy change the version back to 1.8.4 than 1.8.4p1?07:53
Romsterand a earlier date.07:53
Romsteri woulnd't even bother updating the sudo for that miserable change.07:54
Romsterexcept it'll break for anyone to download it now.07:55
Romsterof course one one is in the #sudo channel -_- felt like blasting them for dumbness.07:56
Romsteronly one real change is a variable for a path.07:56
Romsterand it's only a message one at that.07:57
pitillothat's the point of the diff Romster, to avoid maintainers do some work (I missed the p option but it's easy to read too) :)08:00
RomsterpruN is what i always use on my diffs unless it's a single file of course.08:08
Romsteri think someone has done a mistake on that sudo bump.08:09
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jaegersepen: xfce4-session is missing xfce4-panel as a dependency13:16
sepenjaeger: thanks I'll add later13:48
sepenaccording to this doc only depends on libxfce4ui, perl-xml-parser, libwnck, dbus-glib to build, I assume that requires xfce4-panel to runtime works13:49
jaegerIf you try to depinst xfce4 now on a fresh install, xfce4-session will fail with a footprint mismatch (missing files that come from the panel support)13:50
jaegerIt might be runtime, I didn't test... it does cause the footprint mismatch, though13:51
teK_sepen: just got notice that I probably failed the math exam (10.5 credits / 11 needed) m(14:31
sepenjaeger: maybe I didn't notice because the las update to 4.8.3, thanks anyway14:59
sepenteK_: can you review it?15:00
teK_I will15:00
teK_that's for sure but I guess that 10.5 credits were generous already15:00
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