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tilmanfrinnst: re your mail: yes, thought about that as well14:17
frinnstyeah, or i fear you'll drown in mail from ppl trying to be helpful :)15:22
frinnstbtw, feel like applying a patch to epdfview? :)15:23
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Romstertilman, your better not thinking of retiring we have few devs as it is now. flyspray would be the best way to report problems, i've got far less time now than i used to before full time work, but i still manage to spend a little time on ports once in awhile.17:54
jaegeroof, thumbs are sore19:03
Romstermy neck is sore19:10
Romsterwhat the heck were you doing with your thumbs?19:11
jaegerplaying SSX :)19:14
Romsteryou really should check out the emulator repo sometime with some roms, should be something retro you like out there.19:18
jaegerIf I'm emulating it's almost always ps2 games19:19
Romsteri think that's there too.19:19
Romsterthough only nogagplz has used that so far.19:19
jaegerI run pcsx2 in windows, though, it performs far better there =/19:19
jaegerthe linux plugins need a lot of work19:19
Romsterbloody windows -_- could murder that OS19:20
jaegerit has its uses19:20
Romsterat work all week long with it19:20
Romsteryeah true when it works19:20
jaegerfortunately I work very little with windows at work, linux 99% of the time19:20
Romstermore testing and coding in the plugins should get the linux side up to scratch19:21
Romsterwish i was with linux that much.19:21
jaegerwell, it's in my job title, so I consider myself lucky :)19:21
Romsteryou are.19:22
jaegerI've had linux jobs for the last 15 years, though, with only a little windows19:22
Romsterthe only tranquility i get is when i go out to fix a photocopier19:23
jaegerI do my best to stay away from printers and copiers19:23
Romsterwehr ei am we only got 1 linux box and like 10 windows ones.19:23
Romsternot counting the clients of course19:24
jaegerthat sucks =/19:24
Romsteryeah i know19:24
Romsteri was talking about migrating some server crap there to linux but... little motive for them.19:24
Romsterthey wouldn't be able to run it and i'd get phoned up all the time when i wasn't there on every which problem they face so i'll pass on that19:25
Romsteri jsut leave the server stuff the heck alone unless something really brakes.19:25
jaegerservers are most of what I do, we only have about 5 linux desktop users19:26
Romsterand the rest are windows no doubt but you deal with the linux servers behind it all.19:28
jaegersplit between macos and windows but most of the server infrastructure is linux, yeah19:28
Romsteryou probably have lots of spare time until someting doesn't work?19:28
jaegerSometimes, yeah. I consider that doing things well :D19:29
Romsteryeah if you can sit back and relax your doing your job well19:29
jaegerI also mostly manage our vmware pool and our networking but they take little maintenance19:30
Romsteri see but as you said it's not alot of effort once it's all setup19:33
Romsterjust don't want any fool to go this is easy types some commands and messes the entire thing up...19:34
jaegerFortunately for me things are mostly only accessible by the people who need access... so most of the linux stuff doesn't even have users on it besides me19:34
jaeger3 people in IT so it's not hard to keep everyone accountable19:35
Romsterso you can easily take a holiday and the other 2 can manage or is it the case of phone rings when needed.19:36
jaegersome of both19:36
jaegerthe windows admin won't touch anything that doesn't have a gui so there are lots of things he wouldn't be able to do19:36
jaegerconversely I don't like to mess with the windows stuff so there's plenty I don't know how to do on that side19:36
Romsterthe others at work can managewithout me except for the soldering skills i have and electronics i can do. but that's not needed very often19:37
jaegeraway for a bit, going to find something for dinner :)19:37
Romsterbut when i'm at work i do a ton of windows repair and a bunch of photocopiers19:38
Romsteri'm going out for lunch i'll be away a hour or so19:38
Romsterwill do.19:38
Romsteri used ot do ms-dos so when i went to windows i was still hacking at dos bits, then i got into linux and you know the rest19:39
Romsteri wasn't afraid of the registery etc19:39
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