IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2012-03-03

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juesomething happend to the glibc project ;)11:44
jueit's nice to see that the mailling list is quite frequently used now11:44
jueand they are fixing very old bugs like the i686 name clash11:45
jaegersomething good or bad?11:45
jueI'd say good :)11:45
jaegerah :)11:46
juelooks like Ulrich is now longer the big god of glibc ;)11:46
jaegerProbably for the best11:47
jueyeah, things can only get better11:51
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frinnstoo, sweet14:37
Romsternow longer what that no longer?17:38
Romsterbe nice to get a bug free glibc17:39
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