IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2012-03-04

jaegerwell, aufs isn't gonna work. It's not stable at all00:49
jaegerwell, maybe I'm wrong, it just updates the aggregate mount REALLY SLOWLY00:50
jaegerI'll play with it more later, need to get some sleep... first impression isn't great, though00:50
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teK_=======> ERROR: Footprint mismatch found:12:02
teK_MISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/include/gelf.h12:02
teK_MISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/include/libelf.h12:02
teK_MISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/include/nlist.h12:02
teK_=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/packages/libelf#0.8.13-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.12:02
teK_64 Bit12:02
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Romsteri should of built it in the 32bit chroot not in 64bit15:46
Romsterthanks tek off to work now15:53
teK_np, cu15:53
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jaegerHrmm... I should remove the netinst crap from the ISO Makefile at some point21:56

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