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Romsterdoes that even work? i'm thinking no.00:44
jaegerIt might if there were package mirrors. I'm pretty sure I updated it for 2.701:07
jaegerHaven't maintained it, though, so I'm not positive01:07
jaegerNobody uses it anyway, as far as I'm aware01:07
jaegeranyway, off to sleep, later01:07
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Romsterg'night jaeger01:23
Romsteroh i forgot to ask about the ports merge.01:23
Romsteri'm sure you'll reply after you wake up again.01:23
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juefrinnst: there's now a btrfs-progs port im my personal repo, it's the latest from ->
jueplease test ;)06:37
frinnsti use the latest from git, cloned it 2-3 days ago06:40
frinnstseems table enough :)06:40
jueshould be the same06:40
frinnstit's an awesome FS btw.. atleast until something goes wrong06:40
frinnstflexible beyond belief06:41
frinnst;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/dangerdonteveruse <- awesome06:42
jueTBH, I'm not brave enough to try it, but it's on my todo-list06:43
jueyeah, saw that branch as well :)06:44
frinnsthehe, yeah.. I only use it for 4TB of data :>06:44
Romsteris it fast?06:44
Romsteron seeks06:44
frinnstspans over 3 drives06:44
frinnsthavent benchmarked it06:45
frinnstbut thats not critical for me at the moment06:45
juefrinnst: so your're saying that it's ok to update the port?06:45
frinnstjue: i would say so06:46
jueok, thanks06:46
sepenjue: I need confirmation about a change to tools/prt-utils.git
sepenthere is no hurry, but I think that this stuff requires a review :D06:52
juesepen: yeah, I see, thanks06:58
juewe have some other minor fixes to prt-utils, so maybe time for a new release ...07:01
juesepen: .oO could you split the patch into one for each tool, please ;)07:10
juesepen: forget it it's no worth the effort07:15
juesepen: committed,;a=summary07:28
sepenooops, sorry jue I was in my eating-time, and thanks for changesets08:05
sepennow I hope that those tools can be used again :D08:07
jaegersepen: Any idea why xfce won't save some of my settings? for example the default browser or preferred application browser setting08:09
sepenjue: about prtsweep, packages might be bz2 too08:09
sepenjaeger: did you tried directly with exo settings?08:10
jaegernot yet, I'm not familiar with exo... I'll look into it. I just tried from the menus, which I figured should work, heh08:10
sepen$ exo-preferred-applications08:11
sepenafter configure them that should work $ exo-open --launch FileManager08:13
sepenjaeger: also take a look here: /usr/share/applications/exo-* for .desktop fles08:14
jaegerah, exo-preferred-applications opens the same dialog as going to the preferred applications menu item08:16
sepenyeah, and to confirm your preferences, just see non default ones, eg, I'm using mrxvt as Term -> .local/share/xfce4/helpers/custom-TerminalEmulator.desktop
jaegerI try to set my browser to chrome and it works for now but sometime later if will revert to none selected08:18
sepeniirc exo-open is like xdg-open08:18
jaegerI'm not sure what triggers it08:18
jaegerIt does show up properly in .local/share/xfce4/helpers/custom-WebBrowser.desktop for what that's worth08:19
jaegerok, I was able to trigger it again08:20
jaegerthe 2 files in .local/share/xfce4/helpers haven't changed08:20
jaegercustom-WebBrowser.desktop  google-chrome.desktop08:20
jaegerthey both have chrome commands in them and look correct08:20
jaegerexo-preferred-applications now shows "No application selected" for the Web Browser, though08:21
jaegerIt changed when I closed chrome and then reopened it. Chrome said "this isn't the default browser" and the preferred apps thing got reset08:21
jaegerPerhaps chrome is doing something wrong08:22
sepensorry I was on phone08:23
jaegerno problem08:23
jaegerIt looks like if I select "Set as default" inside chrome when it prompts for that, that's what resets the setting in xfce408:23
jaegerThis time instead of set as default I told it not to ask me again and left it alone08:24
jaegernow exo-preferred-applications says chrome is my default browser... so I'm guessing the problem lies with chrome here, not with xfce408:24
jaegersorry for the noise08:24
jaegernot sure how relevant the first one is, it does indeed create a helper when you type in the app manually08:29
jaegerfrinnst: seems like ext4 still mostly wins for performance but I wonder how well btrfs fares under heavy load with some of the more interesting features enabled08:30
frinnstiirc, not much work has been done on making it faster08:31
jaegerPretty impressive, then08:32
frinnsti think i paste a few links on a talk re. btrfs from linuxconf australia08:32
frinnstwell worth to watch08:32
jaegerI'm watching that video right now, heh08:33
jaegerRomster: I tested aufs more, it's far too unstable to be useful in this case08:36
jaegerso I'll test with some scripting and rsync today, probably08:41
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frinnst"Github compromised"08:49
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jaegerRomster: why is ffmpeg in contrib version 0.7.11 when 0.8.10, 0.9.1, and 0.10 are also available? Are the newer ones broken or unstable somehow?09:45
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jaegerteK_: does vlc build for you currently? I'm seeing some of these errors:10:35
jaegersrc/theme_loader.cpp:771:33: error: invalid conversion from 'void*' to 'gzFile_s*'10:35
jaegerlooks like vlc 2.0.0 is available10:36
teK_it didn't build either, IIRC10:39
teK_*starting quadcore machine*10:39
jaeger2.0.0 does build for me though I haven't tested it yet10:41
jaegerjust finished the build10:41
teK_first need to boot twice (stupid EFI won't boot CRUX firsthand even though I told it to)10:41
teK_after rebooting it will start crux10:47
teK_Boot0002* UEFI: Built-in EFI Shell10:52
teK_Boot0003* KingstonDataTraveler 2.0PMAP10:52
teK_Boot0005* CRUX10:52
teK_Boot0006* Windowsmaybe that's the problem10:52
teK_I must have forgotten to push 2.0.010:54
teK_thanks for the heads10:54
teK_I just had to create a litte function to make my life even *more* pleasant :>11:06
teK_function ccommit() {11:06
teK_old=$(git diff Pkgfile | sed -n 's/^-version=//p')11:06
teK_new=$(git diff Pkgfile | sed -n 's/^+version=//p')11:06
teK_git commit . -m "'$(basename $PWD): $old -> $new'"11:06
teK_stray ' '11:06
jaegerindeed, heh11:50
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teK_3.3 is going to be EFI-bootable without a load, weee13:11
jaegerspeaking of EFI, uploading a new multilib image13:19
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Romsterjaeger, that's a shame about aufs,0.8.x branch has a different ABI and brakes many ports that depend on ffmpeg.15:45
Romsteri tried it in chroot the results were not promising yet, other ports need to catch up.15:45
jaegersame with 0.9 and 0.10?15:46
Romster0.8.x is a back port of nearly everything but without the changed ABI15:47
Romsteri don't know about those ones. i'd assume they are also using the same ABI as 0.9.x15:47
Romsteri'll test again after work15:48
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jaegerno big deal, was just curious15:49
jaegerI was trying to figure out how to record audio from alsa with it this morning for howto videos or screencasts or the like15:49
Romstera few things use the new ABI but not many yet15:49
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jaegerrecording the video is easy and recording audio from the mic on my laptop worked fine, just can't seem to get the system audio15:50
Romstermplayer can dump a steam to file but i haven't tried recording from input jack15:50
jaegerI actually want to record what you'd hear from speakers or headphones, not the input jack15:51
jaegerthat's what makes it more difficult15:51
Romsteri installed my firmware for my dvb i need ot capture a VHS tape at some point but i don't know of any good video editors you know of any?15:51
Romstermight gibe lives a try perhaps15:51
jaegerI've heard of kino and cinelerra but never used either of them15:52
Romsterhmm know cinelerra, not looked at kino15:52
Romstercool it's already packaged i'll give that a try later15:53
Romsteroff to work now later :)15:53
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jaegerhrmm..... my second best option for ports aggregation would require that all 3 trees be on the same server, which we could probably make happen, but would also require editing the git hooks for 32-bit, 64-bit, and multilib20:33
jaegerwhen an update gets pushed to any of them, they're all 3 rsynced into an aggregate location - that would solve the issue of having to wait for X amount of time for the ports tree to update as well as only using CPU power when updates are pushed, not every time the cron job runs20:34
jaegerthe alternative is what we've already talked about, just running cron jobs to sync everything up every X minutes20:35
jaegerI think for the short term I'll set up something that does the latter and maybe in the future we could do the former20:36
jaegerthe former method could also be used for frinnst's 64-bit version if he's interested in that20:36
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