IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2012-03-06

Romsteri'm sure frinnst would like some solution like that.01:29
Romsteri also want to set it up on mine to add in other overlays01:29
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Romsterhmm that's interesting ffmpeg 0.10 seems to build on everything but sox, 0.9.x failed on nearly everything.03:37
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jaegerThat's progress, I suppose08:20
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jaegertilman: looks like the alsa-* ports have 1.0.25 versions available now10:08
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jaegerRomster: I'm using the aggregate ports collection on my workstation here now, will see how it goes13:34
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Romsterjaeger, i've told tilman what xorg ports need a bump too but i think tilman hasn't got much time or interest to touch anything unless it's a security issue :/15:40
jaegerI know, I saw you mention it in here15:41
Romsteri think tek knows whats going on in private email.15:42
Romsteri know i have a bit of a break, hence wy you see me now updating a huge bunch of stuff in one hit.15:43
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