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teK_hu? what's going on in private mail?07:00
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Romsteryou said a few days ago about something along the lines of tilma_n not having any time or something or lost interest not in those words but that is the vibe i'm getting lately. and that youre in on some private or was it jsut ML discussion, i made a suggestion  to open  xorg up to a select few devs to keep things up to date. in here.07:05
teK_i haven't spoken to tilman for ages07:05
Romsterhonestly i feel like i'm talking to a wall again when it comes to xorg updates. only update he did was a security related one. and bumped some ports in opt.07:06
Romsteroh ok.07:06
teK_have you suggested opening xorg on the ML?07:06
Romsteri'm just gonna keep quiet about xorg updates as i know i'll probably be bugging people, well nope i haven't. should I? all or most devs idle in here and read backlogs?07:07
Romsterif it was the general end user then yeah i would of done that far sooner.07:08
teK_hmm maybe tilman is positive about it, too?07:09
Romsteri appreciate the work tilmam does do btw.07:09
Romsterno idea perhaps he didn't see it.07:09
teK_as far as I'm concerned I have nothing to say against keeping our ports up to date :)07:09
teK_yeah the ML would be better because a) explicit notice (by mail) b) a URL/msgid to point to07:09
Romsterall i'm sugesting is a single user doing it is ok if they have all the time in the world else it's easier for a group like crux core has a few dwvs looking after it. though most of it is done by jue currently07:10
Romsterhmm yeah i'll send one to the ML07:10
Romsteri know i've let my ports get a bit stale in the past but they have mostly built and worked. but i think some of them xorg ones have been months now.07:11
Romsterunless there is a good reason to not bump it due to something breaking.07:12
Romsteri'll send a ML later i'm getting too tired to word one right now.07:12
Romsteryou do a fine job too tek but one thing that underscore in your nick is that intentional or too lazy to identify?07:13
Romsterand i'm only going by this list that i manually regenerate
Romsterdoing another run now of all the ports, slowly making it work on all the ports then i can clean the output up.07:15
teK_tek is already taken07:23
teK_sadly ;)07:23
teK_but thanks for the compoliment07:23
Romsteroh that's a shame it seems used 3 weeks ago too.07:24
Romsterifit was like 8 weeks old you could ask for it to be dropped so you can grab it.07:24
teK_the nick itself isn't taken afaics07:24
Romster-NickServ- Information on tek (account tk):07:25
Romsterlinked nick to the account?07:25
teK_i think so, I'm a quakenet guy dont know that much about nickserv and Co07:26
Romsteryeah it's a linked linked account with nick07:28
Romsteri thought about doing nick change but i couldn't get used t a new nick. has this one since ~199307:29
Romsternot that long on this network though.07:30
Romsteri'll let you get back to what you were doing sorry for the noise.07:30
teK_no problem ;)07:33
jaegerperhaps he'd be receptive to a patch with updates08:22
jaegerhow do we know what needs updating, anyway, as far as xorg goes? Are you just going by everything that's in the release src dir at or is there a list somewhere?08:23
Romsteri'm just going by the source= in each Pkgfile08:24
Romster i jsut parse the urls and look at the new files, i'll make some patches later.08:25
Romstergetting some sleep damn time keep flying.08:25
jaegerThe reason I ask is because some of those may not be release quality, etc.08:26
jaegerJust a guess, I haven't looked closely08:26
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Romster here we go WD has to sell off the hitachi hdd stuf but they get the hitachi manufacturing plan in Thailand15:39
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